How to Replace Pinion Bearing on Chevy Truck? (Easy Steps)

Hearing unusual noises while driving? The quality of the Pinion bearing on your truck may have been compromised. In this scenario, knowing how to repair a pinion bearing on a Chevy truck can come in handy.

Firstly, take off the driver shaft and trim the differential fluid to remove the Pinion and loosen up the seals. Then, take off the washers to remove the Pinion bearing. 

Place the washer after twisting the bearing in the right direction and place the new Pinion into its space. Finally, reinstall the differential and driver shaft. Tighten the bolts and nuts using an adjustable wrench. 

Changing the Pinion bearing at home can save a lot of money. Also, during the whole process, you can inspect the condition of the other parts. 

Pinion Bearing Replacement Cost on Chevy Truck

Replacing Pinion bearing can be costly. The cost can vary from 500 dollars to 2500 dollars. The price can vary on which type of product you use and how much your mechanic charges you.

Mechanic Cost

If you take your truck to a shop to replace Pinion wearing, only the mechanic will cost you around 500 to 700 dollars. The replacing process is time-consuming and needs expert craftsmanship.

You can also replace the Pinion bearing at home. But you must have some basic knowledge about mechanic work.

If you are absolutely a newbie, it will be challenging to handle the replacement process. Otherwise, if you do small mechanic work at home, you can replace it easily.

Parts/Product Cost

Depending on the quality and the brand of the purse you are going to replace, the cost might vary from $20 to $1000.

While you’re changing the wearing, in most cases, you not only change the bearing but also replace washers, seals, races, etc. A master-bearing kit like the CHEVY GM 8.5″ can cost about $200. It’s also wise to choose a reliable seal from GM Genuine Parts.

You can get these parts from your nearest hardware or mechanic store or order online. However, regardless of where you buy, ensure to examine the product’s validity. Otherwise, the parts’ quality will quickly deteriorate.

Tools Required to Replace Pinion Bearing on a Chevy Truck

While working at home, it is crucial to ensure that you do not scratch or break anything, particularly the driving shaft. You need to remove it with delicacy. Also, it would be best if you had the right equipment at hand.

In the replacement process of Pinion bearing, you will need some basic tools and some special tools. Here is the list of some tools that you will need.

  • Wrench
  • A press
  • Pry bar
  • Old muffler clamps
  • Mallet hammer
  • Torque wrench (in exceptional cases)

 How to Replace Pinion Bearing on a Chevy Truck?

Replacing the Pinion bearing on the Chevy Truck needs some specific technical steps. If you are not new to handling mechanical work, you can do it easily in your home.

Here are the steps that you will need to replace the Pinion bearing on your Chevy truck.

Step-1: Take Off the Driveshaft

With the help of the wrench and pliers, lose up the bolts and nuts. There are four bolts on the way.

If the bolts are too tight, use oil and an electric wrench to loosen them up. If one side is loosened, then pull off the drive shaft. The other end will come off.

Step-2: Drain the Differential Fluid

The differential fluid will come out. Use a bucket to collect it; otherwise, it will be all over the place. It is better to take out all the fluid.

If the fluid hasn’t been changed for quite some time, it is an excellent opportunity to change it. Otherwise, you can reinsert the collected fluid.

Step-3: Take Off the Pinion

Once the driveshaft is out of the way, it is easier to take the Pinion out of its place. Also, you will need to take off the differential by losing up the bolts.

Some seals will be holding the Pinion in its place. Loosen them up and take them out. You might need to use a rubber mallet to loosen up the coke circuit.

Step-4: Take Off the Races

There are usually races in the place of the Pinion. These races keep the Pinion in place and help it to function correctly.

With the help of a hammer and rod, take out the Pinion race. Take the three races off.

Step-5: Install New Bearing

Take off the washer and other nuts from the Pinion. Now loosen up the seal of the bearing and take the bearing out.

You can do it with a rubber mallet. Use a press and muffler clamp to do so. If it is stuck, take it to a mechanic who has instruments to lose it in no time.

Replace the old bearing with the new one. You can change the washer or reuse them. Make sure everything is in place and tighten.

Step-6: Reinstall the Pinion

Replace the Pinion in its place once you’ve replaced the bearing. Ensure that all bolts are adequately tightened.

It is wise to install new races as they can get damaged in the whole process. A tiny scratch will make a noise while driving.

Reinstall the differential and the driving shaft into their respective places. Ensure that every piece is installed in its specific area during these placements.

Otherwise, you will keep facing problems with your rides. And slight misplacement can cause severe damage sometimes.


Knowing how and when to replace a Chevy truck’s pinion bearing might save you a lot of money. However, this is a very complex and delicate undertaking.

Therefore, before starting to change the bearing, you need to know if you are familiar with Differential and Pinion bearing parts. Once you get the hang of all the parts and the procedure, you can do it quickly. 

Make sure you have a reasonable amount of time in your hand while conducting the process. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an incomplete project, and it’ll all be a mess!

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