IPD Vs Pai Overhaul Kits: Which Aftermarket Kit Is Best?

In a complete overhaul kit, you get cylinder kits, rod bearings, main bearings, crankshaft seals front & rear, along with a gasket set.

For many years, IPD has been synonymous with quality and high performance in the aftermarket parts industry. However, PAI recently introduced a new line of high performing engine components, which are designed to meet and beat industry standards. 

What are the differences between IPD Vs PAI Overhaul Kits in premium American aftermarket brands? You have to read below to find out more valuable pieces of information. Let’s have a look.

IPD Vs PAI Overhaul Kits: In-Depth Comparison


IPD Overhaul Kits are designed to provide most of the parts needed to make an old engine run as new again. In addition to in-frame & out-of-frame components for high power diesel and gas-fueled engines, IPD offers numerous solutions.

Replacing the engine in a heavy-duty truck is not an easy task. Finding out how to package the parts should not be too complicated. In comparison with the original equipment, IPD has made some serious upgrades to these kits’ liners.

By replacing the heavy carbon steel lining with a Chromoly lining with additional molybdenum, the C18 is no longer known for its liner issues.

PAI Overhaul Kits have divided their truck parts brands into 3 categories, genuine PAI, high performance, and excel, in order to better service many customers.

In addition to manufacturing and distributing quality truck parts, PAI industries also provide service parts. 40 years ago, the PAI first began supplying distributors around the world.

Dedicated and knowledgeable employees have paved the way for PAI’s remarkable success. In order to satisfy its customers, PAI Overhaul Kits maintains the highest standards of quality for all of its services and products. 

In this case, IPD overhaul kits won. IPD’s growing expertise, comprehensive product range, and successful relationships with customers have established IPD as an international leader in automotive parts and components.


Since 1955, quality, innovation and engineering have led IPD Overhaul Kits to become a global leader in quality design.

Producing and distributing aftermarket engine parts for the commercial on-highway, construction, mining, energy, gas, and marine sectors worldwide. In today’s world, IPD has 6 locations on 4 continents to serve its customers.

Throughout their 60-year history, IPD has continually invested in quality products, technical innovation, excellent customer service & support.

A wide range of diesel engine components and overhaul kits are available from PAI Overhaul Kits, including Cummins, Detroit, Mack, and International. Additionally, they offer driveline, transmission, and electrical parts for Fuller, Rockwell, Eaton, and Allison.

Over the past many years, the company has supplied parts all around the world. PAI maintains the highest levels of quality for the products and services it provides, built on decades of experience designing and field testing products.

PAI Overhaul Kits is undoubtedly the winner of the quality category. The PAI company produces and distributes heavy-duty truck parts primarily to the commercial truck industry.

The company is committed to quality, constant improvement, and delivering top-quality customer service.


IPD Overhaul Kits offers a wide range of parts for common engines, including Waukesha, Cummins, Caterpillar, IPD Xtra and Detroit Diesel, which are partners in expanding the product line.

Regardless of whether you require parts for spark-ignited engines or diesel engines, you can count on high-quality, durable parts and fast deliveries from IPD.

When it comes to heavy equipment replacement parts, PAI Overhaul Kits is capable of handling everything. PAI provides Diesel engine parts suited to Mack, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Isuzu, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Navistar, Volvo off-highway & truck applications.

PAI Overhaul Kits are clearly the winner in the applications category. PAI is the only aftermarket product capable of working with more engines than IPD.


Why do you need IPD overhaul kits? For years, engine owners and rebuilders have been limited to dealing with only the number one manufacturer for newer applications using articulated, steel crown or aluminum skirt 2-piece pistons.

After years of research and development, IPD introduced its IPD-Steel articulating cast steel piston for applications, including the CAT C15 and the CAT 3400.

With PAI Overhaul Kits, high-quality casting techniques used in this patent-pending design ensure product integrity.

Alloy steel 4130 for high strength, heat-treated for strength, utilizing the latest equipment and machining techniques. PAI’s quality control services include X-rays, bushing cleaning, and quality control of dimensions.

IPD’s high-quality materials and performance make it the winner here. The premium line of IPD Overhaul Kits products consists of specialized materials, finishes, and treatments that provide outstanding strength and durability. 


IPD is the best overhaul kit available for C15 accelerators. No block modifications are required. Just use these custom cylinder packs and connecting rods to convert your C15 model to a C17 model. For these kits to be sold to the public, they have been extensively tested in harsh conditions.

To ensure that IPD Overhaul Kits can deliver another top-notch product to the customer. IPD offers a complete performance in-frame kit that includes everything you need, taking the guesswork out of installing it.

A dedication to quality and excellent customer service has made PAI Industries among the most renowned and highly respected manufacturers of heavy equipment in the world.

In 1973, PAI Overhaul Kits Company was founded in Suwanee, Georgia. Since then, they’ve been producing quality engine components and truck parts for customers around the world.

In addition to a 2-year parts & labor warranty, PAI provides a year more than what OEM manufacturers offer.

IPD Overhaul Kits win the contest now. They offer both in-frame & out-of-frame overhaul kits for overhauling worn-out gas engines and diesel engines.

IPD also has custom cylinder packs to allow one model to be converted to another. 

What’s In The Box

IPD Overhaul Kits are included in the Inframe Rebuild Kit:

  • (6) Liner kits (Piston, Sleeve/Liner, Wrist Pin, Rings, Liner O-Rings)
  • (6) Rod bearings
  • (1) Basic bearing Set
  • (1) Set of in-frame gaskets (injector tubing seals)
  • (6) O-ring kits for injector installation (included as a convenience)
  • (1) Gasket for the oil pan (Included in the package)

PAI Overhaul Kits include the following parts:

  • Conversion kit for a complete overhaul of PAI’s inframe
  • Cylinder head fully loaded (Includes all valves, valve locks, seats, seals, springs, roto coils, cam bearings, & injector cups). 
  • New turbo
  • Oil pump replacement
  • Replacement of the water pump
  • Kit for head bolts
  • Replacement spacer plate
  • A 120-pin ECM can be reprogrammed for (NXS, MXS, SDP prefix), or the 70-pin ECM can be reprogrammed using the BXS prefix. The programming can be customized to suit your preferences to increase fuel efficiency and horsepower.
  • Exhaust manifold and hardware kit

PAI Overhaul Kits are, without a doubt, the best in the market. PAI offers more kits as well as reprogrammed 120-pin ECM and 70-pin ECM systems, which can be customized for your personal needs.

IPD Vs PAI Overhaul Kits: Cost

Diesel and spark-ignited engines are among the heavy-duty components IPD carries. The IPD Overhaul Kit costs $4,100.00.

Additionally, PAI Overhaul Kits offers 6 injectors and 6 redesigned connection rods as add-ons to the kit for $3,695 to $4,599. As a result, you would receive the entire platinum kit, including injectors & rods, at the cost of $14,490.

IPD or PAI Overhaul Kits: Which Aftermarket Kit Should You Pick?

IPD Vs PAI Overhaul Kits: Which kit is the best between the two? Which kit provides better and longer service than the other? In constant load & high operating temperature conditions, IPD Overhaul Kits perform reliably, extending the service life of the engine. You can depend on IPD overhaul engine parts for quality and durability.

Yet, PAI Overhaul Kits also guarantees high-quality, performance-related truck parts that exceed market standards.

High-grade materials are used when designing PAI components to ensure long-term durability, temperature stability, improved fuel efficiency, and overall longevity.

Lastly, whether you choose PAI Overhaul Kits or IPD Overhaul Kits depends on your vehicle. Your personal preference should guide your decision.


What is an overhaul kit?

As part of an overhaul kit, you receive main bearings, cylinder kits, rod bearings, rear and front crankshaft seals, and a gasket kit for a complete overhaul. All nuts, bolts and removable parts are cleaned, inspected and replaced with original factory engine parts.

How much does a complete engine overhaul cost?

An engine rebuild typically costs between $2,500 to $4,000 in labor and parts. In this case, the engine might just need bearings & seals replaced, along with the removal and installation of the engine.

Are PAI Overhaul Kits any good?

PAI Industries was founded on customer service and quality, making it among the most recognizable brand names in the industry. PAI provides a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality, as well as a 1-year unlimited mileage warranty.


IPD Vs PAI Overhaul Kits: Which is the best engine part? After installing these kits, IPD Overhaul Kits customers report that their torque, fuel mileage, and cooling system temperature have all increased.

In addition to powertrain components, PAI Overhaul Kits designs and develops gears, suspension and exhaust parts, as well as electrical and air components for commercial trucks.

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