Western Express Vs Swift: Which Company Has More Capabilities?

Western Express does everything within its power to ensure the safety of employees, customers, and the general public. The company supports complete EDI and provides the option to view invoices and proofs of delivery online.

Instead, Swift accomplishes remarkable results through dedication every day, as well as by supporting others in the process. With a unique combination of humility, courage, and the genuine desire to do good, they will achieve extraordinary results in making their company better.

Which company performs better: Western Express Vs Swift? Yes, I thought it would be helpful to compare the two companies’ performance. In doing so, you’ll be able to easily determine which company is best for you. Scroll down to find out more.

Western Express Vs Swift: Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsWestern Express Swift
Industry:-Shipping & TruckingTransportation & Logistics
Revenue:-$100M to $500M$1B to $5B
Employees:-1,001 to 5,000More than 10,000
CEO approval:-24%64%
Salary satisfaction:-14%38%
Overall Rating2.3   3.1

Western Express Vs Swift: Whats The Difference Between Them?

Founded in 1989, Western Express, Inc. provides truckload services based in Nashville, TN, with facilities and terminals across the United States.

Wayne Wise and Donna Wise founded the company. Upon Wayne Wise’s death in 2010, the leaders of the business had to take up their responsibilities. 

Swift Transportation operates truckload transport and shipping services in Phoenix, Arizona, under the Knight-Swift brand.

Over 23,000 trucks make up this common carrier, making it the biggest in the United States. With effect from September 8, 2017, Swift Transportation and Knight Transportation, also based in Phoenix.

Dry Van Services

Western Express mainly runs short haul and long haul freight on the east coast and west coast as well. They sometimes make east-west & west-east freight shipments also.

Approximately 1550 van tractors are in the company’s fleet, ranging in age from 24 to 28 months. 250 trucks are based in Fontana, CA, running the Western United States, and 250 are based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, operating in the Northeast.

Swift Transportation runs the most extensive, smoothest dry van and shipping truckload fleets in the industry with a vast network of terminals.

They run 11 million miles a week on a dry van fleet. Fast operates 29 terminals across 25 states, giving it one of the strongest local market presences in the industry.

The density of the market makes it possible for them to respond quickly, 24 hours a day.

With Swift’s excellent service covering the United States, Mexico, and Canada, they are capable of meeting your seasonal needs and surges.

Swift Transportation is the clear winner when comparing the overall van services provided by both companies.

This company has the ability to serve a large number of miles throughout the United States and abroad. In addition, they provide 24/7 services.

Flatbed Transportation

With Western Express, you’ll get excellent flatbed transportation and service all across North America.

Additionally, the company offers dedicated transportation services to its customers from the Northeast to the Southwest as well. 

Swift Transportation is constantly expanding its offering of customized, specialty Flatbed transportation solutions tailored to your specific needs.

This company specializes in flatbed trucking and transport, and its roots run deep. They understand that certain demands of customers do not necessarily match the flatbed trucking standard.

In terms of flatbed services, Swift won out. Providing seamless, service-driven transportation solutions, Swift has one of the best-stocked comprehensive flatbed trailer configurations available on the market today. 

Logistics Services 

In coordination with Western Express operations and sales departments, the logistics team focuses on routes that aren’t advantageous to the company’s assets.

By partnering with Western Express carriers, workers can offer additional capacity when unexpected volumes surge or when reliable capacity is tricky to find. Van, flatbed, freight, and rail are among the options available to Western Express.

Swift Logistics is part of one of the most well-known trucking companies in America. Due to the company’s billions of miles, they understand the challenges you face, what you give up, and what challenges are thrown your way every day.

The Swift company is also a leader in logistics. Swift is eager to identify the most suitable transportation partner for your needs. No other North American brokerage team helps you achieve your goals like Swift Logistics.

Intermodal Services 

Western Express is committed to providing quality LTL services. When it comes to intermodal freight services, they strive to provide you with services far beyond what other providers can deliver.

As a logistics partner, Western Express is dedicated to providing high-quality service and discovering new solutions. The company wants to contribute to your success.

If you need your freight moved at high speed and at a low cost, Swift Transportation has the solutions you need. Swift combines rail economy with on-road handling to provide seamless on-time delivery and savings.

Terminals and large drayage fleets located around North America give them the ability to meet the needs of all intermodal transport.

This award goes to Swift Transportation. Whether you require truck/rail services, a door-to-door service, a coast-to-coast service, or even cross-border transportation, Swift Intermodal has you covered.

Heavy Load Services

Western Express carries heavy haul, short-haul, and long haul freight primarily west of the rocky mountains and east of the Mississippi.

The company also runs eastbound and westbound routes. Besides having better pay and longer work hours, Western Express also offers different routes for truck drivers.

Western Express Link heavy load services is a leading provider of logistics services, offering imports, international, exports, and domestic logistics across the globe. 

Swift has expanded its heavy haul services in the Northwest in response to a surge in customer demand.

Originally set up for a top retail client of Swift, this division has become a highly effective solution in the area for shippers who need to consider the weight of their shipments.

In addition to a comprehensive line of refrigerated and dry trailer configurations, Swift professionals constantly develop new solutions for heavy hauling for companies’ customers.

An award has been given to Swift Transport’s Heavy Load Services division. Swift is quickly becoming the leading transportation provider for many types of manufacturers.

Due to its “personal commitment to excellence,” Swift Transport operates approximately 550 heavy transportation trucks in the Northwest.

Western Express or Swift: Who Has The Better Service?

Western Express Vs Swift: Which company provides hassle-free shipping? Each of these trucking companies offers a variety of solutions when you need to move anything. 

Swift probably has more options, in terms of size, as well as equipment capability, compared to Western Express.

However, Western Express will have access to a wide range of technologies, including solutions for regulation, navigation, productivity, and safety.

Lastly, Swift Transportation is one of the most reliable companies on the market. They are among the biggest shippers in the United States. You can trust them to provide better services than anyone else in this industry.


What does Swift Transport do?

A truckload motor shipping company based in Phoenix, Arizona, Swift Transportation is owned by Knight-Swift. More than 23,000 trucks make up its fleet, making it the nation’s largest and most popular common carrier.

Which products does Western Express ship?

The company has more than 7,500 trailers and 2,500 power units. This means Western Express can handle almost any shipment, including flatbed, dry van, logistics, dedicated fleet & expedited rail/truck transportation.

Does Swift Trucking have local routes?

Recruiters at Swift have the latest information about dedicated account opportunities, which may include regional & local routes opportunities.

How would Western Express rank?

Western Express ranks #51 on the list of top transportation companies in the United States. However, Zippia’s list of best employers to work for provides unbiased, data-driven company evaluations.


Compared to Western Express Vs Swift, both companies have many similarities and differences as well. Western Express’ commitment to providing the best trucks on the road results in a high-class service waiting for you.

Additionally, Swift Transportation, one of North America’s premier full truckload carriers, provides comprehensive, industry-leading freight transportation services. 

Nevertheless, Swift transportation and logistics have thousands of expert employees, fast-class equipment, and a high level of revenue as well.

Therefore, there is no confusion that Swift industry can provide better service than Western Express.

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