How to Troubleshoot Dodge Ram 1500 Ignition Switch Problem?

The Dodge Ram 1500 vehicles have been many of our favourites since it began its production. Who wouldn’t love them? They are big, they are stylish & they are helpful. And the ignition switch is one of the most vital parts of a dodge ram. Because of it we get to start our vehicle.

But in recent days, many of us are facing problems with our ignition switch. And many of us don’t know how to troubleshoot dodge ram 1500 ignition switch problems. Sometimes, we do identify the problems, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we can find the solutions,sometimes we don’t.

Do Not Worry! You are in the right place. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the dodge ram 1500 ignition switch problems. We will discuss the problems, how to identify them & how to solve them. So buckle up, have a go on the article & help yourself out.

What are the Common Dodge Ram 1500 Ignition Switch Problems?

In recent days, the ignition switch is having different kinds of problems. As we said, it is one of the most valuable parts of our vehicle. The ignition switch is also known as a start switch or starter switch.

So what is an ignition switch exactly? It is mainly a switch in the control system which helps to activate the electrical systems of a vehicle. So, without it functioning properly, we can’t even  start our vehicles.

Most of us have been facing different kinds of problems with the ignition switch. In fact, the dodge ram is having serious safety issues these days relating to the ignition switch.

The common dodge ram 1500 ignition switch problems are :
1. Fuse blowing
2. Failure of the entire switch
3. Worn Ignition Cylinder
3. Problems of immobilizer  

How to Troubleshoot Dodge Ram 1500 Ignition Switch Problems?

Here, we will discuss how you can identify the problems and how you can solve them. So without further delay, let’s get to it.

1. Fuse Blowing:

This is one of the most common dodge ram 1500 ignition switch problems. There are different causes & types of fuses. But as they work in a basic way, you can identify them pretty easily.

What are the signs of a fuse blowing? The backup lights of your ram might not work, you might not be able to use your radio. You can even lose a turn signal if there is a blown fuse.

If there is a fuse blowing, you can check if there is an electrical short circuit or not. You can also check if the strips are okay or if they’ve melted a little bit.  You can also check all the wires to be completely sure.

What causes Fuse blowing? There can be many reasons. Sometimes the distributor has some faults, sometimes it may be because of fuel injection.  Problems in the wiring or problems with the coil can also cause it. Different types of ancillary faults might be the reason as well.

Solution to Fuse Blowing Problems:

i. First, you have to identify which fuse is gone and where the power is lost. Then from the malfunctioned points turn the lights off and disconnect the other electrical appliances.

ii. Secondly, use the electrical panel and disconnect the main power supply source.

iii. Find out the Fuse Box.

iv. Check the conditions of the fuses and then identify the broken fuse.

V.  After identification of the broken fuse, replace it with a brand new one.

2. Failure of the Entire Ignition Switch:

There can be problems with the entire ignition switch. Temperature problems, different kinds of broken spring can cause it.

What are the symptoms of a bad ignition switch then?  The main symptom is very obvious, your car won’t just start. Even if it starts, it might stall after getting started. Another symptom is you won’t be able to hear any noises after turning the key. Another thing you may notice is the dashboard lights might flicker.

The ignition switch varies according to the models, types & years. So if your car isn’t starting at all, take it to a mechanic & check the ignition switch. If it is unfortunate, you may find out that there is a fault in the total ignition switch.

Solution to Failure of the Entire Ignition Switch:

Well, there is only one solution. Replace the Ignition Switch. It might be expensive considering the parts & mechanical costs but if there is a problem in the ignition switch while you’re driving it can cost you your life. So first ensure the fuses, circuits, relays etc and then try to replace the dodge ram 1500 ignition switch.

3.Worn Ignition Cylinder:

The dodge ram’s key cylinders used in the ignition system may wear out. So if you find that the key is unable to turn itself out of lock position or it falls out of the cylinder then you have a problem. Don’t worry, the solution to it is very easy.

Solution to Worn Ignition Cylinder:

Try to get new keys & new lockset. Also, if it’s possible try to get a new cylinder. We suggest you get a matched lockset including the door and trunk cylinders.

4. Problems  of Immobilizer:

Another common type of problem is the immobilizer problems. Especially some dodge ram 1500/2500 cars with immobilizers which use transponder keys. To put it simply, when we insert the key it has to be matched with the vehicle by a code.

So what can you face because of a bad immobilizer? You will face locking & unlocking problems in your car. Your key won’t turn and obviously your engine won’t run. Other than these, if your car has an alarm system, it won’t work either. So if you’re having these troubles, you might have immobilizer problems.

So a damaged key or an unprogrammed key code can cause this problem. Again if there is broken immobilizer antenna wiring or the battery is dead then their code won’t be matched.

Solution to Problems of Immobilizer:

If your battery is dead then you are going to have to replace it.  But first, you need to check your battery. Test it and see the voltage in it,if it is above 12 volts then you can consider it okay. But if it is below 12, then consider changing it.

Other than this, if you want to check if your key is programmed to the immobilizer, take the vehicle to a professional. Then check the entire system if it’s good or not.

Final Thoughts :

The ignition switch can have many problems but whatever it is, fixing it should be our first & foremost priority. A problem in our dodge ram’s ignition switch, can be life threatening while we are driving.

So we hope you got everything you need to know about how to troubleshoot dodge ram 1500 ignition switch problems. Hope that you won’t have any problems,even if you do you’ll be able to solve them.

Drive Safe, Take Care !!

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