How To Replace Ignition Switch On A Chevy Silverado?[Guide]

Imagine having to wake up every morning and getting ready for work just to see your Chevy Silverado not starting even after clicking a billion times on the ignition keys. Then surely it’s time to get the switch replaced.

Now you could ask, how to replace the ignition switch on Chevy Silverado?

It’s pretty simple. Gently disconnect all connections to the battery. Then remove the airbag cover and unplug the connectors from the wiring harness. Remove the bolts holding the ignition switch in place. Finally, pull out the faulty ignition switch and replace it with a new one.

And that is how it’s done. Quite interesting isn’t it? Stick with this write-up for the ins and outs on this topic.

How Do I Know If My Chevy Silverado Has A Bad Ignition Switch?

If you notice that your Chevy Silverado isn’t kicking the engines even after you pressed the start engine switch. This means there is a problem with the ignition switch. However, let’s discuss some underlying symptoms as well:

A Stalling Vehicle

If you notice your Silverado stalling quite a bit, then it’s most likely due to the faulty switch turning off the power to the ignition.

Engine Starting For A Second And Dies

This is another good indication of a bad ignition switch. If you notice that your Chevy Silverado turns on and then immediately turns off the engine. Thus you know what might be the obvious cause of the problem.

Accessories In Car Lacking Power

The ignition switch not only turns the engine on but also delivers power to the rest of the accessories in the car. So, if you notice that your vehicle is running but the accessories aren’t working then you know the culprit.

Needing To Replace Battery Frequently

In this scenario the ignition allows the accessories to drain power from the battery even when the key has been switched off. 

So the next time, if you’re noticing that your batteries are getting drained quite fast, instead of investing in a new battery you should try investing in a new ignition switch for your Silverado.

How To Replace Ignition Switch Chevy Silverado?

Replacing automobile parts isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. We’ve heard you and went ahead to make the necessary replacement feel like a breeze to you. So without any further ado let’s move into the steps you should follow, shall we?

Step 1: Disconnect Battery and Airbag Cover

Firstly you need to make sure that your workplace is safe for you to work. To ensure this, you need to disconnect the battery from the ignition switch connectors.

Then you are required to remove the steering column shroud and the airbag cover. This leaves you with the inside which consists of the ignition switch showing out by itself.

Step 2: Unplug All Connectors and Remove the Bolts

Now, it’s time to unplug connectors from the wiring harness. This helps to remove any confusion throughout the process. But make sure to keep the connectors near you as you cannot risk losing any of them.

However, if your Chevy has a direct ignition system like the newer cars, then you need to remove the DIS module cover then unplug the connectors present. Now get yourself a socket wrench and then remove the bolts holding the ignition switch in place.

Step 3: Pull Out Old Switch And Plug In The New One

Once you’ve removed the bolts securing the old ignition switch, it’s time to pull it out. However, you need to take extra care to carefully disconnect the wire clippings connected to the ignition switch.

If things went smoothly, then go ahead and plug in the new ignition switch making sure that you’ve correctly reconnected the wire clippings. Then wheel in the bolts or screws using the socket wrench and follow the process in reverse order to get your new ignition switch set up perfectly.

Does a new ignition switch require a new key?

Let’s start with a simple example, shall we? Suppose you change your door lock with a similar one, does it work with your old key? No, it doesn’t. It’s the same for the ignition switch.

If you’re still rocking the good old ignition switches which require a key to start. Then after replacing the switch, you would also need to get a new key by asking for the help of a locksmith. Yes, you read it right. It’s unlikely that you get the keys for your new switch that easily. You need to get it done by a dealer or locksmith.

How Long Does It Take To Replace Ignition Switch On Chevy Silverado?

The time it takes to replace the ignition switch on your Chevy Silverado completely varies from person to person. If you have the luxury of getting it done by a mechanic then it might take as less as 20 minutes.

However, realistically speaking not everyone wants to spend a couple of hundred bucks on a mechanic. Hence, if you’re thinking of following this article to replace yours by yourself then it might take you from 1 hour to 2 hours considering you’re a complete amateur.

How Much Does It Cost To Get An Ignition Switch Replaced On Chevy Silverado?

It highly depends on the make and model of your Silverado and also whether you are doing it yourself or taking help from a mechanic.

Suppose you want to replace your traditional key-based ignition switch. For that, the mechanic or dealer might ask around $450 for the replacement along with a new key.

But if you’re replacing the switch on newer models by yourself, the lock cylinder itself might cost you from $122 to $147 along with it a wrench and some safety glass may cost you around $13. Pretty cheap isn’t it?

What Are The Required Tools To Replace Ignition Switch? 

There are quite a few things needed for your safety and the replacement of your Silverado’s ignition switch. To begin with, grab your safety gloves and a 10mm socket wrench. A blue thread locker like the Loctite Threadlocker Blue might also come in handy.

A torque wrench to tighten the bolts connected to your new ignition switch. A Phillips screwdriver kit to remove small screws and pull off the airbag cover. Lastly, the new ignition switch itself. That’s what you pretty much need to get the task done smoothly.


Nobody likes to use the bus to go to work every day nor does anyone like a stalling car. The only solution to this problem would be to go ahead and replace the faulty ignition switch on your Chevy Silverado. So get yours replaced as soon as possible!

Hence, if you’ve kept yourself glued to this write-up from the beginning till now then you should be able to replace the faulty ignition switch on your Silverado all by yourself. As fun as it sounds, you need to take great care not to damage any of the internals or lose any screws or clips.

Whether you’re a newbie mechanic reading this during your leisure time or a regular driver on their lunch breaks, it’s always a delight to learn new things. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the company of this write-up.

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