How to Lift a Truck without a Lift Kit? [5 Easy Steps]

If you are thinking about lifting your truck, believe me, you are not alone. Many truck drivers like to lift their truck a couple of inches, or even more. Lifting your truck enables you to experience smooth riding and better functionality.

You can purchase a Lift Kit to lift your truck. But a Lift Kit comes at an expensive price that can seriously drain your wallet.

Now the question is can you lift a truck without a lift kit? Well, you are at the right place. Here at this site, we solve all your problems regarding your truck. So, scroll down and find your answers.

Can you Lift a Truck without a Lift Kit?

Well, of course you can lift a truck without a lift kit. In fact, most of the truck owners across the United States choose not to use a Lift Kit for lifting their trucks. This is because lifting a truck without a lift kit is surprisingly cost effective. 

You can easily gain two to six inches of height from the normal position of your vehicle. It is possible to lift both the front-end and rear-end. 

Most of the truck owners prefer only to lift the rear-end. It is because when the truck is heavily loaded, the rear-side gets lower than the front. So, lifting the rear-end makes the vehicle even more balanced carrying a heavy load. On top of that, you can drive smoother on-road and off-road. The high terrains cannot scratch the rear-end and damage your truck.  

Well, as you know by now, you can lift a truck without a lift kit. But it is a complex process and you may not be able to execute it on your own. However, let’s find out some ways of how to lift a truck without a lift kit.

How to Lift a Truck without a Lift Kit? (5 Ways)

You can use several methods to lift a truck without a lift kit. You can gain different heights following different methods. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

One Inch Block

The most effective way of lifting a truck without a lift kit is to use a one-inch block. If the suspension of your truck uses a shackle under the suspension spring, you can use a one-inch block to gain six inches of height effectively.

To do this, you have to reverse the shackle – remove the shackle from under the suspension spring and place it on top of the spring. Combine a one-inch block  with this modification. Now, it will help the truck to gain around six inches of height. 

Moreover, this method doesn’t compromise the performance of your truck.

Longer Shackles

If you don’t want to add an extra one-inch block, you can simply replace your shackle with a longer one. In this case, you still have to reverse the position of the shackle.

So, replace the older shackle with a newer-longer one and place it on top of the suspension spring. It will enable you to gain around three inches of height.

This newer-longer shackle is cost-effective. So, you don’t have to be worried about money. Moreover, longer shackles can prevent the spring from sagging over time. You can enjoy constant height for a longer period of time.


Add-a-Leaves is another effective way of lifting a truck without a lift kit. If your truck uses a leaf-spring pack, you can add an extra leaf there to increase the height.

Adding an extra leaf, you can effectively gain around three inches of height. Hence, this method also increases the life-span of the older spring.

There are some shortcomings of this method. You need to unscrew the axle for setting up a leaf and it is a difficult task to unscrew it. Moreover, this method reduces axle articulation, hence, ends up reducing the performance or experience of riding your truck.

Lowering Bump-stops

Bigger tire means more height. Yes, you can increase the lift of your truck by installing bigger tires. To do this, first, you need to lower the bump-stops to increase space under the rigs.

For another case, you can simply install longer stops to achieve the same purpose. But, this method might not be a good idea if done wrongly. It can seriously compromise the alignment of the vehicle. As a result, it can affect the performance.

Coil-Sprung Spacers

Another effective way of lifting the rear-end of your truck is to use a spacer. This spacer can be used at the coil-sprung rigs. It is called a coil-sprung spacer.

To set this up, you need to place it between the coil-spring pad and the spring. So, the spacer will increase the gap and lift your truck.

By using this method, you can only achieve a height around two inches. Moreover, this method can increase stretch on the axles. As for the bright sides, spacers are inexpensive, and they do not compromise the performance of your truck.

Safety Measures

Safety always comes first. You cannot compromise your safety as well as the safety of the people on roads only for saving a couple of grand.

Lifting the front-end of your truck can prove to be deadly. If you use a block in your front suspension, to gain a lift, it can be dislocated during a bumpy ride. As a result, you can lose control over your vehicle and crash.

On the other hand, lifting the rear-end should be alright. So, we recommend you to lift only the rear-end of your vehicle.

Lifting a truck is not an easy task. You cannot execute it if you are not an expert in this field. For this very reason, we did not provide a step by step guide in this article. We recommend you to complete the modification by taking your vehicle to a certified service center.


There are several ways of lifting a truck without a lift kit. It is also cost effective. Before you modify your vehicle, you must know what you are doing. Otherwise, you may end up causing damage to your truck. As you know how to lift a truck without a lift kit, drive to a service station and get it done. Happy Driving.

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