How To Fix Sagging Door On Chevy Truck? [3 Easy Steps]

A sagging door is an alternative to trouble if you are a truck owner. This is boring in the rain and winter too. This type of door falls us into some situations that we never expect. That’s why fixing the sagging door is very important.

If you are a Chevy owner and you are also facing this type of door on your truck then I have a very great solution for you. I am going to show you how to fix a sagging door of your Chevy truck. This process is going to be detailed. So read them completely to avoid mistakes.

What Tool Do You Need To Fix Sagging Door On Chevy Truck?

The required tools depend on the situations you are going to face while fixing the door. Usually, you have to remove the door from the truck then change the hinges, pins, brackets, and some other nuts from the door hinges, and reinstall the door while fixing this problem.

While doing these things, you may face a number of problems. To solve these problems you have to use the tools. But some important things you need to have near your hands to complete the process faster. These tools are:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Hammer
  3. Rope
  4. Iron Cutting Saw
  5. New Pin set
  6. Wrenches
  7. Lubricant

How To Fix Sagging Door On Chevy Truck? (Step by Step)

The process can be divided into several parts because this is a vast process. But we also can divide them into three steps. These three steps are given below but you will find the discussion is very detailed under these steps. Let’s see these steps.

Step 1: Remove the Door

The first step here is to remove the door from the body. Because we have to work on the hinges and pins only. To work there we have to remove the door. To remove it at first you have to tie the door with a rope tightly and hang it with something strong. When you remove the door from the hinges, the rope will balance the door because it has a very high weight.

To remove the door, you have to remove the nuts of old hinges and pins. You have to remove the wire connection that comes to the door from the engine. That is a complex task but you have to do it carefully.

When all the wire connections are removed and the nuts are removed, you just have to pull the door upward. Ensure the rope is tied tightly. Because the door is very heavy. The hanging rope will help you to remove the door.

Step 2: Setup the Pins

After removing the door from the pins and body, you have to do some critical work here on the pins and hinges. This task is critical because you have to cut nuts and bolts with an iron cutting saw and sometimes you have to use the hammer to remove all these things.

But all you do here is to be done carefully. Because you may bend the brackets of the hinges that are attested to the body part of the truck. If you have done that mistakenly while using a hammer then that will be a more complex problem to fix.

In this step, you have to remove the pins from the brackets and install the new one. While installing the new pins on the brackets, you have to place the plain one on the top hinges and another one on the lower one.

Step 3: Reinstall the Door

After you complete the pin setups, you will find the last thing to do here, that is, reinstalling the door. In this case, the tie rope will also help you. 

You may hang the door from the ceiling or a hydraulic crane that is small. While reinstalling the door, you have to place them slowly.

After installing the door, you have to reconnect the wires and tighten the nuts and bolts. You have to make sure that all the nuts are fully tight. If they get less attention from you then this door also becomes sagged very fast.

What is the Cost of Fixing Sagging Door On Chevy Truck?

The cost of fixing the Sagging Door depends on the price of hinges, pins, and other tools that will help you in this task. Actually, the price of a set of pins is around $25 to $40. If your door needs brackets with pins, then that will cost you more than $20.

Besides this, you may need lubricant oil or jelly to help the new pins work well. That will also cost a little. If we make an equal here, then the amount will be around $50. 

Besides, sometimes we have fewer tools at home. As it is a tool-based task, you may need to buy some important tools here. So, the cost may be around $100.


This is a complex job to do if you are not an expert. Sometimes the working process goes wrong and creates more complex problems. 

To avoid these unexpected things, try to take the help of an expert. You may try to fix it at the workshop. 

That was all about the fixing process of a sagging door of a Chevy truck. I hope now you know how to fix sagging door on Chevy truck.

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