How To Check Ford Focus Transmission Fluid? [5 Easy Steps]

A transmission flush is usually twice the cost of changing the fluid. It is because the service takes as much time and the fact that the flush not only replaces the liquid in the pan.

But it also removes the liquid from the cooling line and the added parts of your transmission. If you want to completely clean and flush a Ford Focus transmission flush system, you need to use about 10 quarts of fluid.

In this article, we will discuss how to check Ford Focus transmission fluid. At the same time, we will know how to understand that your transmission fluid needs to be checked, and how much it will cost and how much time it will take to complete this process.

How Often Should You Check Ford Focus Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid acts as a coolant for the gears of your vehicle. It also gives the gears the ability to rotate as needed and prevent from wearing. 

Translation without fluids cannot maintain the power to move your vehicle. It means that if the transmission fluid is reduced then you will not be able to show the proper performance of your vehicle.

As much effort as you put into checking engine oil, a little more is needed to check the transmission fluid. 

The reason behind this is that some vehicle manufacturers say that the engine should be parked in hot conditions. Again some suggest that the cold engine is suitable for checking the transmission fluid. 

So first you need to be sure to look at the manual provided by the manufacturer and determine the correct method and the necessary equipment.

Transmission fluid leaks are the most common symptom of your Ford Focus. If this is the case, maybe you need to check or change completely. Although this symptom is very rare, it is noticeable when the transmission hose leaks.

If you notice strange sounds like grinding while changing songs, you need to check Ford’s transmission fluid. In this case, you may have changed gears and noticed the results too late. This is also a sign to check if the transmission fluid light is on.

How Long Does It Take to Check Ford Focus Transmission Fluid?

What amount of time it requires to take a look at transmission liquid on your Ford will rely upon who finishes the interaction. 

In case you are needing to take a look at the transmission liquid without help from anyone else on your vehicle interestingly, it will require no less than 15 minutes. Then again, if you take the assistance of an expert specialist, the time referenced will be diminished. 

Some of the time the checking system is not done accurately and requires different endeavours. All things considered, you will require somewhat more time than expected.

Cost of Check Ford Focus Transmission Fluid

Basically, you can do this process yourself without the help of any experts. If you do not want to help, you will not need to spend any money. 

The price of a new Ford Focus transmission varies depending on the model of the car. The complete transmission usually costs up to $3,500. 

However, for transmission and fluid exchange services like a transmission fluid flush you have to spend significantly less. In this case, it costs less than $150.

How to Check Ford Focus Transmission Fluid?

The process of checking Ford Focus transmission fluid is much easier if it can be done according to proper rules. That’s why we have come up with a masterpiece process for you in this article.

Readers, this time we will learn step by step how to check Ford Focus transmission fluid.

Pull Out the Dipstick

Keep the engine running and keep the gear shift neutral. Alternatively, keep the engine running by holding the parking brake while parked. 

Now take out the dipstick. The Ford Focus transmission dipstick is attached to the transmission fluid container under the hood. When removing the dipstick, make sure the engine is warm.

Check the Fluid

The tip of your index finger is dipped in the dipstick fluid. Now rub and feel the liquid with the head of both the index finger and the big finger.

The transmission fluid should be pink in colour and almost clear if it is in good condition. On the other hand, if the colour of the fluid is burnt or smells like burning fuel and if small particles are noticed in it, then it needs to be cleaned.

Wipe the Dipstick

Now you have to wipe the dipstick. Clean the dipstick with a clean lint-free rag. Then put it back in and take it out again.

Check the Fluid Level

If the transmission fluid is clear and up to the “Full” level of the dipstick then everything is fine. 

If the level is less than the specified level then pour the transmission fluid through a funnel into the transmission container and fill up to the “Full” level. 

You will notice that there are different types of transmission fluids around you. Each fluid is prepared for use in a separate automatic transmission. 

Large automobile manufacturers require new transmission fluids for new vehicles. Since there are currently different types of transmission fluid, check the manual before using the fluid in your vehicle.

However, keep in mind that the transmission fluid should not come above this level. When using translation fluid in Ford Focus, try to use the Dexron ViATF brand.


So this was a description of how to check Ford Focus transmission fluid. Transmission fluid works a lot like a coolant for your car’s engine. 

Therefore, regular checking means that the overall engine of your vehicle is in good condition. However, always be careful when using transmission fluid. 

There is a high risk of overall damage to your vehicle if you use an unsuitable transmission fluid. Manufacturing companies always advise using the transmission fluid mentioned in the manual.

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