How To Remove and Replace Side Mirror Glass From Housing?

Imagine getting your driver’s license canceled just because you couldn’t make a proper turn. Seems devastating isn’t it? Yes, it is, however could you think of a cause for such a bad turn? 

It’s most likely because of a broken side mirror. Now you could ask, how to replace the side mirror glass from the housing?

Start with a scraper removal tool to slowly remove the shattered pieces of mirror glass from the adhesive at the backing plate. 

Then use an alcohol or glass cleaner to remove all remaining pieces of debris. Finally, apply new adhesive tape and place a new mirror.

As interesting as it may seem it also comes with some important safety precautions. Stick with this write-up for a detailed insight on this topic.

Can You Replace Just The Glass On A Side Mirror?

If your entire mirror assembly is in perfect working order then it’s a smart move to just replace the glass on the side mirror. So yes, it’s completely possible. 

So check whether there is damage on any part of the side mirror. If not then you could start by just replacing the mirror glass. Thus, without any further ado let’s move into the steps, shall we?

Step 1: Get Your Tools And New Glass Mirror In Line

Without proper tools, it’s impossible to get the work done. Hence, make sure to grab yourself some glass adhesive tapes, a scraper tool, and an alcohol wash or glass cleaner. 

Lastly, make sure to get a new mirror that fits the backing plate of your specific car model. Also, grab some leather gloves and goggles to ensure safety. As shattered glass can be sharp!

Step 2: Scrape Off The Broken Mirror Glass

Try to adjust the side mirror upwards to allow more working access. Then gently scrape off the broken glass using the scraper tool. Do wear your safety gloves and goggles during the process. 

Furthermore, use an alcohol wash to remove any previous adhesive or pieces of glass after taking the old mirror off the backing plate.

Step 3: Fit In The Newly Bought Mirror Glass

Once the old mirror has been completely removed, you need to add new adhesive tapes to the backing plate. 

Then as soon as the tapes are applied,  gently push in the new mirror glass and let it sink in. 

Once the adhesive has done its work, your side mirror should look and work just like new.

What Is The Replacement Cost of Side Mirror Glass?

The side mirror glass replacement can be a safety threat and also a little tedious. However, it also comes with a cost since each tool along with the mirror itself doesn’t come cheap.

Mechanic Cost

Firstly, if you’re planning on doing the replacement on your own, then it might save you a few bucks. However, if you’re planning on getting it done by a mechanic mostly due to safety concerns, then the labor cost may be between $40 to $100.

Parts Cost

Then comes the cost of the side mirror glass which may cost you from $4 to $900. The glass size varies depending on the frame and car model.

You can pick a replacement glass from one of these brands DNA Motoring, ‎SCITOO, Rugged TUFF, Dorman, and some others. 

However, we have found two replacement glasses for our broken car mirror. Check the links below!

  1. DNA Motoring SMP-056-L Left/Driver Side Door Heated Rear View Mirror Glass
  2. Dorman 56377 Passenger Side Door Mirror Glass

Tools You Need To Replace Side Mirror Glass

You should know by now that the replacement is almost impossible without the proper tools. So you should directly head to your nearest local store and grab the list of tools given down below:

  • Scraper tools to remove the shattered mirror glass from the backing plate.
  • An alcohol wash or a good old glass cleaner to remove the remaining bits of glass and old adhesive.
  • New Adhesive tapes for installation of new mirror glass.
  • The new mirror glass itself.
  • A pair of leather gloves and safety goggles to ensure safety.

How to Replace Side Mirror Glass Without Breaking It?

Some of you may want to replace the old mirror glass without breaking it. This is mostly like because you’re just going to clean the glass and place it back. Follow the steps below for a proper guideline:

Step 1: Remove The Old Mirror

In modern cars, the mirrors are held in by clips. So use a pry bar to get behind the mirror. Insert your fingers inside and with little effort, gently get the mirror to pop off the clips.

Step 2: Check For Broken Tabs And Install Mirror

You should check the mounting plate for broken tabs or clips and replace them if any are found. Then align the clips and you move the mirror in a proper orientation along with the mounting plate.

Once you press firmly on the mirror, the clips should fall in place and you should hear a click. Ensure that it’s attached correctly by trying to pull it out using your fingers.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

After installing the mirror, it’s now complete. Now give your mirror a good wipe by spraying it on with a glass cleaner.


Whether you’re a sports car driver or a regular vehicle driver, the side mirror plays an important role in your and the other drivers’ safety. 

Hence, it deserves the proper maintenance and replacements. Furthermore, if you’ve kept yourself glued to this write-up from the beginning till now then you should be able to replace your side mirror glass with ease. 

It’s been great accompanying you with your mirror glass replacement quest. Hopefully, you’ve learned and understood the importance of a properly working side mirror as well. 

So, next time you break your side mirror glass by accident, don’t take your ride to the road until you get the mirror glass fixed. This simple practice could save you from future mishaps.

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