How To Check Engine Codes Without A Code Reader Chevy?

One of the simplest tasks of checking engine code is the OBD scanner. This device is very much popular all around the world to check engine codes of all kinds of engines. But what if you don’t have any scanner or you don’t want to spend 30 dollars on a mechanic?

Here are the best tips on How To Check Engine Codes Without A Code Reader Chevy. Some other models have some easy ways to check but Chevy is a little different and complex. You have to follow a compact guideline for this. We bring a guideline for this. Don’t miss it.

Can you Check Engine Codes Without A Code Reader Chevy?

The question “Can you Check” is very popular when it comes to the code checking of a Chevy engine. As the question seems hard, the answer is as simple as it sounds. You just need to follow my instructions. 

The code reading is a little hard and different because its code showing is symbolic. But you need not be much concerned about this. I will show you all the easy processes for that. So, yes, you can check engine code without a code reader Chevy.

What tools required

Before we start our actual process, let’s check what tool you will need to check code without a reader. There are only two tools. And all are very easily gettable. You will get them even if you are over the mountain or into the deep forest at night. Let’s see what the tools are.

  1. Metal Wire
  2. Key of Vehicle

This might seem very strange and surprising to you that the task of an OBD scanner can be done only by a wire. Yes, only this will help you to find the trouble code of your engine. Let’s see how to check engine codes without a code reader Chevy.

How to Check Engine Codes Without A Code Reader Chevy?

There are two ways of checking the engine codes of chevy engines. I will describe both ways. Let’s see.

Key Rotating Process

This is the easiest way of checking the engine code of your Chevy Engine. This process just requires the key of your vehicle. Moreover, this process has some benefits. It will show you the code directly.

  • Step 1: First, ensure the engine is off and remove the key.
  • Step 2: Now look at the Odometer. And enter the key.
  • Step 3: You need not to start the engine, just rotate the key well. Do it very fast and 3 or 5 times.
  • Step 4: You have to do this very fast. Finally, stop. You will see the “Check Engine Light” is one And Odometer is showing Some codes. 
  • Step 5: If the engine has more than one code in it then it will show one by one. And when the code is finished, it will show the text ‘Done”.

The Wire Using Process

This is another process that is common in the chevy engine. Some other engines also support this but not many people use them. It has some problems too. Let’s know how to do this.

  • Step 1: First ensure that the engine is off. This is a must to do.
  • Step 2: Now take a wire or paper clip metal wire. Bend this in a way so that its both ends are in the same direction.
  • Step 3: Put one end of the wire into one hole of the OBD Scanner connector and another end into the next hole. There are a number of holes in the connector. You may be confused. For this reason, look at the picture given here.
  • Step 4: Now you have to turn the ignition on. To do this, turn on the key.
  • Step 5: Now you will see your meter is lighting and some lights are blinking. Among them, you will see one text called, “Service Engine Soon” blinking. You just have to count the number of blinks it does.
  • Step 6: The number will be like 10, 13, or even more. You have to remember the number of blinks it does.
  • Step 7: Now go to the manual book and find the engine code section. You will see every number of bling symbolizes some special code. Try to solve that code as soon as possible.

This is how you can find the engine code of your chevy engine without a code reader. The second one is much more complex and problematic. So, try the first one if it’s possible.

Tips & Warnings

If you are at all unsure about what the codes mean, don’t attempt to diagnose or repair anything on your vehicle. This is a job for an expert mechanic.-Remember that some “Check Engine” lights could be caused by malfunctions in non-emissions related machinery such as fuel pumps and alternators. As stated above, always consult with a professional mechanic if you receive any serious messages regarding safety or emissions equipment.

If your check engine light comes on intermittently, keep it on and write down every code that appears while it is illuminated. If left off for several minutes (or until the problem goes away), then try reconnecting your scan tool and reading the codes again to make sure they have not changed.


How often should I check my codes if I don’t use an automotive scanner?

That depends on the severity of your situation. If you notice that your car does not feel like it is performing as well as it should, then you probably need to check your codes. Likewise, if you have a check engine light on, it’s time to get out your scanner and see what is causing the problem. The more often you check the easier it will be for you to spot problems before they become worse or expensive to fix.

Can I drive with my “Check Engine” light on?

It depends on how long will it take for you to figure out the problem. In some cases driving with this warning light on is perfectly safe and acceptable but in most cases, having this indicator illuminated means something serious is wrong with one of your car’s systems and you must bring it into a certified mechanic facility as soon as possible.

How do I clear “Check Engine” light after changing O2 sensor?

If you are replacing an oxygen sensor that has failed, there is nothing else to change in order to fix this problem; no additional parts need to be replaced by yourself in order for this error code issue to disappear. However, if you replace a faulty oxygen sensor with a new one, you might need to clear the codes from your vehicle using a scan tool.


These are the ways that you may take to check engine codes without a code reader. I think the first one is easier and also the best. But you may try anyone you like. If you face any problem on both ways, should use the On-Board Diagnostic scanner. If you don’t have one, then go to the mechanic, they will help you a lot.

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