On the ring today: Toyota tundra vs Honda Ridgeline

What to consider when buying a truck?

It depends on which car you need… Are you planning to transport heavy loads? Or do you need a small and manoeuvrable vehicle to drive around the town roads? Are you just a fan of Toyota Tundra? Anyway, whatever you choose, you are lucky to own power.

Today we will compare technical characteristics, price, evaluation from experts, feedback from the users, MPG, hearts of the cars – engines, safety levels, cargo capacity and other things you might be wondering about.

Well, you have at least $40,000 in your pocket and are going to spend it on a trustworthy pickup that can drive you for more than 200 000 miles. This is the approximate sum of money new cars might be bought for. Actually, the best price!

What is Toyota Tundra?

Toyota Tundra is an extended cab that was launched to the market in 2000. It varies in configurations such as CrewMax, regular cab and double cab.

It outstands in having a comfortable interior for passengers, and equipment for heavy cargo. Despite the standard towing capacity, Toyota Tundra could always serve as a fast truck. The new Toyota Tundra varies in engines from V8 to V6.

Variations (Toyota Tundra and Honda Ridgeline) planned to be released in 2023 are 4WD and these cars are champions on the market in miles you can get out of Toyota.

Compared to other models (Toyota Tacoma and Honda Ridgeline) there’s no beating around the bush here. The model 2020 reached 200 000 miles this year and customers rate Toyota Tundra as 4 out of 5 for its safety and reliability.

New Toyota Tundra – extended cab (2023)

It is planned to be launched in several colours and the colour will affect the price. It varies from $36,000 to $53,000 for the Capstone model.

Highlighted features

  • 18-in. styled steel wheels
  • Aluminum-reinforced composite bed
  • 8-in. Toyota Tundra Audio Multimedia touchscreen
  • Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay® compatibility
  • Smart Key System with Push Button Start
  • Toyota Safety Sense™ 2.5 (TSS 2.5)

Are tundras worth the money?

Just compare the prices to decide – Toyota Tundra is more expensive than the Honda Ridgeline. $36,000 – $53,000 against $36,000 – $43,000 for Ridgeline.

Besides, Honda is counted as reliable and according to the iSeeCars reports, Tundra holds its value too. Amortization of the model made up 38% of its value for 5 years of active usage.

Does this mean Tundra holds 62% of its value after 5 years of exploitation? Yes!

Tundra is never a bad choice. To sum up, it is reliable and able to surpass 200, 000 miles or more. Probably it is worth the spend overall.

What is Honda Ridgeline?

The Honda Ridgeline introduced in 2006 is not as huge as Toyota Tundra, available with 2 or 4 doors, effective for heavy cargo and has plenty of room for passengers.

What is the engine volume in the Honda Ridgeline?

Like the other models, this car has options in V4 and V6. The capacity of towing up in this car is about 5,000 pounds.

How are Toyota Tundra and Honda Ridgeline different?

Now, when you read about Toyota Tundra and Honda, we can talk about comparing the peculiarities of both to make some conclusions about these two models.


  • The engine in Toyota Tundra is either is V8 or a V6, while the maximum for the Honda Ridgeline is a V6 engine.
  • The towing capacity of the Tundra doubles what the Ridgeline can tow up to (5,000 pounds).
  • The Tundra is available with a regular, double, or CrewMax cab, while the Ridgeline is only available with a four-door crew cab.
  • Finally, if the truck colour matters, variety is available among models of Toyota Tundra while the Ridgeline is only purchased in black now.


  • Cheaper materials are used to produce Honda Ridgeline and may not last as high-quality ones for Toyota Tundra.
  • The design of the latter is more appealing to customers than the more utilitarian Honda.
  • Spark plugs are reported to be better and more durable in Toyota Tundra (according to customer feedback data).


The final note that can present a counterargument is the price of vehicles.

Toyota Tundra is more expensive than the Honda Ridgeline (that might be explained by the better features Toyota Tundra has). The Tundra starts out at around $33,835 – $53,500 while the Ridgeline starts out at around $36,490 – $43,920.

Which one is better Toyota Tacoma or Honda Ridgeline?

Both have advantages. New editions are worth seeing and considering according to the iSeeCars, but Toyota Tundra is famous for its stability too.

According to the research done by the abovementioned company, most of both trucks reached the level of 200 000 miles (or 1.9% of all the vehicles).

Tundra was at the top list too. The data shows the stability and reliability of trucks.

Besides, it is known that pickup tracks are commonly used for work purposes and are expected to cover most of the miles, are cost-effective for repairs, comfortable for passengers and family, and famous for their convenience. If these are your main criteria, both Toyota and Honda are worth their money here.

Read further to see other features of both Toyota and Honda.

Is Honda Ridgeline the same size as Toyota Tacoma?

The exterior of Tundra and Honda differ in length (233.6 in and 210.2 in) correspondingly.

Tundra is also wider than Honda by just about 2 in, which might seem not important here but affects the weight.

What is more important here is a bed length, which is 1 in bigger and the owner can carry more goods.

The interior does not differ a lot. Both models have 5 seats and the front and back legrooms are no wider than 41 in. though Tundra is still slightly wider in this aspect.

So, which truck is better?

No clear winner here, sorry. There are features for both, and only personalized customers should decide which one to purchase. Personally, we think that Toyota Tundra is the better truck.

Our choice was affected by the better quality material that Honda Ridgeline doesn’t have, and for carrying weight this vehicle is far a better choice. Though Honda Ridgeline offers a better price, the difference is not that significant in basic models.

Why the Ridgeline beats the Tacoma?

Well, here the horsepower decides. Honda beats Toyota Tacoma here with a 3.5 liter, V-6 engine and 280 horsepower against 278 horsepower.

Also, a 2022 Honda Ridgeline is equipped with standard all-wheel drive (AWD), while Toyota Tacoma comes standard with rear-wheel drive (RWD) and has optional AWD. Another difference made, a smooth-shifting nine-speed automatic transmission in Honda Ridgeline that is way better than a six-speed automatic transmission in Tacoma.

Finally, the Honda Ridgeline is faster and more efficient on the road. Fuel consumption per mile is less in Honda Ridgeline than in Toyota Tacoma AWD models.

Small things in the interior make Honda Ridgeline more comfortable for people, as there you can find extra comfort and some more features with the wheel and touchscreen than in Toyota Tacoma.

To conclude, you will find small but striking advantages of the Honda Ridgeline such as safe mode, interior, comfort, width, convenience, legroom space, wheelbase, and maintenance that overweight similar characteristics of Toyota Tacoma.

Final conclusions

We considered three vehicle models here, but only can make a decision! Historically, Toyota Tundra model is reliable and obtains all powerful truck needs. Despite the year of release, the vehicles are powered with a good number of horsepower, the interior design is good for all ages and dealers offer the best price.

Another model (Honda Ridgeline) is for those who select a flexible friend to ride around the city.

The price is reasonable here and one can ignore the factors of insignificant differences between Tundra and Honda.

There is easier access to the maintenance of the trucks too.

Tacoma takes the last position among three trucks today.

This model towing capacity is the least, but the price is the best.

The power is slightly different from the other models, but for those who drive around the area without heavy loads, it might not be a problem.

Now when you are powered with terms and conditions of trucks related information, we believe you can buy the best truck for yourself! Enjoy!

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