How To Reset Airbag Module On Ford? (Easy Steps)

Nowadays, minor road accidents are the norm, primarily due to the increase in vehicle population on the driveways. All the data from these car crashes are stored in the airbag module on your Ford.

Hence, an obvious question pops up in our mind, how to reset the airbag module on Ford?

Begin by removing the front side panels of the center console of your Ford. Then remove the panels situated along with the front air conditioning unit and loosen all the bolts holding the center console in place.

After removing the bolts, keep them somewhere carefully so as not to lose them. Then unscrew the airbag module underneath the console, reprogram it, and reinstall it.

The method shown above is in a highly condensed form. Wait till you get engrossed in this piece of writing!

When Should You Reset Airbag Module Ford?

There is no saying that the need for resetting the airbag modules on your ford never comes with its call. You’re likely to feel the need for resetting an airbag module soon enough.

Now there are two important indications you need to relate when looking to reset the airbag module on your Ford. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

After A Recent Accident

Like the check engine light on your instrument cluster, the airbag light is also present on your Ford. It shows the whereabouts and conditions of your airbag module.

But the airbag module doesn’t need to be reset regularly. It’s only during those unfortunate car accidents that you see the airbag lights on your instrument cluster illuminating themselves.

Due To Faulty Airbag Module

However, it would be a mere misconception if we said that the airbag light only illuminates in the event of an accident. In fact, sometimes, the airbag light may light up because of a faulty air module unit.

But resetting the airbag module itself isn’t as simple as it sounds. There isn’t any built-in reset button located in the vehicle that would automatically reset the airbag module of the car. 

We know it would have been nice to get something like this but for now, let’s just try to make the most out of what we have. Hence, resetting the airbag module isn’t a piece of cake.

In some ways, it’s pretty tedious as it requires you to undergo a lot of removing panels and unscrewing bolts to finally reach the airbag module itself.

Furthermore, you then need to go through the hassle of removing the module from its housing and dealing with many wires.

How To Reset Airbag Module Ford?

Just like we said earlier, resetting the airbag module on your Ford is quite simple but somewhat tedious. It requires your consistent determination and attention to get the module removed seamlessly.

Then to reset it, you either need to be able to program it on your own or ask for a professional’s help. Hence, we’ve prepared the step-by-step guide below to help you with your queries. So tag along!

Step 1: Disconnect The Battery Terminals

It’s better to ensure that you’re working in a safe and carefree environment when dealing with any electronic accessories on your Ford. It’s only a few steps for this task anyway.

Turn off the car ignition and take the keys out, then move to the engine and disconnect the battery’s positive terminal to cut off any current flow to the accessories.

Step 2: Remove The Side Panels From The Front Console 

To disassemble the center console completely, you need to remove the side panels first. You could easily use a scraping tool to get into the edge and pull the panels out.

Then head into the air conditioner and stereo department and similarly remove the panels located at the side. Doing this exposes the bolts and screws holding the center console in place.

Step 3: Take Off The Center Console

Once all the panels are out of the way, use an electric socket tool to wheel out all the bolts and nuts holding the console hub in place. Take care of where you keep the loosened bolts.

Keeping them on a magnetic plate prevents them from getting lost as each bolt is an equally essential component that is quite difficult to find once lost.

Hence, after unscrewing everything, you could get the upward compartment of the center console off, leaving you with the internals.

So unplug the connections and pull off the lever, locking in the back center console. Once the gear and the other controls are out of the center console, open all links to the airbag module.

Step 4: Remove And Reset The Airbag Module

After you’ve taken off the back console cover, you will be left with the airbag module itself. You are likely to notice that the airbag module is held tightly in place.

So proceed by wheeling out the three bolts securing the module using a ratchet. After the bolts are out of the way, unplug the wiring connections to the airbag module of your ford. 

Don’t damage any of the connectors or wires, as this would only add more to your already existing headache! 

As soon as the airbag module is out and in your hands, you can then move on to reset it using a laptop or computer. 

Go ahead and remove all the fault codes from the module by connecting it to a laptop and adding new default codes to reset the airbag module of your Ford.

However, this process requires basic coding knowledge, so if you lack the expertise, you’re better off contacting a software mechanic than having to learn coding from scratch.


Airbag modules are a must-have for any vehicle owner. It not only controls the airbags but also monitors the seatbelts, air levels, and other safety features of the car.

Hence, this makes it your responsibility to keep the airbag module of your ford in check whenever the airbag lights are on. And you should be glad as you came upon this guide.

It’s been a pleasure sorting out the queries about resetting the airbag modules. Hopefully, you’ve been intrigued by our assistance. Till then, drive safe and keep the airbags in check!

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