How To Adjust Caster On A Chevy Truck? [5 Easy Steps]

Any imbalance in camber, caster, and toe of your truck will create problems in the vehicle movement and also shifting. Because the shifting completely depends on these things. 

Most of the time, the imbalanced caster on a Chevy truck is the main problem for drivers.

This is one of the critical situations that happen on a vehicle when it runs on the road. The caster defines the relation between the road surface and the tire. 

It is also expressed via angle. For this reason, adjusting the caster on a Chevy Truck is a very critical thing. But we are going to make that easy. We will show you How To Adjust Caster On A Chevy Truck.

Can You Adjust the Caster On A Chevy Truck at Home?

As I said, the caster adjusting is one of the toughest things for anyone who knows less about this. Even not all mechanics dare to start fixing this. Adjusting the caster on a vehicle or truck needs a specially trained and experienced person. Especially he who measures the caster angels.

Besides being a complex task, this needs several tools that are costly and not easily gettable. To find the accurate caster angle of your Chevy truck you need a specially built parking place which is not available at home.

So, If you are not at that level experienced in caster adjustment and have fewer resources at home then you can not do this at home. You have to rely on the workshops. Always try to get service from trusted workshops.

How To Adjust Caster On A Chevy Truck?

Now come to the main point of this article. We will see how to adjust the caster on a Chevy truck. Remember, measuring is the toughest thing in this process. But we will show you the easiest way.

Step 1: Prepare Vehicle

At the beginning of the process, you have to park your vehicle in a place where the soil is plain. There are no ups and downs under all the wheels. This type of parking is important because while measuring the caster angles, you need this for the exact result.

Step 2: Measure The Caster Angle

Now you have to measure all the wheel’s height from the ground. In this case, you may use a thread or measuring tape. This measurement will tell you how much caster needs for which wheel. The caster may be positive or negative. 

Based on the measurement, you have to arrange some wedges. These will help you to adjust all the wheel’s caster.

Step 3: Loose The U-bolt and Disconnect Shocks

Now you know how much caster you need for which wheel. Remembering this, you have to work on the wheels. First of all, you have to loose the u-bolts of the wheel where you need some caster. After loosening the u-bolts that are attesting the spring to the axle. You have to remove or disconnect the shocks.

Step 4: Install the Wedge

When the U-Bolts are loosened and shocks are removed, you have to install the wedge based on the measurement. The wheel needs more caster, there needs more wedges. If any wheel needs less caster then you have to remove previous wedges.

Step 5: Tighten the U-bolt and Connect Shocks

Now you have to connect the shocks and tighten the u-bolts. When tightening the bolts, you have to follow the manufacturer’s guide. In the same way, you have to work on all the wheels that need casters.


That was the proper way of adjusting the caster on a chevy truck. Many more ways also can help you to adjust this. But from our experience, we find this one best and easy. Measuring the caster is a complex task. There are a number of ways to measure this. If you follow the complex ways then it provides more accurate information. But the way we show is also good enough.

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