How To Program Ford Instrument Cluster? (Easy Steps)

Think of getting into your car for a long day at work, only to see the indicators and meters going berserk on the dash behind the steering wheel.

This action calls in for a reset and programming of the instrument cluster. Moving on to the question of the day, how do you program Ford instrument Cluster?

Firstly, you need to reset the instrument cluster by pressing the reset button and holding it while you turn on the ignition keys. Then you are required to connect a laptop computer to the car. 

Then use software such as FORScan to program the cluster along with the mileage gauges and disable and enable desired features.

This, however, was only a quick read. Be sure to keep reading through to have all your queries answered.

Do instrument clusters need to be programmed?

It isn’t too necessary to program your instrument cluster on Ford in most cases. Sometimes resetting it does the work just fine.

Programming the instrument cluster may help you tweak and add new features and change the readings on meters such as the mileage itself.

Honestly speaking, programming the instrument cluster requires a specific set of skills. More likely leaning toward the computer software engineering department.

You need to be able to code or program software by interpreting your computer science knowledge into this setup. Hence it’s a must that you have somewhat prior experience in coding for this to work.

For those of you who can’t code or program software at all, you could either watch a youtube tutorial to learn the codes or ask a software mechanic to help with a process.

For someone thinking of leaving the task to a mechanic, you could expect to pay somewhere between $77 to $150, which, however, depends mostly on your current location in the US.

Keep in mind that different programmers may ask for different prices depending upon their demands, so do choose wisely. A freelance programmer may ask for a fairer price.

How To Program Ford Instrument Cluster?

As said before, it’s no good taking this task on your own if you don’t know how to code. Trust us; it’s not worth the hassle if you can’t program the software, so cut yourself the added headache.

But don’t give up yet! Sometimes the instrument cluster on your Ford gets fixed in an instant when you reset it. However, if it doesn’t, then it’s finally the time to code and reprogram the cluster.

Hence, we’ve prepared a diagnostic approach for this given situation where you start with the resetting and then move into the programming.

Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Reset The Instrument cluster 

For newer models, clicking the reset button on your steering wheel is sure to get you done with the work. However, if you are using older Ford models, then you have to take the long route.

Assuming that you’re the owner of an older generation Ford vehicle, you are likely to come across the reset button on the right side of the dash itself.

Now press and hold the button. Keep on holding on to it while turning on the ignition key, even though making sure not to turn on the vehicle itself.

No, the option to sweep gauges would appear on the dash, and shortly after, you will notice the gauges moving on their own and automatically resetting themselves in appropriate positions.

Step 2: If Reset Was Unsuccessful, Do This

Now considering the fact that the reset didn’t prove to be much of a help. Hence, leaving you to this step. This is the programming stage. Hence having a computer is a must.

Almost every American house has a laptop. For this stage, it’s imperative to bring in a laptop or modern iPads. But do keep in mind that coding on an iPad is extremely difficult for newbies.

Hence, go ahead and plug in the laptop computer to the USB stereo system of your Ford vehicle.

Step 3: Code And Program The Instrument Cluster

Without a few specific software, the programming wouldn’t work. Hence, be sure to load in coding software such as FORScan or Tech 2 before connecting to the car USB. 

Once you’ve connected the laptop with the Ford stereo using the USB and OBD adaptors, load into the FORScan software and move into coding.

Like we said, if you don’t have knowledge of coding, then it would be a wise decision to call for the attention of a software mechanic. 

Then go on and code for added features. Tweak new settings and the meter readings, such as the mileage and the fuel levels, along with disabling any unnecessary alert lights being shown on the cluster.

Once the programming is done, unplug the laptop and then check the new readings and indicator lights on the instrument cluster to see if they are functioning properly and showing the correct readings.

Benefits Of Programming Ford Instrument Cluster

Although the programming part may seem like a huge turn-off and boring, it does come out with its fair share of benefits. Sometimes the benefits more or less even outweigh the hardships.

Now, there are numerous intriguing benefits to state here, but stating all of them would take forever. 

Hence we’ve prepared an inventory of the few prominent reasons for programming the instrument cluster on your Ford.

  • It ensures that the driver gets a real-time update on the current condition of the car.
  • You would get real-time updates on the specific speed at which the vehicle is running.
  • It indicates much more precisely when the fuel is low or when you need to refill with a light, thus ensuring that your ride doesn’t stop in the middle of the road.
  • You even get notified with a check engine light when something is wrong with the engine or when the car isn’t running as efficiently as before.
  • The tachometer even shows a more accurate rotation rate of the crankshaft in the engine.
  • The mileage of the car could be seen and altered along with the units, which could be changed to miles or kilometers depending on preference.


Even though you could easily get away by using a Ford with a bad instrument cluster, your drive wouldn’t be as effective and efficient as before.

The instrument cluster behind the steering wheel is like the medical health report you get after having an appointment with a doctor. That makes it the health report of the vehicle.

Thus neglecting it could sometimes be quite expensive as automobile parts never come cheap. Hopefully, reading this piece of writing has helped you sort out your problems.

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