How To Fix Ford Fusion Power Steering Assist Fault?

The Ford Fusion is a dream car for many of us. Why won’t they be? They are stylish, comfortable, have good speed & it is budget worthy compared to other cars. Now, imagine you buy this dream car & start having problems with it. Not so satisfying is it? 

One of the common problems we face with Ford Fusion is the power steering assist fault. Many of us have encountered this problem. Sometimes many of us don’t know how to fix Ford Fusion power steering assist fault.We don’t know the reasons behind it and how much it might cost.

No Need to Worry! In this article we will talk about what are the causes for Ford Fusion Power steering assist fault. We will talk about how much it will cost to fix it. We will also show you a beginner friendly step by step process on fixing the Ford Fusion Power steering assist fault.

Causes For Ford Fusion Power Steering Assist Fault

There can be many reasons behind the failure of our Ford Fusion power steering. However, some causes are really common & we should be aware of them. Common causes for Ford Fusion Power Steering Fault:

1. Low Fluid Problem

This is one of the most common reasons. Low fluid levels can cause different types of problems for the power steering. 

It reduces the hydraulic pressure & creates hard steering. Low power steering fluid level sometimes can accelerate the pump wear. And because of it the power steering pump can even wear out prematurely. So we should be careful about this problem.

2. Contamination Problems

Contamination problems are another common cause for the Ford Fusion power steering assist fault. If your hoses deteriorate or the pump fails, then you might have contamination problems. 

If the contamination problems arise then it can increase friction & plug in different kinds of small orifices in the car’s steering system. As a result, in the end power steering assist fault has to be encountered.

3. Leaking Problem

Sometimes it is seen that leaks from damaged hoses do not let the hydraulic fluid to operate perfectly. But there is always a bigger problem. If the Ford Fusion loses too much fluid, there can be overheating in the power steering pump. Therefore, leaks can be another reason behind the failure of power steering assist.

4. Worn Pump

Sometimes we do not take the age of our power steering pumps into account. But this can be a major reason behind the power steering assist fault.

When the pumps grow old, their internal parts may break down. So we might face fluid pressure problems and also the power steering assist might have troubles too.

Can You Fix Ford Fusion Power Steering Assist Fault?

Well, the straight cut answer is, yes you can.  The Ford Fusion can be beneficial to us in so many ways. But as you know there is no such thing as infinite good. 

No matter how good a vehicle is, it might have some sort of problem.  So is the Ford Fusion. It might have a power steering assist fault, but it can be solved, it can be easily fixed. 

We will show you the step by step process on solving the power steering assist fault later on. But be assured, you can fix the ford fusion power steering assist fault. Sometimes it might cost you some amount of money, but hey it is for The Ford Fusion. So again, the answer is yes, you can fix it.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Ford Fusion Power Steering Assist Fault?

The power steering assist can be fixed, but sometimes we need to take it to the mechanic. What is the repair cost? What if a part is damaged, then how much should you spend on it? 

Well, it actually depends on the model & the type of power steering you are using. From the 2013 redesign all Ford Fusion have electric power steering. So check which model & type you are using.

The average cost of repairing is from $150 to $350. And as for the parts, it depends on which part you are having problems with. As we mentioned earlier there can be different reasons & different parts can be damaged. So replacing parts can cost you between $300 to $800. 

How To Fix Ford Fusion Power Steering Assist Fault?

Like we said earlier, it is a common problem. But there is always a way, always a solution to everything. And in this part, we will show you some steps. Follow these simple steps to fix the Ford Fusion power steering assist.

1. Checking Fluid Levels

Firstly, check out the fluid levels. This is the first step & you need to observe it perfectly. You should notice two colors such as Red & Yellow. But unfortunately if you find any difference in the color then top off  your reservoir as appropriate till both of the fluids are red.

2. Looking for Damage

In the second step, you don’t need to do anything, jst search for damages & we hope that you won’t find any. So both before & after you drive the car take voltage readings across the belt tensioner pulley. You can inspect the belt tensioner pulley to see if there is any kind of damage.

3. Reattachment 

Now you need to see if the wiper blades are completely attached. Reattach them if they are not. Also we suggest you reattach any kind of loose bolts if you find any. 

If you have completed these 3 steps already. We firmly believe you can go all the way & find your answer on how to fix Ford Fusion power steering assist fault. 

4. Solving the Leaking Problem

Previously we have talked about the leaking problem. How troublesome it can get. But we have also said that every problem has a solution.

In this step, first check out if there is any sign of leaking. As for a power steering fluid leaking problem, you can identify it with a container(open) on the top of your engine. But for hydraulic lines, it is comparatively difficult. However,take care of the problem by topping off the coolant levels & then get out the pressure washer. 

5. Fixing Individual Hose

Remember when we asked you to inspect the belt tensioner pulley system? Well, there is still a bit of work to do. You must check the individual hose and if they are not attached properly, reattach them right away.

Also, check for other damages. If you find any such as small cracks or shearing problems, try to solve them as well.

6. Checking Streaming out Fluid

Now, you need to stream out the flud & check them. So get behind the wheel and start releasing pressure. Push down firmly to release pressure into each of the sides  and fluid will be streaming out. We hope you won’t find any bubbles along with it. If it’s good & there isn’t any buble, you can be sure there isn’t any leakage problem.

7. Last Touch

You’re one step away. Make sure everything  is holding tight. To do this, push down into the center of each section. Also, try not to over tighten any  bolts. This will create future problems for the vehicle. So we hope that you won’t have this problem anymore & will not be seeing the fault code either.

Final Thought

We hope that you have got an in-depth idea about how to fix Ford Fusion power steering assist fault. Now that you know the causes behind the failure & the solution for it, we hope you won’t have this problem anymore.

Again, different models & types of vehicles always have different impacts. And you know your car more than we do. So check everything yourself & then take it to the nearby local Ford service center if needed.

Also, after fixing it up, keep a regular maintenance & have an eye on the air pressure to keep the car in best shape. So, fix it up, get back on the road & drive safely.

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