How to Pack a Truck for Long Distance Moving? [15 Easy Steps]

Shifting from one place to another may be a blessing for many, apart from the moving part itself. Moving is a nightmare if you don’t have an organized plan.

Long distance moving is more exhausting. It can make your moving experience even worse by damaging your favorite furniture. If you pack a truck for long distance moving in an organized way, moving becomes easy and comfortable.

Do you know how to pack a truck for long distance moving? Well, here we are to help you with that.

How to Pack a Truck for Long Distance Moving? (15 Steps)

If you do not plan your move, you may face many problems. In the long run, it only makes moving more frustrating, exhausting, and costly.

As for long distance moving, planning is crucial. For instance, you need to hire a truck that can move all your items in one trip. You cannot trip back and forth to pick up your items. 

So, we are here to help you with the planning task. Here are 15 steps you can follow to pack a truck for long distance moving.

Step 1 – Make your Moving Day Fixed

The first thing you must do is to make your moving day fixed. Many things depend on this day. For instance, you need to rent a moving truck for that day if you don’t have one.

If you know the exact day, you can make a plan when to start packing your items. Depending on your moving day, you can recruit help from friends and neighbours. So, make it fixed as early as possible.

Step 2 – Collect Moving Supplies

For a comfortable move, you need to be proactive and preplanned. You need to be prepared for the moving day. As part of it, purchase or collect the moving supplies beforehand.

Moving supplies include moving boxes, moving straps, tape, plastic wrap, etc. Some more moving supplies like furniture pads or blankets can be necessary to protect your items.

If you have heavy furniture, you can also consider collecting a dolly for moving them. Mattress bag can also be handy for storing your mattress. Collect moving supplies beforehand, and be well-prepared for the big day.

Step 3 – Start Packing Items that aren’t Needed Right Away

As you know the exact moving date, you can start packing your items 3 or 4 days prior, according to your need. Start working so that you feel less pressure on the moving day.

You can start packing by starting with the items that aren’t needed right away. Not all items you need everyday. So, pack the items that won’t be necessary before moving. By this way, get a headstart.

Step 4 – Label and Packing Checklist

Label your boxes and make a packing checklist. It’s a must to make your journey comfortable. Be organized and don’t be exhausted. Once you pack a box, label it.

Again, make a tick on the checklist for items already packed. So, when you need something, you will easily find it by checking the label on the box. 

Step 5 – Pack Light and Don’t Rush

Instead of making a bigger box of items, pack light. Bigger box means a heavier box. It will also be difficult to carry, on-load or off-load the truck. Instead of putting all the items in a single box, make many boxes.

Don’t rush while packing items. Put the items in a box in an organized way. It will save space. Don’t rush, keep calm, don’t break anything.

Step 6 – Truck Size

Truck size is mighty important for long distance moving. If you don’t own a truck, you have to rent one. Now, the truck size will depend on your items.

Before hiring a truck, you should consult with the rental service about what size you require. Make sure that you move all your items in one trip. It will save you money and time.

Step 7 – Remove Parts of Bigger Furniture

This step is an obvious one. You must remove parts of bigger furniture. For instance, you can remove the legs of the dining table, or bed. Bigger furniture consumes huge space. So, disassembling them may help you to save space for packing a truck in long distance moving.  

Step 8 – Heavy First

We guess that you are done with boxing items. Now, it’s time to pack a truck for long distance moving. You must pack a moving truck by loading the heavier and bigger items first. It is because you can place lighter items on top of the heavier ones. It also reduces damage possibility.

Step 9 – Light Last

Likewise, you must pack a moving truck by loading the lighter and smaller items last. Place them on top of the heavier ones. This will help you to save a lot of space. Moreover, they won’t be crushed by the heavier items.

Step 10 – Roll up Carpets 

Mattress and carpets are bigger. They take up a lot of space, but not if you roll them up. So, roll up carpets and rugs to pack them on a truck for long distance moving. It would be better if you pack the mattress into a mattress bag.

Step 11 – Vertical Position

Pack a truck by keeping the bigger furniture in a vertical position. If you load them horizontally, they will consume a lot more space. So, loading them vertically is another good strategy for saving space.

Step 12 – Distribute Weight

Weight distribution is another important aspect. While packing a truck, particularly for long distance moving, distribute weight evenly. For this, pack the bigger and heavier items way up front, near the driver’s cabinet. It will help a comfortable riding, reducing the possibility of item damage.  

Step 13 – Get Help

Moving day is a long day of work. So, it would be always better if you gather some help. Call your friends or neighbors to help you on a moving day. It will save you a lot of time.

Step 14 – Moving Straps

Moving straps are important supplies for packing a truck for long distance moving. A moving strap ties items together and keeps them together inside the truck. So, after packing a truck, tie the items, portion by porting, using moving straps. It will keep the items safe after you hit the road.

Step 15 – Lock and Secure

Last but not least, lock and security. You must ensure the security of your items in a truck. After packing a truck, use a lock to avoid stealing. Pack the truck, make it lock and secure, hit the road, off we go.


Here we are; now you know how to pack a truck for long distance moving. Follow these steps to nicely plan the layout of the moving day. Keep calm and collected. Work in an organized way. Your moving day will be easier than you can imagine.

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