How to fix StabiliTrak on Silverado: why can a breakdown occur and how to solve the problem?

StabiliTrak is a very common problem with GMC machines, and the Silverado is no exception. StabiliTrak is an important vehicle safety system that is designed to prevent accidents. More details on how to fix the StabiliTrak system on the Silverado you can read in this article.

how to fix stabilitrak on silverado

What are the symptoms of malfunctions?

Before proceeding to the question, of how to fix StabiliTrak on the Silverado, it is important to determine the symptoms of a problem. As soon as the StabiliTrak system comes out of a standstill, the corresponding indicator starts to light up.

Other symptoms may also occur, including:

  • engine power reduction. Therefore, it is not excluded that there may be problems with speed, as well as gear shifting;
  • StabiliTrak, service traction control, and ABS indicators glow;
  • illumination of the signal lamp Service StabiliTrak ESC;
  • StabiliTrak Off is indicated by the instrument cluster;
  • the appearance of messages that StabiliTrak is being initialized;
  • the transition of the transmission to emergency mode;
  • fixing the gearbox in one position, which is difficult to shift;
  • poor response to pressing the gas pedal, and a decrease in engine power;
  • illumination of the StabiliTrak indicator as soon as the vehicle accelerates from a standstill;
  • inability to display StabiliTrak on the cluster;
  • illumination of the service traction control lamp;
  • flashing engine light.

As soon as the service StabiliTrak system is malfunctioning, the warning light may come on.

The exact cost depends on the vehicle model, however, the service traction control light will almost always be on.

Very often, service StabiliTrak warning light cause other challenges if the wheel speed indicator lights up. Common problems include:

  • malfunction of the input sensor;
  • malfunction of the security StabiliTrak system module;
  • the need to calibrate the steering angle sensor, which is located on the steering wheel;
  • insufficient vehicle battery power.

Significance of the service StabiliTrak

If the service StabiliTrak system gives a message that there are problems with the operation of StabiliTrak, you must immediately begin to resolve the problem. The service StabiliTrak encounters a challenge when one of the sensors that are responsible for the speed of rotation of the wheel stops working.

It should be noted that no effect on the operation of the motor is observed. However, it may stop working in the traction control system in the car.

GMC calls the service StabiliTrak an electronic system that monitors vehicle stability.

If the situation is critical, the service StabiliTrak system reduces the power of the motor. In this case, special attention is paid to the brakes until the problem is corrected.

It’s safe to say that a warning light about service StabiliTrak system issues appears if there is a problem with the electronic brake control module.

Often, everything is hidden behind a damaged sensor, which is responsible for the speed of the wheel.

In doing so, it turns off the rotation system, as well as StabiliTrak itself.

If such a message appears, and the traction control sensor is on, there is no intervention from the electronic brake control module.

This allows you to keep the car, even if traction is lost. If the StabiliTrak message is on, the stopping distance will be much longer than normal.

There are differences in the traction control system as well as stability control systems. Once the traction control sensor fails, the service StabiliTrak system also stops working.

The purpose of the StabiliTrak traction control system

The service StabiliTrak system is needed to understand if the grip between the road and the wheels is lost.

The service StabiliTrak system independently identifies the wheel that has ceased to grip the road.

In this case, the brakes automatically are applied, or the motor power decreases.

Thanks to this, you can move on, while an emergency is practically eliminated.

Can a dirty speed sensor cause the service StabiliTrak indicator to glow?

If any sensor malfunctions, StabiliTrak automatically turns off immediately. Even if only one component stopped communicating.

This is explained by the fact that StabiliTrak and the braking system against blocking are dependent on the input parameters of the sensors responsible for the speed of the wheel.

What to do if a message appears? Can I move if the service StabiliTrak indicator is on?

If this is the first time you’ve noticed a notification from the service StabiliTrak system on your dashboard, it’s best to stop the vehicle right away.

It is better to find a safe place to park so as not to create an emergency. Switch off the ignition and remove the keys.

Wait a few seconds and then try to start the vehicle engine again.

Such actions help to reset the exchange rate stability system and normalize its operation.

Many people ask, can you drive with StabiliTrak issues? You can continue driving only if the engine has not lost its power. This is often indicated by an unlit engine indicator light.

Driving a vehicle is possible if other systems, including the brake StabiliTrak system, have not stopped working.

The car can work even if the stability traction control system is disabled. It should be noted that in cars that were produced before 2010, such a system was completely absent.

If you continue to move while the StabiliTrak indicator is on, it is recommended that you slow down to a safe speed.

You should also refrain from sudden acceleration or fast cornering. After all, such actions can be dangerous for you.

Do not continue driving if the “Brake” indicator on the dashboard is on. After all, there is a high probability that the vehicle completely loses its braking functions.

The greatest danger is observed when a similar situation occurs while driving.

This provokes a high probability of creating an emergency.

If the service StabiliTrak light turns on, try to slowly get to the first service center so that an experienced mechanic can inspect the vehicle and fix the problem.

When the service StabiliTrak system is turned off, the car works with oddities.

The biggest difference can be seen when braking starts on a slippery surface. Even if the asphalt is wet, there is a high chance of losing traction when cornering.

Reset StabiliTrak without using a scanner

Many people ask, how do you reset the StabiliTrak on a Chevy Silverado? The problems associated with the system are quite complex.

Even if it seems to you that the issue is insignificant, likely, it could soon become catastrophic. Do not ignore the StabiliTrak indicator on the instrument panel.

If you decide to reset the service StabiliTrak system yourself, there are a few simple steps that help with this. Reset procedure step by step:

  1. Stop urgently in a safe place where there is not much traffic. It is better to pull over to the side of the road for safety reasons.
  2. Turn off the engine, and wait half a minute. This reboots the system.
  3. Start the engine and check for the light of the indicator.

If even after restarting, the system does not improve, you have to seek help from an experienced mechanic.

If possible, call for help at the nearest service StabiliTrak center.

Resetting the StabiliTrak System using the scanner

Many are interested in the question, how do I fix my Chevy StabiliTrak service? If you also decide to do similar work, you should have a special scanner on hand.

Many people think that it is quite simple to carry out such work in a home garage. However, it is better not to take risks and entrust the work to a professional.

As already mentioned, StabiliTrak problems are related to system problems.

The vehicle cannot be used for training because there is too complex a security system consisting of many variables.

When fixing one problem, you run the risk of causing many new ones.

You can only start solving the issue yourself if you have the appropriate experience. However, if you have the opportunity to diagnose the challenge, you do not need to spend time and money looking for a master. There is a simple instruction that helps you reset the system using a scanner.

First, you need to turn off the ignition of the vehicle and find its port for diagnostics. In most cases, it is located under the instrument panel.

After, you need to connect a special scanner. Next, you have to start the ignition, after which the scanner is.

Select the desired vehicle model on the screen, and wait for the diagnostics to complete. If there are problems, error codes appear on the monitor screen.

You can memorize or write them down, and then read the description. Some codes may indicate a single error, so don’t panic over the number.

After that, you can turn off the scanner and ignition. If possible, start solving the issue. If there is no experience, it is better to entrust the work to a mechanic.

Once the challenge is fixed, you need to start the engine and scanner again. You should re-scan to make sure the work is done.

As soon as the error codes are not displayed on the screen, then everything is fine. You can turn off the engine and scanner. Wait half a minute and start the vehicle. You can safely go on your way.

Problems caused by StabiliTrak maintenance: what you can see on the traction control light

If the service StabiliTrak light starts to glow, this could indicate multiple problems. As already mentioned, this may be a signal that the wheel speed sensor is not working, or the throttle body has failed.

Often the problem is hidden in a bad sensor on the steering wheel, or in a malfunction of the brake system.

The reason is hidden in a bad pump or misfires in the operation of an automobile motor. Some motorists have noticed that the service StabiliTrak light up if bad fuel has been filled.

The glow of the indicator is justified by the contamination of the fuel filter, or by blocking the parking brake.

According to the reviews of many motorists, the problem may be due to a weak fuel pump or damage to the wheel hub.

The connections and grounds should also be checked for corrosion.

Pay special attention to the inspection of the yaw sensor.

Some of the most important issues you can read in more detail are below.

Wheel speed sensor

As you know, each wheel has a special sensor that monitors the speed of its rotation.

To determine a faulty sensor, you have to study a lot of information regarding anti-lock braking system fault codes.

If you need to replace the wheel speed sensors, it is not necessary to contact the service StabiliTrak center for help.

To save money, you can do the work yourself. This does not require a lot of skills or experience. It is enough to prepare a new sensor, as well as tools.

Steering wheel position sensor

Often, problems can provoke situations when resistance increases to connect the steering position sensor, as well as the electronic brake control module.

The resistance can be caused by corrosion that has formed on the terminals.

As you know, the steering wheel position sensor is mounted under the steering wheel. Its main purpose is to define rotation in degrees.

The position of the steering wheel determines exactly where the wheels move.

The steering wheel position sensor may no longer be calibrated, which is why error notifications appear.

To solve the problem, you can perform several simple steps. First, you need to remove the negative terminal, which is connected to the battery.

The optimal waiting time is about 5 minutes. After you need to reconnect the battery and start the engine.

Next, turn the steering wheel to the limit several times in different directions, and try to ride a little.

Often this is enough to reset the steering wheel position sensor. Such actions are ineffective if it is necessary to use the scanner to calibrate the steering wheel angle.

Traction control failure

This traction control module does not always cause the service StabiliTrak light to turn on. However, such situations occur.

In this case, you can notice several other indicators, including the glow of the brake service StabiliTrak light, as well as the loss of communication with the module.

It is not uncommon to lose multiple wheel speed sensors input and experience intermittent functionalities.

The service StabiliTrak light can be on all the time, or with a short flash. The replacement of the traction electronic brake control module in the service center is quite expensive.

It is much cheaper to remove the faulty part of the traction control module and send it in for repair.

This not only saves money, but also allows you to return to driving faster.

Engine misfires

You can see the simultaneous glow of the service StabiliTrak, as well as the indicator that is responsible for checking the engine.

This occurs for several reasons, including the installation of low-quality spark plugs, or a malfunction of the ignition coil.

Also, the problem may be hidden in the defects that are observed on the throttle body. The problem may be hidden in a malfunction of the mass airflow sensor.

The stabilization service StabiliTrak system can be disabled if there are misfires.

For an accurate determination, you need to carefully look at the fault codes that are displayed during the scanning stage.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the check engine light, as this is what causes the warnings from the service StabiliTrak system to reset.

In most stores that sell vehicle parts, you can scan the car for free.

The unit displays all the codes in memory to help determine the cause of the check engine light and the service StabiliTrak system.

StabiliTrak repair costs

So, is it expensive to fix StabiliTrak? Troubleshooting a service StabiliTrak message costs around $120-$150. In this case, the specified amount refers only to the diagnosis. It allows you to read fault codes, as well as analyze them.

As soon as the reading of the codes is completed, you have to pay another $200-$1500.

This is required to resolve an issue with StabiliTrak. As already mentioned, in most cases the problem lies in the fact that the wheel speed sensors stop working.

Such repairs are inexpensive, and they are carried out quite quickly. With a little effort, you can do it yourself.

If you decide to entrust the work to a professional, you have to pay an additional $250-$400.

If the steering angle sensor needs to be replaced, the repair cost is increased to $550-$900.

It all depends on the complexity of the work, as well as the level of the StabiliTrak center.

If the ABS module fails, the repair is very expensive. You have to pay $800-$1500.

Therefore, it is much more profitable to buy a scanner for diagnostics so that you can determine the fault code, as well as calculate the approximate amount for repairs.

If the problem is quite simple, you can fix everything yourself. In this case, you do not have to pay for diagnostics.


As you can see, troubleshooting StabiliTrak is not easy. After all, it all depends on why the light bulb started flashing. If the problem is a simple sensor failure, you can do all the work yourself. If the situation is difficult, it is better to entrust the work to an experienced master.

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