DD13 Vs DD15: What Is The Best Detroit Diesel Engine & Why?

The DD13 and the DD15 engines are extremely competitive, and they should be. These two products are equally impressive, but it’s time to determine which is better.

In the United States, driving a large and powerful vehicle requires a lot of concentration and is incredibly fun. There are some engines that are weak while others have extraordinarily powerful engines that provide wonderful performance.

Since you have had terrible experiences, it’s no surprise that you searched for an engine that would help you stand out. It is even difficult to choose between the DD13 Vs DD15: which is actually better? Fortunately, you are in good hands here. To assist you in the right one, in the following article, I will show you how these two engines differ from each other.

DD13 Vs DD15: Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsDD13 DD15
Configuration:-6 cylinder inline engine6 cylinder inline engine
Compression ratio:-17:3:118:4:1
Horsepower:- 350-505450-505
Displacement:-781 cu inches (12.8 L)906 cu inches (14.8 L)
Torque:- 1250-18501250-1750
Stroke:- 6.15 inches (156 mm)6.42 inches (163 mm)
Bore:-5.20 inches. (132 mm)5.47 inches (139 mm)
Weight (dry):- 2540 lb. (1152 kg)2970 lb. (1350 kg)
Torque:- 1018 lb-ft1180 lb-ft
Oil capability:-41 liter45 liter
Electronics:-DDEC® VIDDEC® VI
Dimensions:- (H-1346 x W-1304 x L-1484) (H-1373 x W-1107 x L-1830)

DD13 Vs DD15: Whats The Difference Between Them?


The DD13 comes with the latest power ratings, expanded application coverage, as well as front & rear engine powered take-off (REPTO/ FEPTO).

Featuring a lower complexity and a higher level of durability in some key components, the DD13 Generation 5 delivers an even greater level of reliability.

The ATS comes with a single, larger diesel filter featuring “Asymmetrical Cell Technology”, providing longer service intervals and greater weight savings of 60 pounds.

When combined with some Detroit Vocational or DT12 Highway transmissions, allowing the engine to ThermoCoast, thus maintaining engine temperatures at low loads.

The DD15 has a displacement of 14.8 liters, making it a 6-cylinder and inline engine. This engine is designed for high-performance, North American trucks and coaches, with improved fuel efficiency and more power.

A key feature of the DD15 is the implementation of advanced common rail systems (ACRS), in addition to a turbo compounding system.

All-new series of highly powerful Detroit Diesel engines will follow this engine. This eventually covers 3 displacement categories: 15.6L, 14.8L, and 12.8L.

It is hard to beat the DD15 diesel engine in terms of feature category. The engine offers high performance and durability thanks to its impressive features. DD15 90% of the high-quality engine platform parts are globally shared. 


The DD13 has various horsepower options from 350 to 550. The weight of 400-hp is actually quite impressive, as it is 1128 kg or 2487 pounds. There is a torque range between 1250 to 1850 lb-ft available. In short, it is an impressive machine compared to others. 

However, it requires far less shifting while you are driving because the torque curve is so wide. This means you’ll have enough torque to drive every gear if you want. If you need that extra bit of power to overtake or avoid an unsafe situation, you won’t have to shift into a lower gear.

The DD15 motor horsepower has been increased to 400, an upgrade of about 50 HP compared to its previous one. It’s not insignificant, even if it’s a “small” increase of 50 horsepower.

There has also been a rise in torque, from 1250 and 1550 as well. The torque range has grown considerably. Consequently, it will have more torque in its low RPM range when compared to its old model.

It is possible to ride for as long as you like in the top gear as you won’t usually be required to downshift.

In this section, DD15 is one of the top performers. This engine has a higher horsepower rating and has a torque range of 1750 bhp compared to the DD13 since it weighs approximately 100 kilograms more.

Fuel Efficiency

According to DD13, they’ve worked hard to make the spreader the most fuel-efficient possible. In my opinion, considerable effort has been put into optimizing this motor’s fuel efficiency. Because there is plenty of power available below 1000 rpm, it is not necessary to drive in lower gears to take advantage of that power.

However, high gears are actually capable of delivering performance below 1000 rpm, which isn’t common in most truck engines.

The DD15 has a similar fuel efficiency to the DD13, so there are not many differences to mention in that regard. In addition, it is necessary to mention this water pump’s improved cooling efficiency. It allows the engine to operate at a lower operating temperature. According to the test track, the average fuel efficiency is 67 mpg.

Fortunately, the DD13 provides more power than the DD15 and offers a smoother, quieter ride and higher fuel efficiency. There is no doubt that DD13 won this contest.

DD13 Vs DD15: Cost

The cost of a DD13 new model engine ranged from $15,500.00 to $32,495.00. The cost of a DD15 new engine ranged from $17,500.00 to $22,130.00 as well. 

Generally, the price can increase or decrease based on several factors, such as the model, the year, the state and more.

What is the cost to rebuild a DD13 and DD15 engine? Engine rebuilding costs somewhere between $2,500 and $4,000 for both parts & labor. It is possible that bearings & seals are replaced, as well as the engine is removed and reinstalled.


Both the DD13 and the DD15 engines have reached the end of their warranty period. Both are now covered by the latest Detroit extended OE advantage warranty from Daimler-Trucks-North-America (DTNA). DD13 and DD15 engines are supported by the following warranties:

Engine:- Unlimited miles, 2 years, including 100% parts & labor.

Major components:- 500,000 miles, 5 years, with 100% original parts.

Injectors:- 200,000 miles, 2 years, including 100% parts & labor.

Which Is Better, DD13 Or DD15?

The DD13 has a higher regional application probability than the DD15, while performance may be critical for long-distance segments with high fuel efficiency requirements. Reduced fuel expenditure by 100 rpm saves around 7% or about $730 per year.

DD13 is capable of carrying a 13 liter engine whereas DD15 is capable of carrying a 15 liter engine. As far as regional applications are concerned, the DD13 is the best option, while the DD15 excels in long haul applications where performance and economy are key considerations. With this information, you can easily decide which model meets your needs best.


How many miles is the DD13 good for?

In addition, the Dd13 product is advantageous for its longer service intervals. Depending on the engine you select, Detroit Diesel expects the engine to last for at least 50,000 miles without requiring routine maintenance, such as changing the oil and filters.

Is a DD15 a reliable engine?

In the diesel engine world, Detroit’s DD15 is unbeatable. There are a number of outstanding features on this engine, making it durable and high-performing as well.

How many miles can a DD15 last?

In both the DD15 & DD16 the B50 is rated 1.2 million miles. In such matters, Detroit has a good deal of experience, thus estimates are likely to be reliable. Similar estimates are given by other manufacturers as well. Proper maintenance can increase the lifespan of any engine.

How many miles does a DD13 last?

In terms of reliability, the DD13 is built for one million miles, with a rated B50, which means 50% of the engines are capable of lasting 1 million miles.


Using the Amplified Common Rail Fuel System technology, both DD13 Vs DD15 produce higher fuel economy & combustion efficiency. Both the DD13 and the DD15 have passed 120-point road testing in the US and will be available eventually. 

Luckily, the DD15 makes use of waste exhaust gases through turbo compounding. A large torque band and a low 1100 rpm limit mean the DD15 model requires minor shifting. The choice is yours now.

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