Peterbilt Vs Freightliner: Which Will You Pick First?

People have always relied on transportation as one of their greatest needs. A properly functioning transportation system results in enhanced industrialization that, in turn, generates economic growth through land, air, and water transportation. 

When comparing Peterbilt and Freightliner trucks, they both provide medium-duty truck bodies suitable for mounting on a variety of chassis and are both of the world’s most renowned and trusted manufacturers.

Peterbilt Vs Freightliner: Which is better or worse? We will compare how well they perform against each other. In addition, we’ll explore their unique features, and discuss Freightliner versus Peterbilt box trucks in the guide that follows to help you choose the right truck for the job.

Peterbilt Vs Freightliner: Specifications Table

SpecificationsPeterbilt Freightliner
Engine:-Cummins ISX12, Cummins ISX15, Paccar MX-11, Paccar  MX-13 Detroit
Horsepower:- 405- 510 HP360- 500 HP
Length:-119″ to 127″273″ to 306″
Width:- 102″100.7″
Height:- 119”116.2″
Transmission:- Fuller, AllisonPaccar, Eaton

Peterbilt Vs Freightliner: In-Depth Comparison

Peterbilt Vs Freightliner: Who Are They?

In the United States, Peterbilt produces medium and heavy-duty automobiles, which are manufactured by PACCAR. In 1939, Peterbilt produced its first truck.

Peterbilt only offers a small number of available models for the heavy-duty segment. Besides making medium-heavy vehicles that are the best, Peterbilt makes fuel-efficient cars as well. PACCAR’s MX-13 powertrain offers excellent fuel economy and Stretch.

Freightliner, a well-known brand in the trucking industry, these electric trucks are undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

Cascadia is now available in an electrically powered version.

Utilizing Detroit Demand’s precise fuel usage and smooth & quiet combustion, the Jacob brake system offers 3 levels of noise reduction, which reduces wire & tire wear. A variety of DD models are available, including DD16, DD13, DD15, DD5, and DD8, which are designed to fit three kinds of trucks: medium-duty, heavy-duty, and on-highway.


Peterbilt’s cab is 10% quieter than those of other trucks because it features a crank-mounted fan, a central air cleaner, as well as an engine mount that is tuned acoustically.

Besides the aerodynamic bumper fairing, the car has custom-designed LED lamps on the bumper. There are 15% stiffer chassis and fairings on the back end.

The unique features of a truck do not last long since manufacturers will incorporate techniques. They used the same style and technology as other trucks to make their own truck.

With the Freightliner, the tow hook covers are at the bottom of the air dam. There are also fairing skirts on the chassis as well as side extender seals.

A combination of active brake assistance 5.0 side guard assistance. All axles featured caliper air brakes, contributing to a shorter stopping distance. Drivers would also benefit from fewer brake wear and tear issues.

A Freightliner features cooled and heated seats for both the driver & passenger. Its heated and spring-loaded mud flap brackets are also adjustable on the door mirrors.

As a result of this section, Peterbilt wins. It is quiet, featuring custom-designed LED lamps and a 15% stiffer chassis than Freightliner.

Safety Features

Lane departure warning is standard on Peterbilt trucks. When the truck crosses into a different lane, the driver receives a message.

The cruise control increases the gap between vehicles in front by changing the truck’s speed accordingly. Object detection alerts the driver to anything that may be nearby the truck.

In addition, IMMI Rolltek will protect the driver from side-impact accidents. There is also a night-vision camera in the door mirror, which helps the driver see when reversing, as well as automatic wipers and lights.

There is a Detroit Assurance 5.0 safety system on the Freightliner. By using sensors and cameras, the truck measures stationary objects in order to brake either partially or fully in response.

With its lane assistance system, drivers are warned on the dashboard when they drift from their lane. The HighBeam safety feature automatically controls how bright or how low the headlamps must be.

A blind-spot assist feature detects objects obstructing the driver’s view. There is also Rolltek, an airbag on the truck’s driver’s side if it rolls.

Freightliner wins the game with advanced safety features. It has automatic wipers and also has a HighBeam safety feature that automatically controls how bright or dim the headlamps should be.


Some truck brands share the same steering wheels, seats, and suspension setups, which makes comparing them a bit difficult.

Peterbilts are built for more comfort, whereas Freightliners are built for function. There is a difference between the two. Both of these options can be customized to meet the driver’s needs, allowing them to focus on driving while sitting comfortably in their seat.

In terms of comfort, the Freightliner isn’t as good as Peterbilt. They don’t have as good suspension as Peterbilt. Freightliner’s cruise control and jack braking make driving more difficult than necessary.

The winner of the comfort category is Peterbilt. However, Peterbilts have better suspension systems, even though Freightliner has larger cabs.

Fuel Economy

In order to determine fuel economy, you need to consider the vehicle’s weight, the terrain, the driver’s skill level, and the size of the engine.

According to Peterbilt, the 579 can attain 10.7 mpg. Continuing to drive continuously through some challenging terrain has proven to result in significant fuel savings. 

This Freightliner Cascadia achieves 9.31 mpg. The vehicle can transport 76,000 pounds easily.

Peterbilt won the contest in the fuel efficiency category. Basically, Peterbilt has a much better fuel economy than Freightliner.

Peterbilt vs Freightliner: Cost

Typically, the down payment for a Peterbilt or Freightliner is about $5000 vehicle-related, as well as approximately $600 to $1000 in insurance.

A truck is comparable to a house in terms of how much it costs to buy outright. The prices can vary anywhere from $30k for a second-hand truck up to $200k for a brand new truck.

Both models can have varying prices depending on their model, condition, mileage, and year.

The Warranty

“Red Oval Assurance” is a standard warranty on the Peterbilt. Over 90 parts in their engine and after-treatment systems are covered for 1 year or 125, 000 miles. Peterbilt offers additional coverage packages for 5 years and 625k miles.

Freightliner offers a direct factory warranty on its engines and key components for 5 years and 500k kilometers. Additionally, 3 years or 350k miles of coverage are available for a full vehicle warranty.

However, there are different packages available for each truck. Furthermore, you can extend the warranty on both trucks.

Peterbilt Or Freightliner: Which Should You Pick?

Peterbilt Vs Freightliner: Which will be the better truck for you? When buying a truck, the most critical factors to consider are build quality, comfort for the driver on the road as well as safety features. 

In terms of build quality, Peterbilt trucks are superior to Freightliners. These vehicles are longer-lasting, more comfortable, and offer powerful engines. However, Freightliner tend to be more expensive. It is easier for Freightliners to maintain their trucks at a lower cost.

Now you have a choice to make. Which to choose and which not to.


What makes Freightliner so popular?

A variety of Freightliner trucks are available, including crew cabs, sleeper cabs, and day cabs. Their 350-600 horsepower engines allow them to handle a wide range of loads. Since Freightliner trucks have good aerodynamics, they have a high fuel efficiency, resulting in long-term savings.

Why do truckers prefer Peterbilt?

Trucks built by Peterbilt are of the highest quality. Since they’ve sold high-quality cars for a long time, they can’t afford to throw them away for a few dollars. Your investment will allow you to drive for a longer period of time, many years into the future.

Do Peterbilt trucks have automatic transmissions?

With Paccar and Allison, Peterbilt manufactures automatic transmissions. Most new Peterbilt trucks come with automatic transmissions for better ride quality.

What is the maximum mileage of a Freightliner?

Up to 750,000 miles can be covered by a Freightliner or semi truck. Some semi-trucks have even reached the million-mile mark. Considering that the average vehicle travels 45,000 miles every year, the ideal life expectancy for a truck is at least 15 years.


Peterbilt Vs Freightliner: Which is the most popular? There are mixed opinions about both trucks, ranging from positive to negative.

However, Peterbilt’s build quality seems to be the main reason truckers prefer them. Also, veterans tend to prefer Peterbilt. Anyway, newbies prefer the Freightliner primarily

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