How To Replace Door Hinges On Chevy Silverado? [In 3 Steps]

Chevy Silverado, we all know more or less about this car. One of the parts of such a car is its door hinges. It is important to know how to replace it if it stops working or breaks down. This hinge problem In the Chevy Silverado can be due to various reasons, it may be due to opening or closing the door, or it may be due to improper positioning. 

It requires restoration of the hinges and is not a difficult task. If you want to change the hinge of Chevy Silverado, then we have everything in this article.

When Should You Replace The Door Hinge On Chevy Silverado: ?

Chevy Silverado door hinges you have to constantly close and put on if there is a loud noise from the door every time you do this. You have to understand that if there is a loud noise when opening the door, it urges you to put a new hinge. 

You can use a lubricant to counteract this so that there is no noise, but if you still hear the sound, you will understand that it is time to change your hinge. You open the car door and observe the hinges or pins and move the pins up and down while doing this. If the pins go inside the bushing or if you see any cracks or break it, and if the bushing gets into the hinge instead of the pin, you must change the hinge. 

Another thing is that if there is a lot of rust in the hinge of your chevy Silverado door, then you should replace that hinge.

Tools You Need To Replace The Door Hinge On Silverado:

It is important to know how to replace the door hinges of Chevy Silverado and what kind of equipment is necessary. So here, we will highlight the necessary tools.

  1. Pin and bushing
  2. An Iron Hammer
  3. A flathead screwdriver
  4. Penetrating oil or lubricant
  5. Hydraulic jack to lift the car
  6. Some safety glasses
  7. Needle nose pliers
  8. Zip–tie and sharp blade
  9. GM door spring instrument
  10. Box cutter and sharp blade
  11. A metal rod
  12. An assistant

To protect your Chevy Silverado’s windshield during replacement, cover it with plywood or carpet for the safety of your vehicle. It can be called a piece of tools. Also, you will need a 9mm extension to install the retainer clips on the hinges. It is considered a slide on the pin.

How to Replace the Chevy Silverado Door Hinge? (Step By Step)

We will tell you the steps or rules of changing the hinges of the car step by step here, discussed in detail below.


Remove the door spring, bushing, and pins first. Use pliers and screwdriver and remove the retainer clip the pin on the hinge. Loosen it with a screwdriver, and keep your hands loose to work with it, be sure to use a plier. 

Remove the spring behind the hinge, locate the end of the spring and insert it into the hinges of the screwdriver. Spray penetrating oil or lubricant on the top and bottom of the pin. Spray the bushing in the same way. It helps to hammer and remove the pins easily. 

Carefully place the extension on top to remove the pin and carefully remove the pin using a hammer. Be sure to be careful of the windshield when doing this.


Remove the pin holder or hinge clip from the bottom, use a plier and screwdriver to do this. Use the tip of the screwdriver to loosen it, start shaking it, and work loose using a plier. 

Now place the hydraulic jack so that you can hold the edge of the door, and as soon as the bottom pin comes out, it can help to handle the weight. An assistant is needed to hold the door’s weight during this time, and only a jack stand can hold its weight.


A smaller bushing is required for lower hinges and larger bushing for upper hinges. However, in both cases, the 2 heads of the hinge bolts are larger than the bushing. There are four bushing in total. Give each one a hammer to fit in the right place. 

Remember to do this very carefully. The bushing is a part of your car door hinge, not a truck door. Since the weight of your chevy Silverado door is still on top of the jack stand, you can take the help of an assistant to align the hinges and start sliding the hinges in place of the pins through the bushing. 

All you have to do is place the retainer clips on the top and use small sockets or hollow pieces to hammer the rings. This process will keep the pins firmly in place so that they do not come out later.

Recommendations for Chevy Silverado door hinge for you:

  1. Door Hinge For 2007-2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Front Left, Upper.
  2. Lower Door Hinge 20969645 20969646 for Chevy Silverado Suburban Tahoe & GMC Sierra Yukon
  3. Dorman 924-103 Door Hinge Assembly


We hope you find this article helpful in learning how to replace chevy Silverado door hinges. There are many door hinges in the market, so choose good quality hinges from among the options to be considered. 

Replacing Chevy Silverado door hinges might not be a difficult task. It is urgent and necessary to follow the steps to do so. Before changing the hinge of chevy Silverado, it is better to search the brand, review it, and select the product. 

For your convenience, we have recommended some door hinges. Many people have benefited from using them. If you want, give them a try.

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