How To Replace Side Mirror Glass Chevy Silverado? [5 Steps]

We all know that Chevy Silverado’s side mirror is made entirely of glass. Glass is very easy to break. Therefore, Chevy Silverado’s side mirror could break after an accident. So you may need to change it. 

However, you may not need to replace the entire mirror assembly after your side mirror is broken. Another simple fact is that glass mirrors are very easy and cheap to replace. You may easily replace this side mirror yourself if you want.

When Should You Replace Side Mirror Glass Chevy Silverado?

When driving on the road, you may accidentally encounter various accidents, which may damage or break the side mirror of your Chevy Silverado. 

In some places, it is illegal to drive with a broken side mirror. It is important to replace these side mirrors to avoid fines. If you drive with a broken mirror, chances are you will get a ticket. If you don’t want to get one, these are fine tickets, so replace the Chevy Silverado side mirror.

Tools you need to replace the side mirror:

1. You can also do work with an angled trim removal tool or a small slotted screwdriver.

2. A 10mm size socket is required.

3. ¼” socket wrench required.

4. You need a socket wrench extension for your knuckles.

How To Replace Side Mirror Glass Chevy Silverado? Step by step Guide:

To make it easier for Chevy Silverado to replace the side mirror, I will discuss 5 things step by step.


Check first what kind of side mirror your Chevy Silverado has, as the company uses different frames depending on the type of car.

There are 2 types of mirrors, one is a local mirror, and the other is a remote mirror. It would be best if you connected a cable to replace or work with local mirrors.

On the other hand, remote mirrors do not need wires to replace them because they are powered by car battery power.


Turn off all electronic connections inside or outside the vehicle to prevent power leakage when installing or removing the wires.

Now disconnect all wires connected to it while changing your entire mirror assembly. If you want, you can keep the headlamp running for the sake of cooperation.


Remove all discarded Glass from your broken side mirror assembly. Using a screwdriver, remove the remaining shards inside the housing shell.

Of course, you should do this before separating any other part of Chevy Silverado. Save small residues if you may need them later for something else. This Glass can be used when installing devices or antennas.


Chevy Silverado driver’s side door screws need to be removed with a head screwdriver. Unscrew the rest and then untie the clips. It is usually found behind the wire where the wires are attached.

Step5: Remove the driver’s side panel and reconnect the wires or screws you removed before installing the new mirror.

What are the things to consider during replacement?

1. If there is a cable connection to separate the mirror and housing attached to the old broken mirror assembly, it is necessary to disconnect it.

2. Remove the screws with the help of the head screwdriver and unscrew the clips to remove everything left on the driver’s side door.

3. Put everything together and follow specific directions to complete the installation.

4. Find out which side mirror would be best for your Chevy Silverado because you should buy the side mirror to match your car model.

5. Which company-side mirror is better, or is it manual or auto? It should be considered even choosing a side mirror that has a good angular view.

Recommendations of side mirror glass for Chevy Silverado:

1. Amber Extendable Towing Power Side Mirrors

In research, we have seen that amber extendable towing power heated function side mirrors work much better for Chevy Silverado. It is made entirely of plastic material.

This mirror is only applicable for models equipped with factory-side mirrors. This side mirror cannot work manually; it is automated. This side mirror is known as trailer/towing mirror assembly.

The brackets in this side mirror are made of plastic which can prevent vibration while driving. When you tow, the blind spots will be more visible and will be able to grow in a much wider range. This way, it gives you maximum protection. If you want, you can check this side mirror by going to the link below.

2. Snap & Zap Custom Fit Towing Mirror

Another popular side mirror is the Snap & Zap custom-fit side mirror. Also, no additional tools or hardware are required to install this side mirror.

Mirror extension OE does not interfere with mirror glass. So, you can fold mirror extensions in any situation without removal. It includes both driver and passenger side mirror extensions.

It is made of full Glass and can be operated manually. It gives the driver a beautiful view of the blind spots and is suitable for use with any local or imported Silverado. If you want, you can check this side mirror by going to the link below.


Replacing the side mirror on the Chevy Silverado is not a difficult task. Before starting this work, you have to look, whether you have the right equipment to ensure that it works or whether your car has been properly jacked up. 

The first and most important step in replacing a side mirror with a Chevy Silverado is to remove any broken or loose glass and loosen the screw with a screwdriver to remove the frame. 

Another issue is that manufacturers change the car’s chassis every year, so these methods may not be compatible with all models. So, here we have recommended side mirror models; these may allow you to install without any guide.

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