How To Reset ABS Light On A Chevy Tahoe? (4 Easy Steps)

While the Tahoe offers a lot of features, it is inevitable that it could malfunction over time. The ABS light is one such feature. However, once it shows a bad relay you can simply reset it for optimal function. 

If you want to reset the ABS light for your Chevy Tahoe, first start with removing the cable connection and draining all the energy from the car. Let the car rest for a few minutes and the ABS has been reset. 

So are you interested to know more about how the rest actually works? Well, you are in the right place to do so. All you need to do is scroll down and keep reading.  

When Should You Reset ABS Light On A Chevy Tahoe?

There are several scenarios or times that might arise requiring you to reset the ABS lights on your Chevy. Below, we have compiled some of these scenarios that you can follow below:

1. The ABS Warning Lights Keep Glowing

Glowing or flashing warning lights is the most common and sure-fire way of knowing when exactly the ABS lights might require resetting. This light usually flashes when you start your truck. 

This light usually goes away after a few seconds. However, if the lights remain flashing, understand that there might be some sort of problem involving the computing system built inside the car. 

2. Brake Pedals Do not Respond

While not as common, unresponsive brakes aren’t rare either. Additionally, people rarely identify this problem since it might start working again eventually. 

This is usually a sign of a deteriorating ABS module system and simply resetting the lights will not completely work. Resetting the system is only a part of it and you might also need to replace a few parts.

3. Failing Speedometer

Another not-so-common scenario requiring the reset of your ABS lights is when the speedometer of your truck fails. 

It will either show a wrong speed like when you are accelerating, like displaying the deceleration when you are actually accelerating or completely stop working at 0 mph. 

4. Break Pedals Have Gotten Hard

The ABS mechanism is meant to take care of the wheel and ensure that the brake works at all times. However, if your brake fails or in the case that it gets too hard to push, note that something must be wrong with the ABS. 

With a locked-up brake pedal, it is high time that you reset the ABS module and repair whatever other accessories need repair. Besides, torn-out or loose screws near the ABS module can also cause this type of problem. 

Tools Required To Reset ABS Light On Chevy Tahoe

There aren’t a lot of tools that you will need while resetting the ABS module and dashboard lights. We have listed these tools that you might use below. 

Do note that we have provided the list of tools that we think are going to be best. You can switch or alternate between other tools or equipment as preferred as long as the purpose is met. 

  • Screwdriver
  • Extra screws and wire as required
  • Spanner if required
  • OBD code reader
  • Replacement ABS light module

How To Reset ABS Light On A Chevy Tahoe?

Now that we are done with laying the foundations for you, you are already literate in terms of knowing what to expect when making the resetting.

So if you are ready to get to know the entire procedure, we have compiled the step-by-step guide that you can follow to reset the ABS lights on your Chevy’s dashboard when it starts malfunctioning. 

Step 1: Safety First

The first step is the preparatory step, where you will be ensuring your safety while working out with the truck. As with all electrical appliances, make sure to remove the battery connections and any other live wires. 

Step 2: Drain The Excess Electricity

Even though you have already removed any power supply, the truck has yet to be drained from the total amount of electric energy already present in the system. 

Press hard on your pedals for about 10-20 seconds to drain the energy from the electrical system. This will restore the vehicle’s computing system to its default status.

Step 3: Check 

Under normal circumstances, this should reset the ABS light. However, in case the problem persists and the lights still continuously flash, you can use an OBD scanner to check on the standards of the ABS module. 

Step 4: Repair Accordingly

Once you have located the problem, you can use screwdrivers or spanners to get into the dashboard. Replace the ABS module lights or any torn wires that are causing this issue. 

Screw the accessories and back and close the computing system. Power up the truck, and the ABS light should be working without any issue anymore. 


Resetting the ABS lights for your Chevy Tahoe can solve a lot of existing issues as well as several potential ones. 

The guide we have mentioned above is very easy to follow. It doesn’t require any existing skills nor much knowledge of automobiles. 

You are highly advised to reset it by yourself instead of hiring a mechanic to help out since it will be a waste of money. Consider hiring the mechanic only as a last resort. But even then, do not delay in fixing the ABS lights. The malfunctioning lights can cause a great deal of harm in the long term even leading to road accidents!

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