How To Reset Air Suspension On Ford Expedition? [4 Steps]

The air suspension system on Ford Expedition is a special feature. This helps the vehicles to be more balanced while driving on the road. This system is also very much effective to protect the drivers and passengers of the vehicles from the rough road.

But this is also a part that may work wrong and faces some problems. In those situations, you have to reset the air suspension system. But what is the exact process of resetting the air suspension on the Ford Expedition? We will answer this question today in detail.

Can you Reset Air Suspension On Ford Expedition?

The answer to this question is yes, anyone can reset the air suspension system of the Ford Expedition very easily. Different models and brands have different systems to reset this. But the Ford follows a different way that is quite easy and unique. Here we find a common and easy process for you to reset it. 

So, we can say that anyone can reset the air suspension on Ford Expedition if he can follow a complete process. This will take around 10 to 15 minutes for them.

How To Reset Air Suspension On Ford Expedition

To reset the air suspension of the Ford Expedition, you have to make sure of some small things and perform some small tricks. Here are these for you.

Step 1: Prepare The Vehicle for Reset

The first thing you have to do is prepare your vehicle for the reset. Here you have to enter the vehicle and close all the doors of it. After this, you have to ensure the hand brake is locked. This is because the vehicle should not move an inch while working on the air suspension.

Step 2: Switch on the Air Suspension Key

This is another step that you need to check just after locking the hand brake and closing the doors. You might be thinking about the location of the air suspension key. You will find this key or switch is just under the passenger side dashboard.

Step 3: Check the relay or Fuse Box

The fuse box or relay is directly related to the air suspension system of a vehicle. So, you have to check that carefully. The main purpose will be to ensure whether there is any problem or not. If there is no problem then that is okay. But if there is a problem then you have to replace it.

You will find the fuse box just behind the front bumper of the vehicle. If you face any problem finding this, then check the driver’s side of the vehicle. This is the usual location of the fuse box of a vehicle.

Step 4: Check the Spare Tire Sensor

Now you also have to check the spare tire sensor that is directly connected to compressing air to the air suspension. There are two switches or sensors in a vehicle. One is behind the front tire and another is behind the spare tire. You have to work on the spare tire sensor only.

You will be able to control the air compressing of the sensor of the vehicle. You have to move that up and down. This will change the air suspension also. If the compressor works well then this is a good sign for you. You no need to be wary. But if it does not work then you have to replace it.

This is the way of resetting the air suspension of your Ford Expedition. Now your vehicle is all set to provide the service to you. The air suspension is ready to work now. By following these steps, you will be able to reset the air suspension of your Ford Expedition.


There are four air springs on your vehicle. These help a lot to your vehicle to control its level. Besides this, they perform some more things that are a must for your vehicle.

So, they should be well set and perfectly functioning. If you can reset them by following all these steps, your vehicle’s air springs will be 100% okay.

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