How To Install HEI Distributor On A Chevy 350?

Installing a distributor is a hard task for people who have no previous experience in this task. But anyone can become an expert if he gets proper guidance and help. 

We are here to guide you and also help you in installing an HEI distributor on a Chevy 350. As you are reading this article, I think you are searching for an article like this. So, why late anymore?

Can You Install HEI Distributor On A Chevy 350?

As we said that this is a task that is not possible for all of us. If you have a passion for mechanics and learning all the tips and tricks of truck engines then you will be able to install it. This process requires not a huge amount of tools and equipment, only intention is important.

The proper guide is given here that will help you to install the Hei distributor on a Chevy 350 very easily. Just follow the steps from beginning to end. But you need to be aware of some warnings and mistakes.

How to Install HEI Distributor On A Chevy 350?

Let’s jump into the steps that will lead you to a successful end of Hei Distributor installation On A Chevy 350. 

Step 1: Get the Engine to Top Dead Center

This is the first step of this process because this will make your engine ready to install the distributor. To do this, you have to remove the valve cover. You can do that even without uncovering the valves but that will be hard for you to determine the exact location of your engine center.

After that, you have to rotate your engine clockwise. This will open and close the number 1 valve of the engine valves. If your engine rotation 0 position is under the tap, that means you are in the right position of the top dead center.

Step 2: Insert The Distributor

Now the main part of the process. After you are at the center of your engine, you have to insert the distributor. You need to be careful and slow when inserting the distributor. There is a point under the distributor that will fit with the fuel pump. You need to be careful so that the point fits well with the pump.

Step 3: Setup The Distributor

The real challenge of installing a distributor of an engine is setting it up properly. We know that when we are installing the distributor, we have to face the vacuum advance pointing towards the number one cylinder and the rotor of the distributor towards the number 6 cylinder. If you can place both the parts of the distributor in those directions then the distributor will be automatically fixed.

But if those do not take their place automatically and mash the distributor with the engine body then you have to rotate the engine slightly back or forth again. As we did in step 1. Because, if the top death point does not take its place to the center then this problem occurs.

That was the proper way of installing the distributor of your Chevy 350. This is a tough task for newbies. So, try to do it again and again till you get success. But you should not force the distributor anyways. 

Common Mistakes of This Process

The process we present here is very short and easy. But there are some more small things that you may have to do while installing the distributor on a Chevy 350. On those small things, there are possibilities to make mistakes. So you have to be careful about those mistakes when you are going through the process. What are the possible mistakes that you may make are given here.

First of all, you should remove the previous distributor carefully and also try to follow the way that is needed in the removal process. If you can remember that, you will be able to install the new distributor very easily.

Never try to force the distributor to take its place. Some people use a hammer and other hard things to fix it and mash it with the engine body. That is the dangerous thing anyone can do. If you do this, it may break your distributor and damage it completely.

Another mistake most people make while installing the distributor is not connecting the wires properly. Wire connection is another important thing that helps the distributor work properly and provide its service to the engine. So be careful about the wire connection.

We didn’t show anything in this step because the different model and coil pack needs a different type of wire connecting process.


That was all about the Hei distributor installation process on a Chevy 350. If you can follow all the steps given here then you will be able to install it very easily and comfortably.

Always try to avoid these mistakes while doing all these things. That’s the end of the article on How To Install Hei Distributor On A Chevy 350, thanks for reading from us.

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