How Replace Fuel Lines On Chevy Silverado? [Easy Steps]

Imagine having a full-size pickup truck sitting in your garage that doesn’t do much more than hoarding fuel every time you step foot on the accelerator. You can’t call it a vehicle, can you? 

It’s more of a monster truck than a family truck. Now the question is, how to replace fuel lines on Chevy Silverado?

Well, firstly you need to remove the gas tank cover with a screwdriver. Then disconnect the fuel line fittings. Remove the routing clips and hoses that are holding the fuel lines in place. Pull out the fuel lines and replace them with new ones.

Delightful isn’t it? If yes then keep your eyes on this write-up for the ins and outs of this topic.

How Do You Know If Your Fuel Line Needs Replacement?

A bad fuel line not only causes unnecessary distress but also can be extremely harmful to your vehicle. As the engine would not be able to perform efficiently due to the lack of fuel. Now let’s move on to the list of symptoms that highlights your need for a replacement.

  • Increased fuel consumption
  • The engine stalling unpredictably
  • Blue flames coming from fuel lines
  • The smell of gas leaks from the gas tank cover
  • Fuel puddles on garage floors or driveways

Required Tools and Materials For Replacing Fuel Lines On Chevy Silverado

No matter how experienced you are with replacements and repairs, without proper tools, you are as good as half baked potato. Let’s look at the necessary tools and materials required to replace the fuel lines on your Chevy Silverado, shall we?

  • Grab yourself a screwdriver kit for all the nuts and bolts holding the fuel lines in place. 
  • Make sure to have OEM tools with you as they come in pretty handy for disconnections. 
  • Get the new fuel lines along with new gas pipes and connection ports if those require replacement as well.
  • Grab yourself a PB blaster silicone lubricant and a good brand carb cleaner as well.

How To Replace Fuel Lines On Chevy Silverado?

Replacing or repairing automobile parts isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Even though the job would still be tedious when you’re doing it on your own, we are going to make it a little less problematic by adding the following elaborate guidelines below:

Step 1: Keep An Eye Out For The Tools

Make sure you have all the tools mentioned above, sitting right next to you, along with the necessary parts that need to be replaced.

Step 2: Removal Of Gas Cover And Disconnection Of Fuel Pump

Remove the gas tank cover by pulling it off using a screwdriver or by hand. Be careful not to get an injury. Removing it will allow access to the fuel line and filter underneath.

Now, disconnect the fuel line from the fittings using the OEM tools or an adjustable wrench.  While loosening them, beware not to damage anything. Also, make sure that you’ve disconnected the end coming from the gas tank along with the end going into the fuel pump.

Step 3: Installation Of New Fuel Line

Well, it’s high time to remove the fuel line routing clubs and the hoses which are securing the fuel lines in place. You could use a screwdriver to get this done. Furthermore, make sure that you’ve removed everything in order to pull out the old fuel line.

However, take great care not to damage or bend any of the metal clippings and stuff. Then pull in the new fuel lines and connect the fittings. Follow the process in reverse order to get your fuel lines back in place and look new again.

How Do You Fix A Leaking Fuel Line Connector On Chevy Silverado?

Fuel line connectors could leak due to aging or due to contact with sharp objects while driving. However, it’s quite problematic to locate the leak on the fuel line connector itself. You could use a flashlight to pin down the location of the leak by locating any damp areas along the fuel line.

Now, since the issue has been spotted you could follow the disassembling steps given above to remove the fuel line and then eventually remove the fuel line connector by unscrewing it and pulling it off. 

Hence, replacing it with a new one gets the job done as there is no use masking the leaking fuel using anything else. Since leaking fuel is flammable it’s wise to replace the connector itself.

Things To Consider When Replacing Fuel Line On Chevy Silverado

If a job is not done efficiently, then it only results in tons of wasted labor and ineffective progress. This not only goes for reliable work but also for a safer experience.  So let’s get to the important things that you should consider.

  • Firstly, be sure not to use any electronic tools such as the electronic drill 
  • Try to keep track of which color came out first when the fuel leaked. So in the event of another future accident, you would know which gas line to replace first.
  • make sure to keep track of which clips and clamps go where. If one of them is lost then it’s difficult to find that specific part.
  • Wear gloves and goggles for safety precautions.

How long does it take to replace Fuel Lines On Chevy Silverado?

It’s quite difficult to state the time required to replace fuel lines on Chevy Silverado or any other vehicle as this varies from person to person. For an average person who’s following this write-up completely, this should take no more than 20 minutes.

However, if it’s taking longer than 20 mins and doesn’t seem like any good is happening then. Then something might be disconnected along the way.

How much does it cost to replace Fuel Lines On Chevy Silverado?

The cost of replacing the fuel lines on Chevy Silverado mostly depends on the type of engine you have and this may vary from $600 to $1400. Consider the average cost to be around $1000.

Do keep in mind that these are the costs of the fuel pumps themselves. So if you’re thinking about getting it done by a mechanic then prices would rise by a few hundred bucks. Hence, the process itself isn’t quite time-consuming but materials are quite expensive.


Replacing an automobile part isn’t everyone’s piece of cake. There are great costs associated with the job and you’ve got to make every penny worth it. 

Speaking of which, if you’ve glued yourself to this write-up from the beginning till now, then you should be ready to replace your Chevy Silverado”s broken or leaked fuel pipes with ease.

However, if you have the luxury of paying for a professional mechanic then you should feel free to go ahead. But for the average drivers and enthusiasts, this article would serve as a decent guideline. Till then, take care of your vehicle fuel lines as they would save you fortunes ahead.

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