How To Get More Power Out Of My 4.7 Dodge? [Explained]

What do you think makes the engine more powerful? It is determined mainly by the number of cylinders and the efficiency of each cylinder. Typically, four-cylinder engines are more common than six or eight-cylinder engines.

For example, Japanese automakers Toyota and Honda utilize more four-cylinder engines. American automakers, on the other hand, think 4 stroke is less powerful and started making 6 or 8 cylinder engines. The 4.7 dodge, made by an American automaker, is already powerful because it is equipped with either 6 or 8 cylinders.

Yet, you can improve the Dodge 4.7 engine’s performance by upgrading the cold air intake, increasing the compression ratio, allowing more air to enter the cylinder, or letting exhaust exit the engine more quickly.

In this article, we’ll go over each of these principles in further detail and discuss other pertinent issues. We hope you are going to enjoy it.

How to Get More Power Out Of My 4.7 Dodge?

There are lots of ways you can make your engine perform better. Surprisingly, the strategy you have selected might not work for Dodge 4.7. 

For example, you want to increase the number of a cylinder or its size. However, the strategy might be hard to apply because Dodge 4.7 already has more cylinders. 

So choosing an appropriate strategy is crucial. We have listed a few more alternative options for you. Let’s see what you can do.

Cool The Incoming Air By an Intercooler:

One of the popular strategies to increase the performance of 4.7 L is to reduce the temperature of the air before it enters the cylinder. When a cylinder’s valve opens, the air/fuel mixture enters the cylinder. Within a moment, the spark plug ignites, and the piston compresses the air/fuel mixture to create force.

If you can lower the air temperature before it enters, the air will expand more. Consequently, more force will be created when the piston compresses the air/fuel mixture. 

Usually, modern cars use an intercooler system to cool the air. If the Dodge 4.7L does not equip with an intercooler system, you can install the system to make Dodge more powerful.

Allowing More Air into the Cylinder: 

This is another way you can improve Dodge’s performance. If you can somehow put more air into the cylinder, the engine will produce more power. For that engine needs to be equipped with a turbocharger. Turbocharger technology pressurizes the incoming air to crimp more air/fuel mixture into the cylinder.

The other way to increase the engine performance is to reduce the air resistance. To do so, you can put an additional intake valve in each cylinder.

Allowing Exhaust to Exit the Engine More Easily

If the exhaust system becomes clogged, the exhaust cannot properly exit the cylinder. It creates backpressure and reduced engine output. Backpressure could also be caused by a malfunctioning muffler and a small exhaust pipe.

To improve the performance, you must double-check the Dodge 4.7 exhaust system. If you find any backpressure issues, you can reduce them by adding more exhaust valves. In addition, smooth airflow mufflers also allow the exhaust to flow smoothly.

Use Lightweight Parts and Increase compression Ratio

When you lift 10 kg, the quantity of energy you burn is not the same as when you lift a 20kg weight. Similarly, if the piston is made of heavyweight material, more energy will be consumed. As a result, engine power will also reduce. 

On the other hand, using the lightweight piston increases the power of Dodge 4.7. Also, you can boost performance to 4.7 by increasing the engine’s compression ratio. It’s evident since the more the piston compresses the air/fuel mixture, the more power it’ll make. 

How do I increase my engine compression? 

There was a time when combustion took place outside of the engine. For instance, consider the steam engine, which generates steam outside the engine. With further improvements each year, the car’s engine is now more efficient. 

In today’s modern cars, engine combustion takes place inside the compact cylinder. These cylinders are built in such a way that changing any of the properties has a direct impact on the engine’s performance. 

The compression ratio is one of them. By changing this ratio, you can improve the power of an engine. Let’s find out more about this aspect.

In simple terms, the compression ratio refers to the volume of a cylinder and the combustion chamber. It is actually the volume when the piston is at the bottom to the volume when It is at the top. 

On the other hand, increasing the compression ratio means the increase of the volume of the cylinder and decreasing the volume of the combustion chamber.

To increase the ratio, our goal is to maximize the volume of a cylinder when the piston is at the bottom. Also, minimize the volume of a cylinder after the piston reaches the top dead center. Let’s find out what you can do.

Increase Bore and Stroke

Any change in the displacement will increase the compression ratio. If you increase the bore and Stroke, it will increase the volume of the cylinder. At the same time, the volume of the combustion chamber will reduce.

Replace Thicker Head Gasket

A gasket separates the cylinder head and engine block. If the circle of the bore in the gasket is more than that of the cylinder, it will create more additional area. Consequently, the volume of a chamber will increase, and the compression ratio will reduce.

Also, if the gasket is thicker, it will increase the volume of the combustion chamber and lower the compression ratio. 

You can increase the compression ratio by adjusting the circumference of the cylinder bore with the circumference of the gasket. Also, the changes in the thickness of the gasket increase compression.

Decrease the Chamber Size

If you can decrease the chamber’s size, it will reduce the volume with the piston at TDC and increase the compression ratio.

Modify the Dished Pistons

A dished design piston adds more room and volume to the combustion chamber. This extra volume lowers the compression ratio. Manufacturers still make dished-design pistons because high compression might cause detonation, and dished-design pistons help avoid detonation.

However, since our goal is to increase the compression. You can replace the dished piston with a dome head piston. The dome will lower the chamber’s size while increasing compression.

Make Piston Even with the Deck

When the piston head is lower than the deck surface, it creates extra volume and reduces the compression. Conversely, a piston that is higher than the deck surface increases the compression ratio. However, it might lead to some mechanical issues. It is preferable to make the piston parallel to the deck surface.

How much horsepower can a 4.7 make? 

When introduced into the market in 1999, the Chrysler Power Tech engine has had three available versions until now. And horsepower of each of them changes with different versions and displacement. Suppose HP of Dodge 4.7 with bore and stroke of 3.66 in x 3.405 in, will not be the same as for dodge engine with some other aspect ratio.

Furthermore, the HP also changes with maximum revolution. Suppose 4.7 initially can produce at least 220 horsepower with 4000 rpm, but as soon as you change the gear, rpm and horsepower also change.

The horsepower of the 4.7L 8V is 235 with 330-pound feet of torque. And the latest, more powerful Hemi Dodge 5.7 L V8 offers 390 horsepower with 407 torque. Moreover, the smaller Chrysler 3.6 V6 version can produce 210 horsepower.

How many miles does a Dodge 4.7 last?

As always, proper maintenance will extend the engine’s life and provide you with additional mileage. The 4.7L Dodge engine is a huge, strong engine. If you keep a good fluid level and perform other maintenance, it will stay with you for a long time.

Let’s assume that adequate maintenance is assured. The Dodge 4.7L should be able to go at least 150000 miles and up to 250000 miles on average throughout its 15-year lifespan.


Increasing the engine’s power is an excellent option because it improves fuel efficiency and gives you more mileage. More importantly, you can’t change the entire engine or get a new car with a more powerful engine, which is impractical for most of us. 

We have discussed the process to make Dodge more powerful. You can take our process as an initial suggestion and then consult with an expert before starting. Although the Dodge 4.7 has some limitations, you can surely get more power out of it.

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