6 Common Dodge Ram 1500 Transmission Problems? (Fix Now)

If you’ve been hearing eerie mechanical noises from your Dodge Ram 1500, such as clunking or whining sounds, it’s probably because of a bad transmission.

The noises become prominent, especially when shifting gears. So, what are the problems with Dodge Ram 1500 transmission?

Driving with a problematic transmission does have its cons. It could lead to the gears slipping, thus making the vehicle start shaking unpredictably.

This might also cause your engine to overheat and take some serious damage if you plan on continuing your ride with the bad transmission.

This was only a short peek into the cons. Stick with this write-up for a detailed review of all the common issues and their fixes.

Quick Table On Dodge Ram 1500 Transmission Problems

There are a handful of problems that could arise from the transmission of your Dodge Ram 1500. We know, it can be quite daunting to look up all the problems by yourself to find the one you’re facing.

Hence, we’ve implemented the common problems and their brief possible fixes into a table to help you find the problem that you’re facing on your Dodge Ram 1500.

ProblemsShort Solutions
Gear shifting issuesThis is mostly due to a faulty transmission filter and the transmission sensors. So replacing the transmission pan and fluid may help ease this problem.
Rattling noisesThe noise indicates low transmission fluid or a contaminated one. Hence, changing the transmission fluid may fix this issue.
Occasional hard startsAs less power reaches the motor,  the truck has a hard time starting. Hence, getting a new starter or replacing the old battery might do the trick.
Heating issuesThis is probably due to accumulated dirt on coolant. So get your garden hose and spray water on the coolant until all the dirt has been removed. 
Cylinder misfiringCheck the spark plugs first, if they seem damaged, consider replacing them with new ones. Also, keep fuel injectors clean along with decarbonizing the engine regularly.
Forward clutch failuresUse power chips to increase the overall engine output, as this can overcome the numerous internal components which could cause this issue.

Common Dodge Ram 1500 Transmission Problems and Their Fix

Transmission difficulties with Dodge Ram 1500s are not uncommon in the United States. The majority of truck drivers experience transmission issues at some time throughout their voyage.

Since we’ve summarized the problems and given possible short solutions in the table above, it’s time to talk about each problem in detail. So keep an eye out for the problem you’re facing with your Ram 1500.

Gear Shifting Problems

Truck owners have reported such problems a lot throughout their journey. Most of the time, they have pretty low miles on the truck.  

This could also come out as hard shifts or slipping. Also, RPMs might go quite high before shifting. Sometimes the transmission sensor isn’t getting the right signals, or the transmission filter is clogged.

The Fix:

Now, since it’s a problem with the transmission filter and the sensors, it’s best to change the transmission fluid along with the transmission pan to fix this problem.

Changing these could be fairly inexpensive and would automatically fix problems with the transmission filter and the transmission sensor.

Bizarre Engine Noises 

If you hear rattling or whining noises emanating from your engine while driving, it’s a sign that the transmission fluid is low.

This is important to remember because driving with a low transmission fluid coil can cause your engines to overheat and be damaged.

The Fix:

Now the ideal solution to this problem would be to go ahead and change the transmission fluid entirely instead of refilling it. 

Transmission fluid can get polluted over time, which could be the cause of these noises and subsequent engine damage.

A Hard Start

It’s extremely disappointing to have your truck stopping in the middle of nowhere and finding it difficult to start every time. Don’t worry, as it’s only going to get even worse if no attention is given to it.

This can be due to less power delivery to the engine motors causing the truck to have a hard time cruising through the driveway.

The Fix:

This is most likely due to worn-out electrical equipment. The starter wears out over time, hence it’s ideal to replace the starter before it’s too late.

Oftentimes, the starter might work just fine but it’s the battery that’s damaged and needs replacement. So go ahead and get a new battery to replace the old one.

The Engine Overheating And Losing Power

Sometimes when the coolant is clogged with dirt and debris, this might block the flow of the coolant. This may cause engine throttling frequently.

The Fix:

This job can be done simply with your garden hose. Use the garden hose to get rid of the dirt accumulated in the coolant. Thus, freeing the blockage in the coolant to allow for better heat regulation.

However, this might only fix the issue temporarily. So, if you notice the same issue again then you might need to spend some money to replace the heater core itself for a permanent fix.

Cylinder Misfiring

If your Dodge Ram 1500 truck is losing power randomly, there is a high chance that it’s due to cylinder misfiring. This issue had also been reported by the majority of truck owners across the US.

This problem can be noticed when your truck begins to run quite roughly, and you could say that the drive wasn’t smooth. 

The Fix:

To combat this problem, you would need to check for problems in your spark plugs regularly. If you notice any, consider replacing them with new ones.

Also, take great care not to allow any carbon buildup inside the engine. You could use water to decarbonize the engine. Make sure to keep the fuel injectors in check on a regular basis.

Premature Forward Clutch Failures 

If your Ram 1500 truck isn’t moving whatsoever, it’s likely because the clutch has failed and the truck cannot move forward.

The Fix:

This is actually an emergency, so getting attention from a mechanic would be the best advice. However, a proper fix could be done by using power or programmer chips to increase the overall engine output.

Since this issue arises from several internal equipment failures, using the chip may overwhelm most of those faulty internal components of the truck engine and thus resolving the issue.


Your pickup truck is like a family member. It drives to work every day, making your life easier and also needs regular maintenance like any other family member.

We know repairing a vehicle could sometimes be quite expensive, but think of all the money you saved due to owning that vehicle. You at least owe that much to your truck.

Furthermore, if you’ve been glued to this piece of writing from the beginning till now, you should be able to diagnose and fix the problems with your Dodge Ram 1500 transmission by yourself.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our company in finding the problems with your Ram 1500 truck’s transmission. 

Till the next time, be sure not to take your ruck to the road with a faulty transmission as doing this could cost you ahead in the future.

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