How Replace Your Driver Side Window? [Easy Steps]

Whether you have a broken driver’s side window or you want to replace it with a new one, it’s quite difficult to do it on your own. Especially when you aren’t ready to spend a fortune on a mechanic. What did you say?

Do you want to learn how to replace your driver-side window?

Firstly you would want to remove any plastic panels on the sides. Unscrew everything that holds the door panels and also unscrew the window cranks or switches. Once panels are removed, take off the air barrier along with the window nuts and finally remove the old window. Go vice versa to install a new window.

This could get quite labor-intensive along with the need for good accuracy and precision. Stick with this write-up for further elaboration on this topic.

What should I need To Replace Driver Side Window?

There are a bunch of things required to replace the driver side window. First and foremost would be proper guidance or previous expertise. Now, since we are done with the mental aspect of this question, let’s get to the physical aspect, shall we?

We all know the importance of screwdrivers in our daily lives. There is no denying the fact that you would need it here as well. So grab yourself a flat head screwdriver. In fact, an entire Torx screwdriver kit would be good too.

You might also need a ratchet to pull larger bolts or nuts out. Keep some thick durable gloves as a precaution while handling shattered glass. Make sure to get a socket and trim removal tools.

How to Replace Your Driver Side Window?

You’ve arrived at the interesting section. We all know how tiresome it is to replace automobile parts. Hence, to make the process a little less tedious for you, we’ve prepared an elaborate guideline for your convenience. Follow to steps below for a clearer insight:

Step 1: Removing All Outside Panels

Firstly you need to make sure that the window glass is completely lowered. Then remove the plastic panels covering the top corners of the door panel. Then unscrew everything that holds the panel in its place. If your car has manual windows, unscrew the window crank and take it off.

However, if your car has power windows like most modern vehicles, then unplug the switch connector. Then use the trim tool to pry off the door panels. Preventing any damage done to the fasteners.

Step 2: Interior Disassembling

To get a step closer to the window glass you need to remove the air barrier which is a thin lining of insulation preventing the outside air from seeping in. Just peel it off to get access to the interior of the door.

Grab your ratchet to carefully wheel out the nuts holding the window glass in place. Take great care of the removed screws and nuts as they are difficult to find once lost. You could also use this opportunity to vacuum the inside of the driver-side door.

Step 3: Replacement

It’s now time to pull out the old or broken window glass gently from the door panel. Then unscrew the bottom track bolts to make it easier to install the new glass. Once you’re done installing the new glass, don’t let go of it!

Make sure you’re wearing thick gloves because safety comes first always. Repeat the process in reverse order to tighten all the bolts and screws.

Then finally get the door panel on, to make your driver side door look new again

How Do You Temporarily Fix A Broken Car Window?

If you’re on a tight budget or you don’t want to make a fuss about the whole fix a broken car window thing. Then the simple temporary solutions shown below might cut you some slack.

Shatter Until None Left

The most simple solution would be to shatter all the glass down until there are no sharp-pointed bits of glass left. As funny as it sounds, this is quite delightful for someone who doesn’t use the air conditioner much.

You could enjoy the fresh air breeze as you wheel through the driveway also saving some fuel.

Use A Clear Packing Tape

We know that the above solution is not for everyone. Especially during the summer months, the air conditioner becomes a necessity for almost every vehicle owner in America.

So here’s a decent solution that will surely help. Use clear packing tape to mask both sides of the broken window glass carefully without leaving any openings. And that’s it for a temporary solution. Also, make sure to wear gloves while dealing with broken glass.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Car Side Window?

This varies depending on the condition of the glass being replaced. It also depends on whether you’re planning to do it on your own or call in a professional mechanic.

An estimation of this would be about 1 hour if done by a professional. However, if the work is done by a newbie or someone without proper expertise, this could vary between 2 to 4 hours. 

Is It Safe To Drive With A Shattered Window?

It’s completely normal for someone to not go through the process of replacing shattered window glass. After all, it’s human nature to look for shortcuts, isn’t it?

Sadly there aren’t any shortcuts to this problem. Furthermore, there are drawbacks or safety issues related to this.

Glass Is Sharp!

Driving with broken window glass could cause pieces of glass to get over your face and even your eyes. This can lead to some serious permanent damage.

Technical Problems

We all know that water and electricity don’t get along well. Suppose, you’re driving through with a shattered driver-side window on a rainy day. Water could get into the car and cause serious damage to the electrical equipment inside.

Increased Risk of Theft

A shattered window would mean that there is an opening for thieves to sneak in and grab your valuables while you’re stuck in the middle of an unending traffic jam.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Driver Side Window?

This depends on the route you take. If you’re willing to fix your driver side window by yourself then the glass itself should cost you around $100 to $350 depending on the model of your vehicle. Also, another 100 bucks for the trim tools, the ratchet, and screwdriver kits.

However, if you plan on asking for the help of a mechanic then the estimation of the total cost would rise to between $400 to $650. The difference isn’t huge as you can see. So if you’ve got a couple of 100 bucks to spare, getting it done by a professional might save you from hassle. 


Getting something done by yourself is a surreal experience itself. That’s why those who have glued themselves to this write-up till now would be experienced enough to replace their driver-side window themselves.

A broken window doesn’t look good in any place. Especially when the driver is sitting next to it. That’s why replacing a broken window becomes a necessity. Enthusiasts would love to replace their driver-side windows after reading this write-up.

However, we wouldn’t recommend anyone without any prior expertise to replace their driver-side window all by themselves as the drawbacks far outweigh the benefits. So it’s better to get it done by an avid professional. As your safety should always be your top priority.

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