How To Replace Rear Drum Brakes On Chevy Silverado?

Imagine missing the brakes for a split second and hitting a pedestrian. It seems heart wrecking, doesn’t it? Yes, it is, and the reason for this could be the rear drum brakes on your Chevy.

Now the question is, how to replace the rear drum brakes on Chevy Silverado?

Firstly, jack up your Chevy truck and take the wheel out. Now remove the drums from the brake system. Remove the old and rusted shoes. Clean the backing plate with brake cleaners and dry.

Follow it up by lubricating and installing the new secondary and primary shoes. Install the self-adjuster and drums and check the new brakes for adjustment.

This, however, was only a short briefing. Keep a lookout throughout this write-up for the ins and outs of this topic.

Rear Drum Brakes Replacement Cost On Chevy Silverado

It can be time-consuming to look for the best methods for replacing the rear drum brakes on your Chevy Silverado. 

Hence, we’ve made the necessary preparations to save you a ton of research time and maybe spare a few bucks. Let’s look into the cost-effective sections, shall we?

Mechanic Cost

We won’t blame you if you decide to hire a mechanic to replace the rear drum brake of your Chevy. The task itself could be quite tiresome and daunting at times.

But it’s not a mistake to state that it’s totally possible to replace the rear drum brakes on your Silverado by yourself. It’s just a matter of proper dedication and patience.

However, if you have the cash to spare, you can call in a professional mechanic. An estimation of the labor cost may range from $58 to $73.

If you’re on a tight budget then doing it yourself may save you this added cost. But for people willing to pay extra for a mechanic, it’s always a welcome addition.

Product cost

A replacement turns into a burden, especially when it’s required to replace the entire rear drum brake when you add the cost of the replacement parts to the labor cost, prices skyrockets.

Hence, if you’re planning on doing the job on your own, you just saved a few bucks. However, you might require some prior experience to figure out the faulty parts.

Let’s look into the worst-case scenario, where the entire rear drum brake of your Chevy Silverado needs a replacement.

For such cases, typical prices may range from $100 to $400. In this price range, you could get the rear drum along with the brake shoes replaced.

When shopping for such parts, the first thing to keep in mind is to get them from well-known brands such as Detroit Axle, 1A Auto, Marketplace Auto Parts, AM Autoparts, and others.

Two favorite products of everyday Chevy drivers are Rear Brake Drum & Shoe Kit Sides for Chevy Silverado from AM Autoparts and Rear Brake Drum Shoe Hardware Set Kit for Chevy Silverado from 1A Auto. 

Check the links below to grab one for your Chevy, as the products run out of stock quite frequently!

  1. Rear Brake Drum & Shoe Kit Sides for Chevy Silverado
  2. Detroit Axle – Rear Brake Drums Shoes Replacement for 2009-2013 Chevy GMC Silverado

Tools Required To Replace Rear Drum Brakes On Chevy Silverado

It’s imperative that you have all the tools necessary to replace the rear drum brake on your Chevy. Hence, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the list of essential tools.

  • Jack that is similar to the one you use during tire replacements
  • Phillips screwdriver kit consisting of flathead screwdrivers as well
  • Chisel and hammer
  • Pliers or a pair of vice grips
  • Parts, such as the primary and secondary brake shoes along with the rear drum itself
  • Bottle of brake cleaner solution
  • Wrench set 

How To Replace Rear Drum Brakes On Chevy Silverado?

Replacing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And it can be quite difficult and time-consuming to replace the rear drum brakes of your Chevy without proper guidance.

Proper guidance is always a delightful addition to any due task. Hence, we’ve got you covered. Just follow the step-by-step guide below to make the replacement process feel like a breeze.

Step 1: Lift Up Your Chevy Truck And Remove The Wheel

Use a jack to lift up the truck off the ground. Then use a wrench to remove the nuts holding the rear wheel in place. 

Once the nuts are removed, take the wheel off, hence providing access to the brake system.

Step 2: Remove The Rear Drum

Once the rear wheel is removed, you gain access to the entire braking system. Now, it’s time to remove the rear drum from the braking system.

You would have to do this by hitting the edges of the drum with a chisel and a hammer continuously. Eventually, the drum gets off. 

Using a hammer is necessary as the drum can be quite stubborn at times due to all the rust it accumulated. Hammering the edges of the drum also helps remove the rust built up around the axle.

It’s a good idea to take a picture of the brake assembly as it will come in handy while assembling new parts. Since there are a lot of parts to take into account.

Step 3: Pull Out The Old Brake Shoes By Removing The Returning Springs

Firstly, you need to remove the returning springs that connect the shoes to the anchor pin. This allows the self-adjuster and parking brake arm to fall off the assembly.

Now remove the primary and secondary shoes by releasing the springs securing them to the backing plate. Make sure to remove any clips the brake shoes are attached to.

Step 4: Clean The Backing Plate And Install New Brake Shoes

After removing the brake shoes, it’s now time to clean the backing plates with your traditional brake cleaner. This enables the removal of dirt and grease from the brakes.

Now, it’s time to install the new parts. You should begin by lubricating the backing plate with some brake grease. Followed by installing the new secondary shoe.

Once the longer shoe has been installed, bring in the primary shoe and attach it to the backing plate using a hold-down spring. Then install the remaining self-adjuster arms and springs.

Install the new rear drum and then check the brakes for adjustment. Reinstall the wheel of your Chevy Silverado and tighten all the nuts.

And there you have it, your replacement should be done!


Hopefully, you’ve understood the importance of replacing a faulty rear drum brake. It not only is an unnecessary hassle but also a havoc-wreaking mistake.

Hence, if you’ve kept your eyes glued to this write-up from the beginning till now, you should be able to replace the faulty rear drum brake on your Chevy Silverado all by yourself.

We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to accompany you on your idealistic journey of replacing the rear drum brake on your Chevy truck.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our company as well. It must have been great to be able to add a new skill to your given skill set. 

After all, everybody welcomes a skill with a new taste. Till then, take care of the rear drum brakes on your Silverado as it could save you from future mishaps.

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