GMC Sierra VS Canyon: what is the best car for your comfortable ride?

Recently, more and more American families purchase full-size pickup trucks. These vehicles are characterized by an open rear section in which cargo or people can be transported. There are several popular pickups; however, this article will present a GMC Sierra and GMC Canyon comparison.

GMC Sierra VS GMC Canyon

Quite often people are looking for a comparison between GMC Sierra and GMC Canyon. Some are wondering, what is the difference between a GMC Canyon and GMC Sierra? The differences between these models are in appearance, interior, and other parameters.

Ability to tow

The GMC Canyon offers 7,700 pounds of towing capacity. As for the carry heavy loads capacity, the weight is 1605 pounds.

The GMC Sierra has a slightly larger payload capacity which is 2240 lbs. Traction has been increased to 10,000 pounds.

Seat arrangement

The GMC Canyon model can accommodate 4-5 people. The front seats can be adjusted in 4 different directions. But the driver’s seat is adjustable in 6 directions. It’s pretty convenient.

GMC Sierra can accommodate 5-6 people. The front seats are adjustable and can take up to 10 different positions, leg room is comfortable for each person.

Precautionary measures

The GMC Canyon model has many safety features. However, in GMC Sierra, these options are more pronounced. This is because this model uses intelligent technologies.

Power and economy

There is an engine that has 4 cylinders and is designed for a volume of 2.5 liters in the GMC Canyon model. There is another version of the pickup truck, which is equipped with a 6-cylinder engine and has a volume of 3.6 liters.

The engine is called Duramax Turbo Diesel and runs on diesel. It has excellent torque and large traction power. This engine is efficient. Consumption is 1 gallon per 20 miles in the city and 1 gallon per 28 miles on the highway.

The 6-cylinder variant also excels in off-road efficiency. It consumes about 1 gallon for 17 miles in the city and 1 gallon for 24 miles on the highway. Engine power is 308 horsepower. The torque is 275 pounds. There is a possibility of overtaking on highways.

Engine options

The GMC Sierra model has several engine options, including:

  1. The base engine is 4.3 liters and has 6 cylinders.
  2. Engine 5.3 liters with 8 cylinders.
  3. Engine 6.2 liters for 8 cylinders.

The level of the 4.3-liter engine is practically the same as the 3.6-liter version in the GMC Canyon model. Power is 285 horsepower and torque is 305 pounds.

The higher the engine power, the faster the vehicle runs. The 6.2-liter engine has 420 horsepower and the torque has been increased to 460 pounds. One gallon is spent on 15 miles in the city, as well as 21 miles on the highway.

Both the GMC Canyon and Sierra can be either on two or four wheels. If your area gets a lot of snow in winter, you should look into options with all-wheel drive.

If you plan to commute to work every day and make many stops, GMC Canyon is the best option.

If you want a vehicle with extra overtaking features, look no further than the GMC Sierra.

Size based on family

When choosing a vehicle, special attention should be paid to its size. If you plan to drive through narrow streets and need a maneuverable car, you should pay attention to the GMC Canyon version.


It features an extended cab and platform, so you can fit about 50 cubic feet of cargo.

The vehicle is 212.4 inches long and 74.3 inches wide. This is the best option if you have a compact garage.

Although the GMC Sierra version is larger, it is quite roomy. The length is 239 inches and the width is 80 inches. Cargo space is 76 cubic feet. This allows furniture to be moved. If you like to travel, this model is the best option.

Security features

Both versions have excellent safety features. Each configuration has rearview cameras that facilitate the parking process. There is a system for keeping the right movement, as well as an automatic stop at low speed.

Transportation and towing

The GMC Canyon version has a payload capacity of 1,463 pounds and a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. The GMC Sierra version has all-wheel drive, which ensures a comfortable journey even in bad weather. It has a payload of 1,730 pounds and a towing capacity of 9,100 pounds.


The GMC Sierra version has more room to accommodate passengers. The rear seats are comfortable even for tall people. In the GMC Canyon car, adults should sit in the front seats. Teenagers and children are much more comfortable in the back seat.

Both versions used modern and advanced technologies. Inside the vehicles, there is climate control for 1-2 zones, which starts automatically.

The seats are made of leather and have a high-quality finish.

What is the Canyon version?

So, what is the GMC equivalent to the Chevy Colorado? The production of this model began in 2004, and it almost completely repeats the structure of the Chevrolet Colorado.

The seats and steering wheel are made of leather. Inside the cabin, there is climate control, which consists of both interior ventilation and heating. The choice depends on the season.

The cab and bed in this version have several options, including the crew cab models, as well as an extended cab. The crew version has a large container, which is located under the rear wheel. You can store the things you need in it.

The gearbox is automatic and consists of 8 steps. There is also a manual shift mode.

What is the GMC Sierra 1500?

This version was developed by General Motors. The GMC Sierra 1500 was introduced to the public in 1988. This is a light version of a full-size pickup truck. The seats and steering wheel of the GMC Sierra 1500 are made of leather. The steering wheel is heated. There is climate control in modern Sierra 1500.

There is a double cab here. Security settings have been improved. The brake control is pretty solid.

There is a hitch manual as well as hill climb assistance. There are excellent features related to entertainment. The main feature of the GMC Sierra 1500 is that you can open and start the car without a key.

Main differences between GMC Canyon and GMC Sierra

There are several main differences between these two models of cars, namely:

  1. Traction ability. The Sierra version has it much better than the Canyon.
  2. Seat arrangement. The Sierra version is also in the lead here, which is considered more comfortable and roomy.
  3. Security options. The undoubted leader is the Sierra because the car has modern intelligent technologies.
  4. Dimensions. In the Canyon, the seat is wide, while in the Sierra model it is longer.
  5. Engine power. The Sierra has a more powerful engine, so it can be adapted to different driving options.

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Is GMC Canyon reliable?

According to ongoing research, the reliability of the Canyon is 79 out of 100. This suggests that the reliability is average.

What did the GMC Canyon replace?

The Canyon is an analog of the Chevrolet Colorado. However, they were created to replace the Chevrolet S-10 and GMC S-15/Sonoma.


As you can see, GMC Sierra is the leader in almost all parameters. However, this does not mean that Canyon’s version is bad. You have the right to choose any of the listed models, based on your budget and preferences.

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