How To Test A Coil Pack With A Test Light? (3 Easy Steps)

If you are having trouble starting your car, the first thing you should do is check the ignition coil. This is a small, metal device that helps to start the engine. But how to test a coil pack? There are so many ways to test it including test light testing.

A test light is a very reliable method because it provides a direct signal of a good or bad coil pack. Though this is very simple, most people don’t know how to test a coil pack with a test light. 

This discussion will be on the test light coil pack testing method. With that, you will get some more information related to the coil pack. All these matters of discussion will help you a lot. So, let’s start the discussion.

What Is A Test Light and Can You Test A Coil Pack With It?

A test light is a device that is used to check the function of electrical wiring. It is composed of an arc generator, a reflector, and a light source. When the light is turned on, the arc generator starts producing an arc. The arc then reflects off of the reflector and back to the light source, where it is used to test the wiring.

If you ask about the possibility of testing the coil pack with a test light then the answer will be yes. It is possible to test this component with a test light. Even the test light testing is more reliable than any other method.

How Accurate Is Coil Pack Testing With Test Light?

Coil Pack Testing is a process that is used to diagnose electrical problems in electronic equipment. This process is also used to help in the accuracy of coil pack testing. Test light uses a specific wavelength of light to identify problems with the electrical wiring.

The accuracy of coil pack testing is amazing. In some cases, this is 100% accurate and you may depend on this testing fully. Besides providing accurate results, there are some more advantages of this method. Using a test light can help to ensure that the repairs that are made are accurate and correct. 

Tools Required To Test A Coil Pack With A Test Light

The main tool we need to test a coil pack by test light is the test light. Besides this, some more tools will help you a lot. So, tools are a very necessary part of testing a coil pack with a test light. So, let’s see the tools list.

  • Test Light
  • 1 Meter Long Cable with clip
  • Rubber Gloves

An item like rubber gloves is not a must. But this is used for safety from electric shock. If you want, you may use it. But this is not a must. If you think you need something more then add more based on your advantage.

How To Test A Coil Pack With A Test Light?

If you find any trouble with the coil pack and it is not working properly then you may use this testing method. This test can not determine whether the coil pack is good or bad. Rather this will help to ensure any of them. Let’s see the testing process and then know more about this method.

Step 1: Put On The Hand Gloves

First of all, you have to put on rubber hand gloves. These will save your hands from electric shock. As this is a warning, you can not avoid it.

Step 2: Remove The Coil Pack Connector

After the first step is done, you have to remove the coil pack connector. After removing the connector, some people will be confused. Because there is more than one wire inside the connector.

The number of the wires depends on your coil pack. If you have a V6 coil pack then you will find 6 connectors. Among them, 3 will send a constant signal to test light and the other 3 will send a switching signal. In the same way, you will find V1 to V8 coil packs and their connector will increase in the same way.

Step 3: Connect The Test Light

Different test lights have different setup systems. But the most common is the jumper cable setup. Connect your test light with a 12-volt battery through a cable that has a clip at one end. If you ever used a test light then no instruction is required.

Step 4: Start The Engine

Now you have to start the engine. Be 100% safe from your end while working with a running engine. Starting the vehicle is easy, you should know that. Let’s jump into the next step.

Step 5: Test All The Lines Of Connectors

When the engine is running, touch the test light on the coil pack connector. If that connector provides a constant signal, the test light will continue glittering. On the other hand, the switching signal connector will turn the test light on and off constantly. 

These are the signs of a good coil pack. If your engine is having trouble starting and other symptoms of a bad coil pack match with it and the test light is also not illuminating then you have to change the coil pack.

This is how to test a coil pack with a test light. We think you will be able to test a coil pack using this device. This method will only work when you’re sure about the condition of the coil pack. This can not be the only way to test a coil pack. If you face any problem, the following video will help you in that respect.

How Can You Tell If An Ignition Coil Is Bad?

There are a few signs that may indicate that an ignition coil is bad, and in some cases, it may be necessary to replace the entire coil. The most common sign that an ignition coil is bad is a “check engine light” or “fuel economy warning”. 

Another major sign of a bad coil pack is the engine starting problem. If your engine coil pack is bad, your vehicle will not start and creates some misfire. Some more signs become visible if this component goes bad. Let’s see them in short.

  • Check engine light
  • Lack of power
  • Misfire
  • Delay start
  • RPMs drop while accelerating
  • Extra noise

These signs indicate that the coil is not firing correctly and may be causing issues with engine performance. Other signs that an ignition coil may be bad include low fuel economy, stalling, or poor emissions.

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to have the coil replaced as soon as possible. In some cases, the coil may need to be replaced in order to restore proper engine performance.

What Are The Other Ways To Test Coil Pack?

Testing a coil pack can be a complex task, but with the right tools and way, it can be a simple process. Some of the most popular methods of testing a coil pack include Multimeter testing, Direct testing, and Test light testing.

Multimeters are used to measure the resistance of an electrical circuit and can be used to test coil packs. By measuring the resistance of the coil pack, you can determine if there is a problem with the pack. There is a detailed discussion on how to test a coil pack with a multimeter on this site. You may read that following the link.

The direct testing of a coil pack is a risky task. In that process, you have to use a spark plug to test the coil pack’s activity. If there is any scope, we will discuss that any other time. Whatever the method you select, the test light testing is considered to be the best. Because it is most reliable and easy too.

Can You Test A Coil Pack With a Multimeter?

Yes, you can test a coil pack with a multimeter. This is a quick and easy way to troubleshoot any issues that may be occurring with the coil pack. By checking the voltage and amperage, you can determine if there is a problem with the coil pack. 

Additionally, by checking the continuity of the wires, you can ensure that there are no breaks or damaged connections. If there are any issues, you can fix them by replacing the coil pack. But you need some careful steps before you follow this method to test it. 

Details about multimeter coil pack testing are given on our site. Click on this link to know how to test a coil pack with a multimeter.


Again warning that, test light testing is not a proper way to test a coil pack. Rather it is a connector checker. If the coil pack has any problem then this method will ensure you about the connectors. If there is any problem on the connection or not.

So, before you depend on this method, you should know this. But the connector’s report this method provides is reliable. That was all for today. Thanks for reading from us.

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