IPD Vs Cat Inframe Kit: Which Aftermarket Kit Is Best?

Whether you use Cat Inframe Kit parts or IPD, it is guaranteed that the materials & manufacturing processes are of the highest quality. Through new in-frame overhaul tools, you can overhaul your engine in a more cost-effective manner, using genuine Cat parts that perform and last. 

IPD Vs Cat Inframe Kit: Which is the better option for you? See below to find out how your engine overhaul kits provide long-lasting performance, fast turnaround, and simplicity. Thus, you’ll obviously understand which one is best suited for your vehicle.

IPD Vs Cat Inframe Kit: In-Depth Discussions


IPD’s new piston design is now available as a piston kit, cylinder kit, and chassis overhaul kit. Due to carbon packing, the top land has a reduced diameter that reduces oil consumption as well as minimizing liner polishing.

The highland specification prevents any carbon from forming between pistons and liners, so any carbon that does form will flake off.

IPD has developed a unique and superior one-piece oil dam design to compete with two-piece designs. Pistons made by IPD-steel are constructed in Torrance, California (United States).

Using the latest technology, the Cat cylinder heads are entirely remanufactured.

They have been updated to include substantial design improvements, resulting in the same performance & long life as new. Caterpillar has replaced critical components that wear and seal during operation.

Genuine Cat parts are guaranteed to function and fit commercial engines while maintaining a high level of quality and affordability.

Additionally, Cat Inframe Kit offers what no other brand can match, complete support through Caterpillar Authorized Service Centers. 

IPD is the key to winning the features section game. The IPD engine kit for ISX15 engines features upgraded and high-tech IPD-Steel pistons (closed bushings/skirt design), and compatible with APR (anti-polish rings) cylinder liners. 


IPD’s newest product, engineering, and quality assurance teams developed the market’s most advanced in-frame kit for the DD15 last year.

As IPD provides the latest coverage in on-highway applications through the launch of the updated engine kits for the DD15, the company is attesting to its commitment.

Due to its expansion, it now offers parts for Waukesha, Cummins, and Detroit Diesel for on-highways.

In addition to the marine and power generation markets, the kit is also available for the industrial, mining, construction, gas, and energy industries.

This Cat kit is compatible with the serial number 6NZ. The piston ratio is 18:1 as well. The piston, rings, & bearings are coated in ceramic.

The OEM cat liners are constructed from ceramic. Among the advantages are: in the event that you overhaul your Cat machine’s engine with an In-Frame Precious Metals Overhaul Kit – offered by Boyd CAT –  you can increase its performance & keep it in working order longer.

If you extend your machines’ useful lives, they won’t need to be replaced as often. You can save your company significant amounts of money.

The Cat Inframe Kit won the performance game. There is only one specific part number for easy ordering. Furthermore, they are designed for effortless handling, which streamlines and simplifies rebuilding, thereby minimizing equipment downtime. 


IPD selects the right gasket materials according to each application, not like most other aftermarket repackagers/suppliers that use cheaper materials in many applications just to cut costs.

IPD understands the extreme conditions drivers in diesel and gas-powered engines face. Aftermarket competitors often compromise gasket quality by choosing lighter-weight materials that are not suitable for heavy-duty or industrial applications.

Reduced sealing capability can result from lighter gauge materials, which can have serious consequences for engine lifespan and performance.

The Cat precise metals in-frame overhaul kit delivers a reliable and durable rebuild based on Caterpillar’s recommended practices for overhaul.

This kit includes the parts needed to perform a variety of repairs, ranging from essential maintenance to a complete overhaul of the frame.

Cat inframe kits are available for purchase over-the-counter from any of NMC Cat Machinery’s parts locations.

In this case, the Cat Inframe Kit wins. As well as delivering a high-quality and reliable rebuild, a self-contained kit is more affordable.

There is the option of pre-packaged, genuine Caterpillar parts, simplified ordering and delivery, and reduced selection errors.


IPD’s steel pistons are manufactured and engineered in the United States. Ultrasonic testing ensures proper ring insert bonding on IPD Aluminum pistons, which is crucial for pistons with high ring locations.

Cylinder liners are made from induction hardened materials to extend engine life. At IPD headquarters in the USA, IPD gaskets are made of premium materials of the highest quality. Providing world-class engine bearings, gaskets, pistons & engine kits.

Cat’s brand-new line of kits includes four levels: silver, gold, bronze, and platinum. Additionally, each kit comes with Cat fuel and oil filters, as well as exhaust manifold studs and thermostats.

There are also hold-down bolts & O-rings for the fuel injectors, along with the necessary gaskets and seals at upper and lower levels.

It’s obvious that IPD wins here. It continued to expand and grow worldwide for the next two decades, becoming one of the world’s largest parts manufacturers of diesel engines.

Check Out What’s In The Box

IPD Inframe Kit has the following components:

  • (6) Pistons with Rings/Pins
  • (6) Liner Inserts with Crevice Seals
  • (7) Main Bearings
  • (6) Rod Bearings
  • (1) Thrust Bearing
  • (1) Gasket Kit for In-Frame Use

A Cat Inframe Kit with Rebuild Parts is included in this kit:

  • (6) Liner Kits (including O-rings)
  • (6) Piston Crown
  • (6) Piston Skirt
  • (6) Piston Ring-Sets
  • (6) Piston Retainers & Pins
  • (1) Head Gasket Kit
  • (1) Primary Bearing Set
  • (1) Secondary Bearing Set
  • (1) Screw Washer Set
  • (1) O-ring Set for Injectors
  • (1) Cover Gasket for Rocker Box
  • (1) Gasket for Oil Pan

The Cat Inframe Kit clearly wins the what’s in the box category. Cat offers a greater variety of components which you may find helpful.

IPD Vs Cat Inframe Kit: Price

The price range for an IPD Inframe Kit is around $4695.00.

In frame kits, the price ranges around $3,995.00.

IPD Or Cat Inframe Kit: Which Should You Choose?

Would you like to know which is the best between IPD Vs Cat Inframe Kit?

With IPD, engine life and performance are not compromised at a cost-effective price. All over the world, truck drivers, parts distributors and engine rebuilders trust IPD parts to get their trucks to their destination on time.

However, Cat recently announced their new line of in-frame precious metals overhaul kits for on-highway engines. By extending the life of a Cat engine in this way, all customers will be able to meet both their applications and needs.

Both are excellent, but the IPD Inframe Kit is quite a bit more expensive. Fortunately, Cat Inframe Kit offers more components at a lower price as well.


Inframe kit – what is it?

The average rebuild kit is an inframe kit. In comparison to the out-of-frame repair, it requires less time but contains more parts than the re-ring kits. Parts included in this kit depend on the engine model, so be sure you buy one that matches your engine.

How does a Cat platinum overhaul work?

All the components included in the gold overhaul kit are included in the platinum overhaul kit, as well as Cat Reman cylinder heads, Cat Reman fuel injector, Cat Reman oil pump, and Cat Reman water pump.

How long does it take to complete an Inframe?

Typically, in-frame rebuilds, which keep the engine inside the frame, take about 5 days or 1 week to complete. It can take up to 7 days to repair an engine that has been taken out of frame.


Which is better between IPD Vs Cat Inframe Kit? Earlier this year, IPD announced IPD Xtra. A partnership with another manufacturer will share IPD’s quality standards and allow the company to introduce new products. 

Now that Cat engine overhaul kits are available, you can have your engine overhauled correctly, with genuine Cat parts for long-lasting performance. There are a few new options available for the 3406E, C-15, & C-16 engine categories.

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