Paccar Vs Cummins Engine: Which Should You Invest In?

Cummins and Paccar have entered into a long-term supplier agreement that includes Cummins’ heavy-duty Signature, ISX, N14, ISL, and ISM engine options for Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks, respectively. 

Aside from this deal, Cummins will also supply engines to both Paccar and DAF Trucks, specifically for the new DAF LF series of medium-duty engines.

Paccar Vs Cummins: Is one better than the other? Both companies are working on a proprietary engine configuration, which will carry the PACCAR name. There’s no need to panic. Below you can find out more about the two products, their advantages, and disadvantages.

 Paccar Vs Cummins: Specifications Table Briefly

SpecificationsPaccar Cummins
Horsepower:-260-450 hp370-420 hp
Torque:-720-1,250 lb ft850-1,075 lb ft
Displacement:-8.9 liters6.7 liters
Governed speed:-2,100-2,200 rpm2700-3000 rpm
Bore:-114 mm107 mm (4.21 inches)
Compression ratio:-16.5 :116.2 :1
Stroke:-145 mm124 mm (4.88 inches)
Engine weight:-1,695 lbs1,070 lbs
Aspiration:-Turbocharged & air-cooledTurbocharged & air-cooled
Oil Capacity:-24 U.S quarts12 U.S quarts
Base warranty:-2 Years/ 250,000 miles2 Years/ 2000 hours

Paccar Vs Cummins: In-Depth Comparison

The Paccar Company designs, manufactures, and distributes trucks. Among Paccar truck brands are Foden, Peterbilt, Leyland, and Kenworth. In addition to trucks used for commercial purposes, Paccar also offers on-road & off-road vehicles. 

The Cummins company designs, manufactures, and distributes engines, electrical power systems, and engine components. In addition, it provides engine servicing as well. According to its forward “P/E ratio,” CMI trades at 18.31.


In Paccar engines, fuel is injected in multi-pulse for optimized combustion. The manufacturer suggests it boosts power and improves responsiveness with a smaller and more efficient turbocharger.

It also features improved piston design components that lower frictional losses. It can be combined with the 12-speed Paccar and TX-12 transmission and Kenworth adaptive cruise control.

Paccar officials said they took advantage of the DX-40 axles to enhance performance.

Cummins 6.7 liter Turbo Diesel represents the latest version of the iconic diesel engine. As the best Cummins engine currently available on the market, it is loaded with amazing features.

In order to justify its durability and prestige, most RAM owners opt to upgrade to a larger, stronger model than the one included with their early 2000s pickup.

The Paccar wins in the features section. Paccar’s new technology after-treatment system reduces particles and nitrogen oxides even further.

Engine Systems

Paccar has updated the engines to increase reliability. Fully encapsulated engine harnesses provide protection from the elements, and the engine has fewer connections to the vehicle.

Several structural improvements were made inside the machine to enhance rigidity and strengthen components. Additionally, a 12-volts fuel heater is included for enhanced cold-weather performance.

Considering that Cummins engines come in a few different models, finding the right one can be challenging. In order to make an informed decision, you should know what power and towing needs you have.

As you read about Cummins’ most popular engines, you will have a better understanding of how these machines can fit your driving style and trucking habits.

The Paccer engine systems are better, which is why Paccer wins. Due to the convenience of changing fuel filters more quickly, Patcar now mounts both primary & secondary fuel filters directly within the engine, rather than the chassis. 


In both of the Paccar engines, internal components have been redesigned to improve fuel economy. Based on the application and specification, the MX-13 can be compressed by up to 2.4%, and the MX-11 can be compressed by up to 3.4%.

There is now an option for a Paccar MX-11 with 445 horsepower and 1,700 lb.-ft. at 900 revolutions per minute.

Paccar MX-13 models can be configured to produce up to 510 horsepower and 1,850 lb.-ft. maximum torque at 1,000 RPM.

The famous Cummins 6.7-L Turbo Diesel 2021 model offers more power, durability, and reliability than ever before.

In addition to 420 horsepower and 1,075 pounds-feet of torque, the latest version delivers unsurpassed vehicle performance. This is because under the hood is the legendary Cummins turbo diesel, which has a reputation for performance and reliability under Bruce Behner.

Paccar engines are the winner here, clearly in the power section, because Paccar has more horsepower, more torque, and more revolutions per minute.


In addition to product design, manufacture, & customer support, Paccar is also a global technology leader. A wide range of medium, heavy- and light-duty trucks are available under Peterbilt, Kenworth, and DAF nameplates. Besides its main business, Paccar also offers financial services, IT services, and specialized truck parts. 

Cummins engines are also incredibly tunable – this is one of the things that makes them so captivating. They are capable of being modified to increase their power and performance.

Bosch’s P7100 mechanical injection pump plays a part in this. A P-pump injects fuel through a delivery valve & directly into the engine’s cylinders via six plungers.

In this performance section, the Cummins engine wins. High performance, longevity, and durability are the most incredible benefits of Cummins engines. Cummins High Mileage Club members number almost 10,000. Cummins has now completed one million miles. 


Are you concerned about the price of Cummins and Paccar engines? The cost of a Paccar engine is approximately $15,000 to $25,000. 

The new Cummins engine price range is between $9,100 and $15,000. Cabs for the Ram 2500 and 4500 trucks equipped with Cummins chassis start at $36,445 each.

Generally, depending on the engine model, the year of release, the country, and the seller’s websites, the price range may vary.

Paccar or Cummins: Which One Is Better For You?

Paccar Vs Cummins: which is the better engine? In fact, they have little room to slip out, which is why so many towers & heavy-duty trucks use them. The two are basically indestructible & it would be hard to kill either of them.

In the world of diesel semi-truck engines, Paccar is without a doubt the most efficient and reliable. Diesel engines are still produced by Paccar, a leading trucking brand like Peterbilt and Kenworth.

Cummins’ best engines feature a P-pump that lets you tune the vehicle to your exact specifications where you want. In the world of diesel engines, Cummins stands out. Finally, the decision is now yours. 


Is A Paccar Engine A Cummins?

Paccar is a brand name that refers to Cummins-4 and 6-liter gas engines, available in the United States only on the DAF LF. Cummins is a company based in Indiana, Columbus, (USA), which offers a variety of products, services, solutions, and logistics as well. The company’s services are available in more than 160 countries via a network of 550 suppliers in North and South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

Paccar engines are reliable, right?

As a Paccar engine owner, your gear is more than just effective; and it’s also reliable. Their proven reliability over a million miles is a key advantage of both MX engines. 90% of Paccar’s engines should last for one million miles before major repairs are required.

The most popular Cummins engine is?

A modern version of this legendary diesel engine is the Cummins 6.7 liters, Turbo Diesel. This is the best Cummins engine available on the market today due to its rich features.

What is the most powerful Cummins engine?

In the QSK95, the top horsepower is 1,800 rpm. Due to its long-hours, heavy-load design, this huge 16-cylinder engine can outperform engines with medium speeds and include 20-cylinder engines.


If you want the best diesel engine for the latest trucks, you’re probably going to consider Paccar or Cummins. They’ve both been praised for years for providing exceptional power and dependability. 

Based on what kind of truck you need, you can choose the right engine. Indeed, you already have an answer to the question: “What’s better: Paccar Vs Cummins?

If you are thinking of purchasing, you should take a test drive of a chassis cab or truck that has a Paccar or Cummins engine.

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