How To Reset ABS Light Without Scan Tool?

As a vehicle owner, you need to know all the details of your vehicle. Just like you need to have substantial knowledge about the Anti-lock braking system (ABS) as it is a vital part of your vehicle.

When you start your vehicle, several warning signs are flashing on the dashboard of the vehicle, including ABS. Although those signs usually go off within seconds, if there is any disturbance with your vehicle, some of them will never go out. 

The troubling sign of ABS can be solved very easily with the help of a scan tool. However, in this article, you will learn how to reset the ABS light without a scan tool. Stay tuned and browse the entire manuscript.

When Should You Reset ABS Light?

OK, now the question is how or when do you realize you need to reset the ABS light on your vehicle? Of course, several issues can arise on your vehicle, which will make you realize that your ABS has a problem and needs to be reset. The symptoms are:

Bad ABS Module

The ABS control module is a kind of microprocessor. It does a diagnostic check of your vehicle’s ABS. It also processes data from your vehicle’s hydraulic brake system and wheel-speed sensors. 

As a result, it is specified when to release the braking pressure on a particular wheel that is about to lock up and start moving. Occasionally, there may be corrosion on the ABS control module. 

It increases the friction of the cable and the communication between the module, the hydraulic brake system and the wheel speed sensor, which is delayed or completely stopped. Even if the damage is negligible, ABS light will illuminate on the dashboard.

Defective Brake Pads

The brake pad must be replaced while it is still in good condition. If it is not done, the brake pads will wear out and become defective. For which, you will not receive effective braking on an emergency basis. 

Later, the ABS signal is illuminated on the dashboard indicating that there are some issues for which ABS is not working properly.

Corrosive Hydraulic Valve/Pump

The function of a hydraulic valve is to direct the flow of the oil through the hydraulic system. Moreover, The spool position specifies the direction of the oil flow of the hydraulic system. A hydraulic system only uses hydraulic valves when you feel the need.

Like all other automobiles, the hydraulic pump goes under natural wear over time. If you do not change or replace it in time, the valve will wear out too much and as a result, the ABS will detect the fault and illuminate the ABS warning light on the dashboard.

Sleek Hydraulic Fluid

The hydraulic system of your vehicle mainly works with the help of hydraulic fluid. Non-compressible fluids are used in hydraulic systems. Now, you may ask how the hydraulic system works with the mentioned type of fluid. 

When you apply pressure to break a little harder, the brake carries a lot of energy through the fluid. As a result, the wheel of the vehicle slows down and stops as per your wish. However, sometimes the braking system is operated automatically instead of manual to increase the traction control of the vehicle with ABS facility.

In this case, the hydraulic fluid level becomes flat and the ABS does not work suitably. Then, ABS error is detected and ABS light is illuminated on the dashboard. Then you may realize that the ABS of your vehicle is failing to function properly.

Uncertain Wheel Speed Sensor

The speed sensor of your vehicle defines the number of rotations of the wheel per minute which is called RPM for short. The speed sensor sends the information to ABS. 

If the braking system notices that one wheel is moving slower or faster than the other, it increases or decreases the pressure of the brake fluid. The reason behind this is that the wheels need to be able to balance among themselves. 

If the speed sensor overheats, the heat conductor can damage the sensor. As a result, ABS errors are detected.

Is It Safe to Drive with the ABS Light On?

Absolutely NOT! The ABS lets you know all the information about the wheels and brakes of your vehicle. So, whenever you notice that the ABS warning light has been illuminated, take the necessary steps very quickly. Be concerned about how you can fix the problem before something horrible happens.

Can You Reset ABS Light Without A Scan Tool?

Of course, YOU CAN. It may be that you want to get rid of the ABS warning light but you do not have a scan tool. You can fix the problem without the scan tool, but we do not recommend that you do so if you do not know the underlying problem. 

It is because forcing the ABS warning light off without identifying the problem can harm other components of your vehicle in the long run. It could lead to more expensive repairs or replacements for you.

How To Reset ABS Light Without Scan Tool?

Since in this article, we are discussing how to reset ABS light without a scan tool and you are waiting for that, let’s learn how to reset ABS without using the OBD2 scanner:

Step 1: Manage Jumper Wire

First of all, you have to manage a jumper wire. You are expected to find it in any auto-parts store. But keep in mind that you have the right kit. Tell the shopkeeper the details about your vehicle. 

Make sure your vehicle supports Data Link Connection (DLC) and let the shopkeeper know it. Also, tell him how old your vehicle is. If you can’t provide this information to the shopkeeper, then you won’t get the right jumper wire.

Step 2: Find the Location of the Data Link Connector

Now, all you have to do is find the DLC. Typically, in maximum vehicles, the DLC is mounted at the bottom of the glove box. But except for this, you can also find the connector under the driver side or side dash. 

Since, security comes first after all else, be sure to look for a DLC while your car is off. It will allow you to protect yourself from potential damage, such as electric shock.

Step 3: Make A Connection Between the Jumper and the DLC

When connecting these two, notice that the wires are connected to a specific connector. It went wide and ran straight to DLC. Set them up. Then, turn on the car. Now, notice the ABS warning light will flash a few times.

Step 4: Reset ABS

Let us know the points step by step and reset the ABS light accordingly:

  • At first, do not release or accelerate the parking brake altogether, but start pressing the brake pedal down. You will hear a clicking sound from the DLC in each press, so keep an eye on it.
  • If you hear a click, press the brake 7-8 times non-stop. Try to get the job done in as little time as possible.
  • Now, you won’t notice any warning flashlights on the dashboard. However, if you still see the warning light, then repeat the pedal pressing task in the above process.
  • Later, the ABS lights may seem to be illuminated for longer than before. Don’t worry about it. It is expected to flash a few times and then goes out.

So, without the scan tool, you are finally able to reset the ABS of your vehicle.


By following the process described in the article correctly, you can easily and in a short time reset ABS without the scan tool. However, since the use of the scan tool reveals the inner workings of the entire system, we recommend using the scan tool.

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