Ram 3500 Vs 4500: Which One To Pick For Commercial Use?

To pick the right vehicle it’s simply a matter of looking at its specs, deciding which one fits your needs, and then purchasing it. In reality, there are many factors to consider: overall size, towing, design, payload, interior, safety features, tech features, upgradeability, etc. 

In particular, when it comes to comparing Ram Chassis Cabs with more user-friendly models, it can be challenging to decide which one to buy.

Fortunately, there are several key specs to compare between Ram 3500 Vs 4500, as well as some fairly straightforward considerations. Ultimately, you really need to figure out your specific needs and then choose the right truck that will be the best fit. 

Ram 3500 Vs 4500: Briefly Specifications Table

Finding the most suitable heavy-duty trucks for your business can be difficult, especially if you’re just starting out. Let’s take a look at their specifications first.

SpecificationsRam 3500 Ram 4500
Model:-Commercial truckCommercial truck
Drivetrain:-Rear-wheel driveRear-wheel drive
Engine type:-Regular unleaded V-8Regular unleaded V-8
GVWR:-10,700 lbs.16,500 lbs.
EnerGuide estimate-city:-TBD- L/100 kmTBD- L/100 km
EnerGuide estimate- hwy:-TBD- L/100 kmTBD- L/100 km
Payload:-4,930 lbs.9,690 lbs.
Torque @ RPM:-429 @ 4000429 @ 4000
Horsepower @ RPM:-410 @ 5600370 @ 5600
Displacement:-6.4-L, 3926.4-L, 392
Passenger capacity:-33
Trans type:-86
Trans description:-Automatic w/ODAutomatic w/OD
Towing capability:- 16,080 lbs.19,040 lbs.
Fuel tank capability:-52 gallons52 gallons
Wheels:-18-inches steel19.5-inches steel 
Tires:-70R18E BSW, LT275, on/off-road tires70R19.5G, 225, All-position tires

Ram 3500 Vs 4500: Detailed Comparison

DODGE RAM produces a range of high-quality trucks suitable for both commercial and personal use. Two popular RAM models from the brand are the 3500 and the 4500, both offering slight differences in features for users. 

Performances And Capabilities

The Ram 3500 and Ram 4500, powered by standard engines, have many things in common. However, the 4500 is much more capable than a 3500 Regular car regarding gross vehicle weight rating, payload, & towing capacity. 

If you don’t need a lot of hauling or towing power but are looking for a more affordable option, 3500 Chassis-Cab is a great mid-tier solution for you. Chassis Cabs with the high-quality engine and diesel option get the same amount of torque.

If equipped properly, the 3500’s maximum towing capacity is approximately lbs of 26,000, whereas the 4500 can tow up to 30,000 lbs as well.

As far as performance and towing capacity are concerned, there can be no doubt that Ram’s 4500 wins out. The 4500 should be your first consideration instead of the 3500.

Towing Capacity

Ram 3500 models are available with 3 engine choices, each offering different towing capabilities. Powered by a Hemi V-8 and 6.4-liter engine, this vehicle can tow 18,210 pounds.

Nevertheless, if you intend for RAM 3500 to be able to tow more, then you must have the high output 6.7-liters of Cummins-turbo-diesel engine. With that power in your Ram 3500, you’ll be able to tow up to 37,100 pounds, so you can tow even the heaviest of loads.

Even though the Dodge Ram 4500 comes with just 2 engine options, it is able to tow some heavy loads as well. Your Hemi V-8 engine comes standard with a towing capability of 21,540 pounds.

With a bigger trailer and heavier load towing capacity, you may opt for the 6.7-liters of Cummins-turbo-diesel i6. However, the Dodge Ram 4500 chassis cab is capable of towing 35,220 pounds easily.

Dodge Ram 3500 should win here since it has three engine options available. Considering the better towing capabilities, you won’t be able to go far without 3500.

Payload Capacity

To begin with the Dodge Ram 3500 truck, a Hemi V-8 engine configuration offers a payload capacity of 7,680 pounds. Though the Hemi provides the least amount of towing capacity, it’s the most powerful based on payload. 

With regard to the payload, the Cummins-turbo-diesel I6 offers the middle ground, with a capacity of 6,840 pounds. Payload capacity for the high output turbo diesel is the lowest at 6,570 pounds but is still quite impressive.

From the point of view of payload capacity, Ram 4500 really wins. While the Dodge Ram 3500 features impressive payload numbers, the Dodge Ram 4500 chassis cab goes beyond that, with a payload capability reaching 12,510 pounds.

Performance Of Engines

When you choose the Dodge Ram 3500 with a Hemi V-8 and 6.4-liter engine, you’re getting a truck capable of producing 410 horsepower & 429-pound ft of torque.

Compared to the Cummins diesel-i6, it offers 370 horsepower but more torque at 850-lb-ft. Finally, the Cummins-turbo diesel-I6 engine achieves impressive results both on and off the road at 1,075 lb-feet torque & 420 horsepower.

You have the same choice of two engines for the Dodge Ram 4500 chassis cab, both of which offer impressive performance numbers. It generates 429-pound ft of torque & 410 horsepower from its 6.4-liter Hemi V-8. In addition to its 800-pound feet of torque, the 6.7 liter turbo diesel-I6 produces 360 horsepower.

Due to the impressive towing & payload numbers, it’s not surprising that both the Dodge Ram 3500 and Dodge Ram 4500 have excellent and powerful engines. 

Gear Ratios

SpecificationsRam 3500 Ram 4500
1st gear ratio:-4.713.23
2nd gear ratio:-3.141.84
3rd gear ratio:-2.111.41
4th gear ratio:-1.671.00
5th gear ratio:-1.280.82
6th gear ratio:-1.000.63
Reverse ratio:-3.294.44

According to this section, the Dodge Ram 3500 has the most optimal gear ratio. In comparison with the Dodge Ram 4500, the Ram 3500 has higher gear ratios overall.

Ram 3500 Vs 4500: Price Comparison

Currently, prices for the 3500 Regular pickups start at $35,545 and can reach over $63,000, depending on the configuration. 

Prices for the 3500 Cab begin at $34,925, while those for the 4500 Chassis Cab begin at $38,920. 

According to your customization preferences, the 4500 Chassis Cab can cost as much as $80,000.

Ram 3500 Vs 4500: Which Should You Choose?

Drivers often compare Ram 3500 and 4500 pickup trucks because they want to find out which truck they should choose for their hauling and towing needs.

The Ram 3500 and 4500 are weighted according to how much work they have to do. Having a 4500 would be more beneficial because it will not wear out too quickly, making it easy to tow. However, a crew cab 4500 will offer more interior space and better ride quality due to its long wheelbase.

You should choose a frame as long as you can handle it. There will be an improvement in ride quality since the distance between the cab and the gooseneck ball is 6 to 8 feet. 

Finally, when comparing the RAM 3500 and 4500 standard engines, they are similar in many ways. However, the 4500 offers substantially higher GVWR, payload & towing capacity. Although their horsepower is less, they are built for speed. 


Is Dodge RAM 3500 worth the price? 

In reality, Dodge RAM 3500 technical advantages are not that significant. This heavy-duty truck is capable of towing & hauling virtually anything.

Nonetheless, many other factors make the Ram 3500 a great choice, such as its comfortable seats and a wide variety of advanced technology and driving assistance features. This is definitely worth looking into if you’re searching for a modern and heavy-duty truck.

Why Dodge RAM 4500 is popular among users?

RAM 4500 is modestly more affordable than the other RAM models across all configurations. In addition to its class-leading diesel torque, the Ram 4500 has a range of technologies and luxury features.

When you need a vehicle that will perform during your workday as well as provide you with a comfortable space to relax afterward, you should seriously consider the Ram 4500. 

What’s the difference between RAM 3500 and RAM 4500?

Both RAM 3500 and RAM 4500, equipped with their respective standard engines, are similar in many ways. However, the RAM 4500 dominates the RAM 3500 car in terms of GVWR, and towing capacity. Although the RAM 4500 has a lower horsepower, it’s built for movement.

The Last Word

Both Ram 3500 Vs 4500 chassis cabs are extremely popular and highly productive vehicles. Regardless of the Dodge Ram style you select, there are a variety of cab options to choose from.

Moreover, both deliver amazing performance, features, and the capability to customize them to your liking.

Instead of dreaming about driving a Ram truck, you can now choose your preferred model and make your fantasy a reality.

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