How To Straight Pipe A Truck? [5 Easy Steps]

Usually, a truck has a bent exhaust pipe and with that, a catalytic converter is added. All these things that are given with the truck from the manufacturer are safe and good for your vehicle. 

But sometimes for different reasons, we have to make some changes violating the rules and logic. One such thing is using a straight pipe on a truck.

We find many truck owners who love a straight pipe for their vehicle for more horsepower from the same engine. They cut the existing one and add a customized straight pipe on that. But how do they do that? What is the procedure of adding a straight pipe on a truck? We will answer these questions in this article.

Can you Straighten Your Exhaust Pipe?

Strengthening the exhaust pipe of a truck is a very easy task. This has no complex things on its way. Even the person who has little knowledge of the exhaust pipe and can use basic tools like welding, reciprocating saw, and other basic screwdrivers. 

As this is a simple task to do and not huge tools it requires, we can say that you can strengthen the pipe on a truck at your home if you can gather these tools and have some confidence.

Tools Needed for Straight Pipe On A Truck

While you are thinking about the straight pipe of your truck, you might be thinking of what tools it requires. That’s why we also arrange a list of tools that will need you in this process. These tools are very common but might not be available at home.

As you have to work on an iron pipe and you might need to join one iron with another, so, you need some heavy equipments and some small tools. We already told you about the tools in the previous section. But repeating again for your help.

The tools are:

  • Welding Machine
  • Reciprocating Saw
  • A Pipe
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring Tape

Keep all these tools near your hands to complete the process faster.

How To Straight Pipe On A Truck

To make your bend exhaust pipe straight, you have to follow all the steps given below. You can not avoid any of these steps to complete the process successfully. Let’s see the process.

Step 1: Inspect the Present Pipe

The first step of the process is inspection. All the time we give emphasis on inspection. Because it gives us a lot of information about the next sections and also helps us for proper planning of our next steps. 

We know different models have different styles of exhaust pipes. In that case, after inspection, you have fixed what will be the next step.

In the inspection, you have to find a cutting point of the pipe. You must select the place that is before Catalytic converters. Also, try to keep only the straight part of the pipe with the vehicle.

Step 2: Measure The Distance from Pipe Joint to End

If you find any joint past on the pipe where there is a joint which you may open by removing bolts and nuts. If there is a joint on the pipe then you are a lucky person.

Half of your job is done. Now measure the joint point to the endpoint of the pipe. This will help you to cut the new pipe.

In this section, also try to find the hanging points for the straight pipe. There are some hanging points for the old one. But as that is not straight, we have to find some new hanging points for the straight pipe.

Step 3: Remove the Old Pipe

Now remove the old pipe by removing bolts and nuts. If there is no nut, only welding joints then you have to cut the pipe itself and also the joints with the body of the vehicle. In this way, you have to remove the old, bend and Catalytic converters attested pipe from the truck body.

Step 4: Cut the New Pipe Based On That Measurement

In the second step, we talked about some measurements. That measurement will come into action now. You have to cut the steel pipe that you brought from the market to make the straight pipe.

If you think the pipe can be drawn straight then cut it straight. But if you think there are some hardels in that, then cut based on your preference. But try to avoid bending as much as possible.

Step 5: Install the New Pipe

If the cutting is done, you have to join the pipe with the welding machine. In this case, be careful about the firing of the welding machine. If the joining is done, you have to attest with the vehicle body firmly. 

Benefits of Straight Pipe

The straight pipe of a vehicle is good for some reasons and it has some bad effects too. The bad effects are more serious than the good sides.

If you remove the original pipe of your truck and also the Catalytic converters of it, then the engine will be able to generate more power and the vehicle will run faster.

On the other hand, it has a number of bad sides. First of all, straight pipes are bad for our environment. Another bad side of this is its huge sound.

Usually, the inbuilt exhaust pipes are more environment friendly and contribute to sound effects a lot. But the straights are the reverse of it. Moreover, police and laws are also against this type of pipe.


That was all about the straight pipe on a truck. We hope, after reading this article, you know about How To Straight Pipe On A Truck.

Before you do this on your truck, you have to know about the law of your area about the straight pipe of vehicles. If they are illegal then avoid doing that.

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