How To Install A Truck Tool Box Without Drilling? [Easy Steps]

Drilling on the truck bed is unexpected to some truck owners. They don’t want to make any holes there. There is another group who don’t have any drill machines. In that condition, how to install a truck tool box without drilling?

The question might be awkward but actually, there are so many ways to install a toolbox on a truck that does not require any drilling. This discussion will be on that process. We will show you that in detail.

You will be able to install it by following our process. Besides that, you will get some extra information related to toolbox installation. So, without any delay let’s explore the process.

Can You Install A Truck Tool Box Without Drilling?

Yes, you can install a truck toolbox without drilling. This is a quick and easy installation that can save you time and money. There are so many ways to do that without drilling. But the best way is using J hooks. This is the safest and easiest. With that, this will save a lot of time.

The process is given below. But you have to have some tools to install it successfully. Let’s have a look at these tools first.

Tools Require to Install Truck Tool Box Without Drilling

There are a few different tools that you will need in order to install your truck toolbox without drilling. The first and most important tool is a J hook. You will need this to make sure that the toolbox is tight and secure with the truck bed railing. Besides J hooks, some more items are needed. Let’s see them. 

  • 4 J Hooks
  • 4 Same Size Nuts
  • 4 Steel Washers
  • 10 mm Open End Wrench

Before we start the main process, you have to collect 4 sets of these items. If you have any confusion about the uses of these things in this process, then read the next section well.

How To Install A Truck Tool Box Without Drilling?

There are a few ways you can install a truck toolbox without drilling. One is to use a locking drawbar system. This system uses a large, heavy-duty bolt that is inserted through the toolbox opening and into the drawbar mount. The drawbar then holds the box in place while you drive. 

Another option is to use a drop arm system. With this system, the toolbox is mounted to the frame of your truck using an arm that drops down when you open the door.  But These are very complex and costly. Here we will show you the easiest method to install the toolbox. So, let’s start.

Step 1: Place The ToolBox on Truck Bed Railing

After knowing about the required tools, I hope now you have everything that is required. So, now place the toolbox in the truck bed railing. You have to keep the toolbox length on the truck bed’s width.

After you place it in this way, you will see there are two cuts on the toolbox edge. That will be our hooking point. If you can see the truck bed through the hole, then you should be sure that you are going right.

Step 2: Put The J Hook

Now put the washer and nut in the J hook. The Washer will be under the nut to support it. So, put that first then put the nut. Before you hook the railing with the hook, keep the nut loose.

Now put the J hook’s bend area/ hook with the bed railing. When you put it there, it should work as an anchor. Ensure that, if you tighten the nuts, the J hook will tighten the railing with the toolbox.

Step 3: Tighten The Nut

If the previous steps work according to our instructions, then tighten the nuts. To make your task easy, use a 10 mm open wrench. (We suggest a 10 mm wrench because our nut is 10mm. You have to select the wrench according to your nut.) 

Then the nuts are tight enough and the toolbox is secure enough then do the same things with the other three holes of the tools toolbox. If you can do everything correctly then the toolbox will be secure and tight. But if you have any confusion about the process, please watch the video.


One warning for you, if your toolbox size is smaller than your truck’s width then this process may not work. In that case, you may have to work any other way. But that will be a rare case. Because this is the iconic size of a truck toolbox.

As we said, there are many other ways to install a toolbox without drilling the truck body. But this one seems easiest and safest. We hope you also will enjoy installing the toolbox in this way. That was all about this installation process. Thanks for reading from us.

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