JB Hunt Vs Hub Group: Find The Leading Transport Company

JB Hunt has a global supply chain, and ships require logistics providers that go beyond borders. Because of this, JB Hunt’s truckload and rail carriers service providers operate around the globe, covering the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 

The Hub Group manages $3 billion in assets pertaining to light freight shipping, including logistics services, truck brokerage, and intermodal as well. This company operates from offices in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

For years, both the JB Hunt and the Hub Group companies have been focusing on domestic intermodal transportation options as a substitute for truckloads for the purpose of balancing capacity and price. JB Hunt Vs Hub Group: which company is the best? Well, don’t panic, just wait and read- you’ll discover soon.

JB Hunt Vs Hub Group: A Quick Comparison Table

The following are some crucial classifications I will provide you shortly. JB Hunt and Hub Group were compared based on their industry, revenue, & employee reviews.

SpecificationsJB Hunt Hub Group
Industry:-Transportation and Logistics Transportation and Logistics 
Total employees:-More than 10,0001,001 to 5,000
CEO approval:-70%51%
Revenue:-$5B to $10B$1B to $5B
Overall Rating:-3.3 2.9
Salary satisfaction:-45%41%

JB Hunt Vs Hub Group: In-Depth Comparison Between Them

People are at the heart of JB Hub, and they strive to deliver a high level of service, innovation, and disruption. The organization’s goal is to make North America’s transportation network the most efficient in the world.

With over 50 years of proven expertise and extensive data, the Hub Group offers reliable, flexible intermodal transportation all over North America. 


The JB Hunt industry has long-standing relationships with several intermodal rail partners to guarantee excellent service. They are providing businesses with a cost-effective solution that helps them reduce waste while shipping more sustainably, all through the world’s premier intermodal provider.

JB Hunt owns the 53′ most extensive fleet of intermodal containers in North America. Shipments of the highest level of service are loaded first. On select routes, temperature-controlled shipping is available.

The advantages of moving over-the-road freight to intermodal transportation are Cost savings, Fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions. 

Hub Group intermodal logistics solutions simplify the process of moving your freight across North America, tailored to your specific business needs. Having over 50 years of experience, The Hub Group helps organizations transform their supply chains.

The company has nearly 4,000 expert drivers in 29 terminals, which makes it one of the largest drayage providers in the U.S. It has long-term relationships with almost every class of railroad. Hub Group can provide you with the industry’s largest and most flexible 53′ capacity pool, backed by a portfolio of 45,000 assets. 

Hub Group has won this contest. The unique capabilities, industry-leading flexibility, and asset and service accessibility give the company an advantage over its competitors.


With JB Hunt dedicated fleets, you’re able to devote your energy, time, and resources to your business instead of transportation.

J.B. Hunt is the North American leader in dedicated fleets, offering stability, service, and flexibility. Irrespective of whether your fleet is new or you already have one, JB Hunt can provide you with new levels of customization, efficiency & brand recognition.

American cold storage required a more complex fleet to handle its logistics requirements. Based on detailed analytics, we developed an innovative, dedicated logistics solution.

Hub Group is a dedicated trucking group that delivers unparalleled supply chain efficiency and helps control costs.

With fleet management and 24/7 administrative services, they can handle everything related to dedicated trucking so your company can focus on what it does best.

Additionally, they help you identify cost savings and simultaneously increase supply chain effectiveness and efficiency.

Across a network of state-of-the-art buildings, Hub Group has millions of square feet of capacity- providing coverage to all parts of the country 24/7.

The Hub Group won in the dedication and services category. They offer 24/7 support and flexibility, while JB Hunt does not. The Hub Group also offers flexible and secure consolidation & warehouse solutions. 


Having every shipment count is critical to the success of your business. JB Hunt Shipper 360TM is a self-service application that puts everything at your fingertips. You can book shipments, compare prices, and track them online through a reputable leading company.

Regardless of the size of your fleet, carrier 360 makes it easy to manage everything from finding the suitable loads to quickly receiving payments. Moreover, with carrier-360 Perks, you’ll save more money when you transport more loads. 

With Hub Group, you can receive real-time shipping updates and get insights based on artificial intelligence. They provide a 360-degree view of your freight’s movement and status, using up-to-date security information.

The full range of Hub Group truck brokerage services helps you resolve your most pressing supply chain issues. The company continually strives to offer our customers the most effective, innovative brokerage services available.

JB Hunt won the section on technology in the contest. JB Hunt offers advanced technology such as 360tm self-service applications and provides an opportunity to save money on more loads by using the technology.

JB Hunt Vs Hub Group: Industries They Serve

Each of the companies, JB Hunt and Hub Group, offers end-to-end supply chain management services and must deliver a distinct competitive advantage. With competition increasing & business requirements becoming more complex, it is essential to align your supply chain.

  • E-commerce logistics
  • Retail logistics
  • CPG logistics
  • Automotive logistics
  • Durable belongings logistics
  • Asset solutions to 3PLs
  • Paper logistics
  • Logistics for private equity
  • Chemical logistics
  • Food and beverage logistics
  • Healthcare logistics
  • Glass logistics
  • Materials logistics & building products 
  • Wine, spirits & breweries logistics

JB Hunt and Hub Group both provide a wide range of services and are accessible at all times. They are best known for their superior service offerings.

Flatbed Service 

JB supports the most complex flatbed transport needs, from breakbulk to particular projects. Let them help you with your flatbed requirements.

You can choose from over 1,200 trailers owned by the company and over 29,000 flatbeds owned by third parties. JB Hunt over-dimension experts are skilled at matching specific flatbed transport needs to the right trailers.

Intermodal pop-up and surge services are also available. The service is available in Canada and Mexico. Using shipper 360 to track shipments and see detailed analytics.

With Hub Group’s premier flatbed trucking services, you’ll gain access to unparalleled buying power. To provide customized, customer-focused flatbed trucking services, Hub Group uses advanced logistics technology and precise execution.

Keeping a laser focus on data is the key to Hub’s success and agility. Based on KPIs, regardless of industry, the company flexes capacity according to seasonality and client demands.

Moreover, with Hub Group’s connected, proprietary, top-of-the-line web-based freight management system, you will gain complete visibility into digital paperwork, tendering, and payments. 

JB Hunt Or Hub Group: Who Offers The Best Transport Services?

JB Hunt and Hub Group both belong to the same business sector, but their stock performances and profiles are quite different.

Over the years, both JB Hunt Vs Hub Group arguably attracted a variety of investors. However, at the end of the day, both are involved in logistics and transport, which are subject to the same forces of global economics. Recent quarters have been challenging for both, and as concerns grow that economic growth is starting to slow, investors need to keep an eye on both. 

In my opinion, JB Hunt company would be the most successful investor since it has higher customer satisfaction ratings, more outstanding company ratings, as well as higher revenue.


Does JB Hunt transportation offer the best service?

As part of its safety culture, JB Hunt rewards drivers who maintain excellent records on the road. Million mile safety driving achievement & awards program honors drivers who have achieved safety driving milestones whilst working for JB Hunt.

What services does Hub Group offer?

The Hub Group is an intermodal, truckload, dedicated, and logistics company that offers a wide range of supply chain solutions. With a comprehensive 3PL service and in-house technology, Hub Group helps customers move goods in a stress-free way. 

End Note

According to this article, there are many options for shippers to use intermodal capacity. Based on the above-mentioned working ability, you already know the difference between JB Hunt Vs Hub Group.

Service is one of the most critical factors for all IMCs, Hub Group and JB Hunt can provide the best service compared to the other IMC classes. 

Due to the limited number of railroads operating in North America, both IMC uses that particular railroad either for asset-based or non-asset-based long hauls. 

Finally, JB Hunt can be your most viable option based on overall company ratings.

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