Kenworth T680 Vs Peterbilt 579: What To Buy & What Not?

PACCAR announced the new truck at the mid America trucking show today in Kentucky and Louisville. Aerodynamics is a key element in its new technology driven trucks, including the Kenworth T680 and Peterbilt 579 models.

Industries have ever-changing needs, and trucks serve them. In addition to the variety of materials involved in their loads, due to the internet, businesses can reach customers nationally & internationally as well. It is now more critical than ever before to have a truck that can move further.

Kenworth T680 Vs Peterbilt 579: Which provides you with the best comfort in the long run? Kenworth and Peterbilt are two of the world’s leading brands, and this article discusses which is best. Below you’ll find out who to choose.

Kenworth T680 Vs Peterbilt 579: A Quick Comparison Table

Well, let’s see what the specifications are for both the Kenworth T680 and Peterbilt 579 here shortly.

SpecificationsKenworth T680 Peterbilt 579
Engine make:-Paccar   Cummins
Engine model:-MX13 X15
Engine HP:-510450
Trans make:-EatonEaton-Fuller
Suspension type:-Air rideAir
Tire size front & rear:-11R22.5295/75R22.5
Sleeper type:-Mid roof sleeperDouble bunk raised roof
FA capacity:-1320013200
RA capacity:-4000040000
Wheelbase:-220 inches244 inches
Rear end ratio:-3.552.85
Total GVWR:-53,200 lb80,000 lb
Fuel type:-DieselDiesel
Wheels front & rearAluminumAluminum
Trans speed:-13Automated
5th wheel:-AirslideAirslide
Sleeper size:-52″80″
Engine brake:-YesYes
Transmission type:-ManualManual

Difference Between Kenworth T680 and Peterbilt 579:


There are very few differences between the Kenworth T680 and Peterbilt 579 truck, except for their styling. Compared to Peterbilt and Kenworth, they both are made in the United States. The Kenworth is expanding into Australia and the Peterbilt into Canada. 

Peterbilt focuses more on the drivers who will be using the truck, while Kenworth is more concerned with the quality of the trucks they deliver. Nevertheless, both brands utilize PACCAR engines, providing lower overhead costs. Additionally, both companies use smart diagnostics to help their drivers determine the cause of the truck’s problem immediately.

However, regarding brand comparison, Kenworth is regarded as a premium brand, whereas Peterbilt is known for its superior big rigs. 


Integrated powertrain designs are developed by PACCAR to maximize efficiency, performance, and reliability for the world’s best experience on the Road. The PACCAR components operate at lower RPMs to minimize vehicle energy consumption. No matter what the road speed, the Kenworth T680’s new technology reduces fuel consumption and friction, so drivers have more power.

In order to develop the latest truck under strict security, Peterbilt 579 met with a number of customers to figure out their unique operating requirements. In contrast, taking into consideration their input in designing 579. With the durability testing done at the Paccar Technical Center, the validation units have already accumulated 1.5 million miles in the real world. 

Generally, Peterbilt is the winner here undoubtedly. Peterbilt claims the newest 579 is the most durable truck they have ever built.

Quality And Reliability

PACCAR MX engines power the Kenworth T680 due to their high quality & reliability. Heavy-duty truck applications require engines with 12.9-liter displacements, such as the PACCAR MX-13. Increased horsepower & torque allow for easy hauling of heavy loads, even up steep grades. A PACCAR MX-11 engine, measuring 10.8 liters, is ideal for heavy-duty pick-up and delivery, as well as less-than-truckloads and regional shipments.

Peterbilt combined bold design with state-of-the-art technology for a digital display that’s both functional and innovative. The brand-new 15 inches digital display is one of the most extensive features in the truck industry. The gauge features an easy-to-use interface, a smart gauge monitoring system, and customizable gauges. With PACCAR Powertrain, you get more miles per gallon and more payload capacity in one integrated package. 

In this section, Peterbilt 579 is the clear winner. This vehicle features PACCAR-MX engines as well as an automated transmission speed of 12. Every component of this vehicle is designed to work seamlessly together.

Interior Design

Comparing the interiors of Kenworth and Peterbilt is one of the primary things to consider when deciding between the two. The T680 is available in five upholstery choices, including vinyl, DuraSupreme, cloth, Ultraleather, & Premium leather. DuraSupreme comes in black, as well as slate grey or tan.

With the Peterbilt 579 UltraLoft, you have the perfect driving, sleeping, and working environment. Soft-touch materials are used in the interior, as well as perfect finish and fit for a superior driving experience.

In this case, Peterbilt’s 579’s neat interiors and ample customization choices make it a better option. As an alternative, Kenworth’s T680 width is more remarkable, especially for individuals who are tall.

Safety Features

There are many safety features on the Kenworth T680, including active cruise control, pedestrian detection, collision mitigation, lane departure alert, and lane keeping assistance. The T680 Next Gen’s torque-assist steering makes it one of the safest vehicles available.

Additionally, Bendix ESP is available on the Peterbilt 579 for lane-keeping assistance with alerts and automatically braking cruise control. Such systems help you to avoid rear-end accidents. Wingman Advanced alerts you when stationary objects approach.

Peterbilt’s 579 resale value is better than Kenworth T680, but Kenworth’s aerodynamic trucks are the most comfortable for long trips.

Overall Cost

How Much does a Kenworth T680 and Peterbilt 579 Cost? Buying a new Kenworth T680 will cost you about $170k. However, that can vary depending on the specification and could go as high as $200k plus more with financing. 

Peterbilt 579 trucks cost about $160k to $330k, but industrial and custom trucks cost more generally.

If you are interested in saving some money upfront, you may consider a Kenworth. Alternatively, if you need a truck that has a high resale value, a Peterbilt is your best bet.

Kenworth T680 or Peterbilt 579: Which Should You Buy?

Both Kenworth T680 Vs Peterbilt 579 trucks are essentially the same but are styled differently. A similar choice of motors, chassis, and gearboxes, so they are fundamentally identical from a mechanical standpoint.

If you want to move heavy loads from point A to point B, roll the dice and look at the best price, then Peterbilt 579 is your option. Pick whichever you prefer, whether it’s a better logo or brand.


Kenworth trucks: are they the best?

Since Kenworth & Peterbilt are providing a quality truck as well as reliable service, their trucks have been leading the market. Due to the fact that their trucks last longer, they have beaten the other manufacturers and, therefore, saved truck owners some money.

What is better, a Kenworth or a Peterbilt?

In addition to Peterbilt, Kenworth is regarded as the most desirable truck. Truckers prefer the Kenworth because it’s more affordable than Peterbilt.

The Bottom Line

The differences between Kenworth T680 Vs Peterbilt 579 are already well discussed. In comparing a Kenworth and a Peterbilt big rig, you will find they both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Peterbilt’s interior design may be superior, and its overall cost may be less. Peterbilt has a higher resale value, so it seems there is a balance. 

When selecting a big rig, you should not only think of the brand but should also consider other aspects that may have an effect on your wallet and comfort.

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