Who Makes Ford Trucks and Where Are They Made? (Explained)

Ford has been one of the leading companies not only in the US but in most regions of the world for many decades. The company has been serving consumers with phenomenal innovations.

One of their popular innovations would be the trucks. Ford initially started launching their trucks in 1908, beginning with the Ford Model TT followed by some others.

Now you could ask, where are Ford trucks made?

Although Ford trucks were made in most parts of the world, such as the UK, India, Germany, Argentina, Canada, and many others. But currently, trucks are produced in two facilities.

The primary facility is located in Dearborn, Michigan and the second facility where all the assembling is done is located in Claycomo, Missouri.

Quite intriguing, isn’t it? This however was a brief description of the origination of Ford trucks, stick with this write-up for a deeper dive.

Who Makes Ford Trucks

Companies like Ford, usually look for the best employers. Priority is given to maintaining the sacred balance between quality and quantity.

The manufacturing of the Ford trucks is mostly done by the designers. The design serves as the basic guideline of the manufacturing process.

Hence, the manufacturing of the truck wouldn’t even be able to start if the design isn’t done seamlessly keeping every minute law of physics in mind.

Hence professional designers and design engineers take care of this starting process. The main facility houses the majority of the company’s design staff.

Dearborn hosts most of Ford’s senior executives, including the well-renowned Senior Designer Josh Henry. It’s simply the home for pure talented professionals.

Once the design process is done, the trucks are sent in for manufacturing.

AI-based robots and talented mechanical engineers control the manufacturing process.

The end product of the manufacturing process is an innovative piece of automobile technology made by carefully implementing the laws of physics and thermodynamics into one piece.

Where Are They Made?

Ford hasn’t joined the automobile industry since yesterday. In fact, it’s been part of the industry for a century. The same could be said about their trucks.

Hence, their quality control is on another level. It’s obvious that they’ve been around for a long time and had various consumer feedbacks to help improve their business standards.

Over the years, Ford has opened many factories in different parts of the world. However, all great businesses rise and fall. Currently, Ford has its trucks manufactured only in the US.

However, it would be an overstatement to consider this their fall, as closing most of the facilities outside the US helped them increase their revenue and reduce overheads.

Leaving them with two truck facilities in the US. One is located in Dearborn, Michigan which is considered their central hub and somewhat foundation facility.

And the second facility is at Claycomo, Missouri, which mostly takes part in the assembly of their trucks and houses many talented intellectual individuals.

Even after the closure of international factories, it’s still a part of the international automobile market in regions such as South Korea, North America, the Middle East, and China. 

Average Costs Of Ford Truck

Ford Actually offers a handful of truck options ranging from hybrid to gas power sources. So choose what suits your taste!

We know it could be quite tiresome to go look for the right model of Ford truck for you, as different people have different budgets so it usually comes down to this.

Whether you’re buying the truck for heavy-duty purposes or as a family vehicle. And the location and the type of road you drive through mostly.

Hence, we’ve prepared a table for you mentioning all the 2022 launched models of ford trucks available in-store, their prices, and their specialty.

ModelStarting PriceSpecialty
2022 Maverick$19,995It’s equipped with all modern technology. It has a unibody construction and is priced lower than other truck models.
2022 Ranger$25,715It has classic body-on-frame construction.Packs in all the standard features. It’s slightly larger and sturdier than its younger siblings.
2022 F-150$30,495It’s beloved because of its amazing towing and hauling capabilities. Hence, making it the perfect pickup truck for heavy-duty and towing huge pounds of load.
2022 Super Duty$37,895 This superior model received new infotainment features and some delicate changes to the exterior and interior appearances. However, its towing ability is in another class as shown by its price.

Are Ford Trucks Good and Reliable?

The Ford trucks have been in the truck industry for a century. You’ve likely come across the phrase, ‘wisdom of age’. This could be the same for Ford as well.

Let’s take a look into how Ford trucks have been maintaining a customer satisfaction index score of 76 in the US for many many years.

A Reliable Towing Experience

When heading to buy pickup trucks, the obvious thing to keep in mind is the weight it can tow, along with features that enhance the towing experience and the budget.

Ford keeps all customer opinions in mind to make affordable and strong pickup trucks. A popular choice would be the F-150 series trucks. 

Those trucks not only consist of the latest towing features like trailer sway control, trailer reverses guidance, and a trailer brake controller but also come at a decent starting price.

It’s like the bang for bucks option within pickup trucks with its phenomenal maximum weight limit of around 14,000 lbs and affordable price.

Decent And Trustworthy Performance

It comes in with really good engines, especially with the 2022 F series models. It also gives you the option to pick among six available engines. So, it’s hard to go wrong with the engines.

The truck also packs in decent mileage for its price. And the handling and riding experience could be on par or even better than its competitors with those fairly easy and smooth turns.

Family-Friendly Interiors

Even if the interiors may not look like the higher class trucks, it’s fairly rigid as it is made of solid and classy materials. It could simply be a perfect minimalist family choice.

It packs in the latest infotainment features along with Bluetooth for wireless audio ports, and navigation facilities are built in along with the truck.

It also comes with in-bed lighting and exterior lighting for decent illumination when it gets dark. It has a single row of three seats in the F series and 5 or 6 seats in the SuperCab and Super crew.

Reliable Safety Features

It comes equipped with all the latest safety features such as pedestrian directions, collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and a rearview camera.

This checks most of the boxes for a safe pickup truck. Thus, making it an easy recommendation for the elderly as well.

Is It Worth To Buy Ford Trucks

It’s definitely worth giving the Ford trucks a shot, especially the F-150 series which received the best selling status among the American drivers.

It has also conquered its place as America’s most popular vehicle for more than 40 years. It is estimated that 2.4% of Ford F-150 pickup trucks are still on the road at 200,000 miles. 

This might not sound like a lot to you, but when you consider the fact that typically only 1% of a vehicle model will make it to 200,000 miles, 2.4% is a pretty good number.


Ford has made it clear that even a hundred-year-old company can survive till the present even through all the ups and downs.

Hopefully, if you’ve kept an eye out through this entire piece of writing, you would’ve understood the whereabouts of the Ford trucks, from where they are made to how it’s done.

We’ve covered it all to save you a ton of unnecessary research time and energy. We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour through the depths of technology and history within the walls of Ford.

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