How To Play Video On Ford Sync 3? [3 Easy Steps To Follow]

Ford Sync is a kind of integrated in-vehicle entertainment and communication system that is factory-installed. The system lets you control hands-free telephone calls, and perform other functions using voice commands with the aforementioned benefits. 

Sync 3 provides you voice-order command over your conceivable phone’s music and videos so you can surge them through your vehicle’s speakers. Although the previous two generations were of other systems, but Ford’s third generation, Sync 3, is now powered by BlackBerry Limited’s QNX operating system.

A very common question for Ford Sync 3 users is how they can play video on their car with Sync 3. You will not find a proper solution for this function on the Internet. So we brought for you- how to play video on Ford Sync 3?

Can I Play Video on Ford Sync 3?

Initially, you will not be able to play any video on your Ford Sync 3 as your will. For this, you need to install a separate video player, for example, FMods, for your Ford Sync 3. Then, you can play any video you want in Sync 3 whenever you like.

How To Play Video On Ford Sync 3? (Step by Step)

Since you will play videos with the FMods video player on your Ford Sync 3, you will first need to download the FMods toolkit and install the package from and install it on Sync 3. Let’s find out how to install all FMods packages from


  • One desktop or laptop,
  • Internet connection,
  • Two USB drives.

First: Download FMods Toolkit and Install Packages?

  • First, enter the link Here you will find all kinds of modifications and all the features for free.
  • Register in the forum option on the homepage of the website. If you have already registered, log in directly with your username and password.
  • Now, go to Sync 3.
  • From there, enter the Mod Video Players.
  • Scroll down and you will find different types of FMods versions. Pick the appropriate version from there. For example, there is a specific package for Sync 3.0, 3.2, or 3.3. Again, you will find a package for Sync 3.4. If you have more than Sync 3.4, then you need to take another package. So, click on the right package according to your version of Sync and the package will start downloading directly.

2nd: Install FMods Video Player Package

Now, you need to install the video player package downloaded from on your Sync 3. Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Plug a USB drive into your desktop or laptop. Make sure that the USB drive is Fat32 formatted, that is, the drive does not contain any other files or folders.
  • Now, go to the download folder of your PC. There, you will see your downloaded video player package zipped or compressed. Extract or unzip the package.
  • Then, copy the extracted files to the USB drive.
  • Unplug the USB drive from your PC and plug it into your Sync 3.
  • You will see that the video player will be installed automatically as soon as the drive is plugged. You will see a confirmation message on your Sync 3 screen.
  • Now, unplug the USB drive. Sync 3 will reboot automatically.

3rd: Play Video On Ford Sync 3

So, finally, this time we will deal with the real deal. We will now learn how to play video on Ford Sync 3. How to get started:

  • The system reboots automatically after you install the video player package downloaded from on your Sync 3.
  • Take a USB drive and put some video music files in it.
  • Now, plug the USB drive into the Sync 3 port. On the screen, you will see that your USB drive has been detected if you have plugged it in properly.
  • If your Sync system is separated from the car, you probably won’t be able to automatically access the USB drive.
  • In this case, touch the Browse option from the Sync screen.
  • In the next window, you will see a list of your selected videos. Touch anyone from there.
  • The video will play in mp3 format. But that was not the case. We were learning how to play VIDEO in Sync 3, right?
  • Don’t worry. You will see a relatively large Playback option in the shape of a square on the screen. Click there.
  • Now, your video will play completely.

In this way, you can play any resolution of high or low in your Ford Sync 3. You can even enjoy the Skip mode while the video is playing.


So, by following the steps above, FMods Video Player allows you to play any type of video on your Ford Sync 3 whenever you want. FMods provides you with a video player as well as various other modification-related benefits for free. 

If you wish, you can knock on their forum and ask any questions related to your Sync 3. They are very helpful and always ready to help you with your problems.

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