What Does XL Mean on a Ford Truck: Fact Revealed

There are numerous models for trucks with several new features. Particularly in ford trucks, people often get confused with their truck models and their meaning of it. 

So, what does XL mean on a Ford truck? 

XL has no special meaning in terms of ford trucks. This only indicates a particular model name for the ford truck. However, some people think this name has meaning regarding the size of the vehicle, calling it “Extra Large”. However, it is a basic trim model of Ford with few upgrades, but no extra features. 

This is just the overview of the discussion. You will get to know all the configurations of the ford XL truck in detail in the following article. 

What Does XL Mean on A Ford Truck and Ford Ranger 

Like every other vehicle, the ford truck has its own model or series of vehicles. Just like that, XL is the name of a particular model of ford truck. As we all know, every new model comes up with new and advanced features, XL is one of those models with advanced features compared to the existing ones.

what does xl stand for ford
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There is no particular meaning of XL in terms of Ford Ranger. Here, the XL bears the identification code of a particular Ford truck model. Ford XL Ranger is a well-known high-towing capacity truck with a high-powered engine. 

Difference Between Ford XL and XLT

Apart from a few feature differences, there is no major difference between XL and XLT. As XL is the base model and XLT is comparatively the updated version, the comparison is to show that there is no special meaning between the two terms. 

Although XLT is also known as “Extra Luxurious Truck”, XL has no significant meaning other than a model name, and XLT also indicates the model name. 

Here is a few difference that you would notice between XL and XLT-

  • In terms of interior, the XLT has a few more features than XL
  • For power, XLT drivers can choose a turbo V6 engine
  • XLT has the 17-inches silver painted aluminum wheel, where XL has 17-inches silver steel wheel
  • XL has a standard black vinyl floor where XLT has the sports carpeted color-coordinated floor
  • XLT has rear and front chrome bumpers which are different from XL front and back bumper 
  • XLT is on the expensive side compared to XL. 

Ford XL Truck Features

As we have known by know Ford XL is a particular model of truck having features like a powerful engine, smooth steering, and 10-speed auto transmission kind of feature. And this particular new edition is free from many ford truck starting problems that the older models had. 

In the following, all the detailed features of ford XL (2023) are described thoroughly.

Feature NameDetails
Key FeaturesCapacitive Touch Screen
Rear View Camera
External FeaturesAppearance
Windows & Protection
Tire & Wheels
Internal FeaturesAppearance
Relaxation System
Power & HandlingPower

Key Features

You will find several amazing features in a Ford XL truck. But in the following segment, we will discuss two key features that the Ford XL truck has to offer. 

Capacitive Touch Screen:

The new 2023 edition of the Ford XL Truck came with an 8-inch wider capacitive touch screen feature. Through this feature, you can always be connected to the road. Also, this adds an additional productivity to your vehicle’s interior functionality.

Capacitive Touch Screen
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This display will keep you updated with everything you need to know while driving, including GPS, temperature, live direction, radio, mobile connectivity, and many more. 

Rear View Camera:

Another amazing feature that Ford XL 2023 edition came with is a rearview camera having dynamic hitch assist. It gets so difficult for a rider to keep their eyes on the rearview mirror and drive in the right direction at the same time. So this amazing feature will reduce that hassle. 

All you need to do is to keep the camera debris free and it will make your reverse driving much smoother. 

External Features

After the special features, the concern that comes into mind is regarding the external features. In the following segment, we will talk about every detail of the external feature of the Ford XL truck. 


These are the key external appearance feature of the Ford XL truck-

  • It has the daytime running lamp
  • Halogen headlamps and taillamp
  • Black side mirror and skull caps
  • tailgate, handles and doors have black tailgate bezel 
  • Black two-bar style grille 
  • Integrated cargo lamp and center high-mounted stop lamp


These are the key external comfort and convenience feature of the Ford XL truck-

  • Auton on-off lamp with rain lamp wiper
  • Hooks are cargo box tie-down
  • High beam headlamp with automated feature
  • Auto hold and power lock
  • Capless fuel filter


These are the key external feature of the Ford XL truck-

  • Manually adjustable and folding side mirror
  • Rear underframe spare tire carrier
  • High strength steel frame
  • Rear door of 170 degreed

Windows & Protection:

These are the key external windows and protection feature of the Ford XL truck-

  • Fixed glass solar tint window
  • Superscrew first row windows
  • Supercab second-row fixed window
  • Skid plates fuel tank with transfer case

Tire & Wheels: 

These are the key external tire & wheel features of the Ford XL truck-

  • 17-inch of silver steel wheel
  • Aluminium wheels with silver planted 
  • 6 spoke aluminum wheel with magnetic painted
  • 6 spoke aluminum wheel with gloss black painted

Internal Features

Now we will be discussing the internal features of new Ford XL truck. As this is a brand new edition, this has many new features that would amaze you. Let’s look into some of those in the following-


These are the key internal appearance feature of the Ford XL truck-

  • Floor covering with black vineal
  • Black urethane steering wheel


These are the key internal comfort and convenience feature of the Ford XL truck-

  • Automatic emergency braking with collision assist
  • Duel note horn
  • 12V PowerPoint
  • Cruise control 
  • Reverse sensing system
  • International windshield and temperature display
  • Power door lock with keyless entry auto lock
  • Manual single-zone air condition 


These are the key internal steering feature of the Ford XL truck-

  • Front seat 40-20-40 cloth
  • Rear seat 60-40 flip-up split bench 
  • 8-way power driver front seat

Relaxation System: 

These are the key internal relaxation system feature of the Ford XL truck-

  •  Capacitive Touchscreen 8-inch
  • Stereo AM/FM
  • Enhanced voice recognition 4G LTE wi-fi hotspot

Power & Handling

Power is one of the main concerns for any kind of vehicle. Here we are discussing the power and the handling of a Ford XL truck.


These are the key power feature of the Ford XL truck-

  • Auto start and stop technology
  • 10-speed automatic transmission
  • 30.6-gallon fuel tank for the engine
  • 26-gallon fuel tank for the super crew
  • Range select automatic transmission


These are the key handling feature of the Ford XL truck-

  • Trailer sway control
  • Pinion steering with power rack
  • Selectable drive mood covering sports, normal, deep snow, slippery, ECO

Before buying your own ford truck, make sure you know about the possible ford truck issues

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which vehicle model is better in Ford Truck, XL or XLT?

For the ford truck F150, both XL, and XLT have to offer a lot you can’t go wrong with any of these. The ford-150 XL offers amazing value along with top-notch amenities and performance. On the other hand, the ford-150 XLT offers you an overall luxury package along with incredibly modern technologies. 

What is the difference between XL and XLT?

The XL comes with a standard cloth bucket front seat along with the option of getting a vinyl seat.  On the other hand, XLT has a premium cloth seat which seems a bit more refined. XLT also offers dual-zone climate control which is missing in XL. moreover, they have some differences in their sizing too. 

What is the biggest type of ford truck?

The Ford excursion is a heavy-duty full-sized SUV truck manufactured by Ford. this is considered the biggest type of ford truck. This has the longest and the heaviest SUV ever that entered into mass production. 

Final Word

With that we are at the end of our discussion regarding what does XL mean on a Ford truck. Hope this article was informative enough to answer all your queries. 

If you are planning to buy a ford truck, make sure you have done enough research so that you can be sure of the model you need. 

That is it for now. Have a good day!

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