The Best And Worst Small Block Chevrolet 350 Heads?

One of the most influential factors when it comes to building a successful high-performance engine is the cylinder head because if the engine does not have enough airflow, it will never generate sufficient power. 

In addition to airflow, aspects such as port speed, swirl, and combustion characteristics also play a major role in a high-performance engine. That is, the cylinder heads you choose to use and the way you use them later are the main factors indicating the engine’s acquired power.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best and worst small block Chevrolet 350 heads that will help you choose the one that suits you best.

5 Best to Worst Small Block Chevrolet 350 Heads

As a user, it is difficult to say which would be the best and worst small block Chevrolet 350 head for you. Because each application is different for the users. Therefore, you need to constantly search for the head that best fits your work and use. 

If you are a crazy car racer, you should choose a high torque head to install your engine. On the other hand, medium RPM and speed heads you can pick if you like average road and vehicle speed.

Below, we have made a list of the best to worst small block Chevrolet 350 heads. In that case, the issues to consider were:

  • Good combustion properties.
  • Possibility of good flow.
  • The volume of the chamber is small enough to get a functional compression ratio without an overly high, plug-masking, piston crown.

1. Flotek Cylinder Head Aluminium Small Block Chevy

In the case of small block engines, the Flotek Cylinder Head is for those roadkings who are only looking for racing performance. Every aspect has been taken into consideration to provide ultimate performance while designing it. As a result, your engine’s performance becomes optimal. 

It is one of the best heads for the Chevrolet 350, which is fully built from the start and is always ready to run. This model from Flotek has a 2.02″/1.60″ long polished stainless valve. It is capable of working in 62cc with an exhaust runner. 

The remarkable thing about this model is that it retains the pre-1986 Chevy small block cylinder head design. The cylinder head has a rigid steel guide plate and high-performance springs. Its intake and exhaust guides are equipped with manganese bronze and phosphor bronze respectively. 

The head model of Flotek has a vital 180cc runner intake, with a combustion chamber of 64cc capacity. If you use it, you will get a maximum of .550 lift. Its springs work well in both mechanical and hydraulic flat tap camshaft configurations.


  • Admirable performance and design;
  • Ideal drilled holes with subtle depth;
  • No leaks, good flows;
  • Long lifespan;
  • 64cc fast-burning combustion chamber


  • Expensive;
  • Does not cope with a supercharger.

2. Edelbrock 5089 Cylinder Head

Our next competitor, the Edelbrock 5089 Cylinder Headset, features a combustion chamber that improves the combustion process and ensures a more significant intake than the standard value. 

Its combined upgraded features provide a very strong, excellently successful and efficient performance for 1955-1986 applications. However, the hydraulic roller camshaft is not very friendly with this model, which means it is not suitable. 

The experts conducted a dyno test and each of them came up with 16 horsepower, as well as 11 foot-pound torque increase results over the competition. The intake runner capacity and exhaust runner volume of this cylinder head are 185cc and 60cc respectively. 

In this model, you will get the benefit of a 70cc or 64cc combustion chamber. The intake and exhaust valves are of standard size, which is 2.02″/1.60″. Its valve stem is 11/32″ in diameter. 

The valve guards are made of manganese bronze to provide consistent functionality. The deck of the cylinder head is 9/16″ thick. The deck has a 3/8″ hardened steel rocker guide plate. Its valve angle is 23° with a stock exhaust port, and its pushrod diameter is 5/16″.


  • Provides an improved and more efficient engine;
  • Has a casting of A356 aluminium;
  • Dynamic design of the combustion chamber;
  • More power, more torque.


  • Little bit expensive;
  • Aluminium may corrode.

3. DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head

The striking features of the DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head are bronze valve guide, high-grade aluminium, and elegant design. Due to all these factors, the aluminium head conducts improved airflow inside and outside the fuel disposal. 

This model of DNA can cope with extremely high temperatures, as well as increases the efficiency of your engine. The company works entirely focused on customer satisfaction. They have been providing good quality aftermarket cylinder heads to customers at affordable prices. 

The combustion chamber of the cylinder head is 68cc which increases the performance of the engine of your vehicle. The bronze material used in the DNA cylinder heads guarantees the durability and reliability of the valve guides. 

The radius of the intake valve and the exhaust runner is 2.02″ and 1.600″ respectively. These two factors ensure good airflow in the engine. A thick deck plus a 10.33 kg head of individual cylinders significantly aids in high air circulation in the engine. In this model, you will find the advantage of pre-drilled accessory bolt holes. 

These cylinder heads are imported directly from the USA. These provide outstanding horsepower and torque gains on small block Chevrolet cylinder heads. You can use it for general supercharged, turbocharged and nitrous applications.


  • Combustion chamber of 68cc;
  • Bronze valve guides;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • A straight-lined bottom deck.


  • Difficult to install;
  • No improvements in mileage

4. Straight Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head

Do you want to improve your car’s engine performance as well as combustion efficiency? Then our next competitor Straight Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head is the right choice to invest your money. 

Undoubtedly you can take this cylinder head, manufactured by MOTOOS, as a viable alternative to the best Chevrolet 350 aluminium heads. Basically, it is a replacement aluminium head and its high-quality components, such as aluminium body, advanced bronze valve guide and unique design sublime and improves airflow efficiency. 

Its intake valve diameter is 2.020″. The exhaust valve, on the other hand, is 1.60″ in diameter. This ideal size of exhaust valve increases horsepower by improving engine performance. 

It includes a 200cc intake runner and a 68cc combustion chamber. The combination of the two maintains the factory-spec compression capacity and increases the efficiency of your vehicle’s engine unimaginably. 

Because of this quality of the cylinder head, i.e., being able to increase the performance of the engine, we hope you will consider it an extremely viable option to consider upgrading. MOTOOS’s products are ranked among the best SBC aluminium heads because of their durability and efficiency. 

The cylinder head speeds up the engine’s gas removal process, allowing the engine to have greater combustion efficiency, which is another significant advantage of it. 


  • Able to produce higher low-end torque;
  • Ideal depth of drilled holes;
  • No leaks, just good flows;
  • Generates fantastic airflow.


  • A bit Costly;
  • Only one hole for pre-Vortec intake.

5. Dart IMCA Approved Bare Cast Iron Small Block Fits Chevy Cylinder Head

You will find the logo and serial number engraved on the IMCA approved Dart Bare Cast Iron Cylinder Head Small Block for Chevrolet 350. The cylinder head has a 165cc intake valve with exhaust runner volume limited to 60cc to 69cc. 

You get high torque gains from the high speed of its intake and exhaust runner. This cylinder head provides better airflow to the engine. You can find it on the market in both bare and assembled versions, while a stainless steel valve of 1.94″/1.50″ length is in the assembled one. 

Also, it includes a performance spring valve with a diameter of 1.250, which gives you a higher level of performance. It has a holder lock feature from the beginning which makes it possible to put all the elements in place. 

The weight of the bare cylinder head is 52lbs. On the other hand, the assembled cylinder head is 58lbs. It includes a combustion chamber of 64cc. The chamber can increase the power of your vehicle. 

Its OEM type head gasket acts as a barrier between the cylinder head and the engine to prevent incoming gases and oil from mixing. In addition, the gasket plays a key role in balancing the gas pressure.


  • Can be found in Bare and Assembled version;
  • 64cc combustion chamber;
  • OEM head gasket.


  • Heavy.


Choosing the best aluminium heads for the small block Chevrolet 350 is a daunting task, as they have many similarities that make it difficult to pick the best of the few. 

An outstanding cylinder head must have three features which we mentioned earlier. The small block heads mentioned in this article are the most advanced model for Chevrolet 350. 

These have dominated the market with their sky-high reputation, lucrative warranties and the confidence of thousands of other consumers. As a result, you can rely on the reviews we provide and their products.

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