How To Find Axle Ratio Dodge Ram 1500? (Easy Steps)

Dodge Ram 1500 is a decent all-purpose lightweight pickup truck used for family tours and towing. Now, towing with Dodge Ram 1500 requires understanding the axle ratio and how to find it.

The axle ratio can be found in different ways. You can learn about the axle ratio of your Dodge Ram 1500 by knowing about the teeth counts of the ring gear and pinion gear.

Knowing this, you can determine how much weight you can carry by towing with your Dodge ram 1500 safely.

At this point, you may be wondering how to find the axle ratio on Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck. Keep reading till the end to learn more about finding and calculating the axle ratio on the Ram 1500 truck.

What is the gear ratio for a Dodge Ram 1500?

Before earning about the gear ratio of Dodge Ram 1500 pickup, it is crucial to understand the definition of gear or axle ration.

The gear ratio means the rotation of the vehicle’s driveshaft to the wheel. If to be said precisely, the ratio of the main gear or ring gear of the drive shaft with the pinion gear is called the gear ratio.

There are three main versions of the Dodge Ram 1500 available. Each model has a different axle ratio due to differences in the engine capacity and drivetrain configuration.

Gear ratio Of Dodge Ram 1500, 2X4 Drivetrain

At first, the Dodge Ram 1500 Tradesman comes with a 3.21 gear ratio which possesses a 2X4 configuration. It uses a V8 engine with a maximum towing weight of 8550 lbs.

Gear ratio Of Dodge Ram 1500, 4X4 Drivetrain

Again a Ram 1500 with a 3.55 gear ratio is also available with a 4X4 drivetrain configuration. It also uses a V8 VVT engine with an enhanced towing capacity of 8990 lbs.

Gear ratio Of Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L V8 Engine

Another version of the Dodge Ram 1500 has an axle ratio of 3.92. This high gear ratio results from a powerful 5.7L V8 engine that can tow a maximum weight of 10,700 lbs.

Can you tell the axle ratio by VIN?

A vehicle’s VIN is the acronym for Vehicle Identification Number. Using this number, all the vehicle specifications, features, and mechanical details can be received.

You can track your axle ratio by using the VIN very quickly. It will save a lot of time and loss of physical energy for determining the axle ratio by manual methods.

Locate Your VIN

A VIN can be hard to find if you do not know where to find it. The easiest way to track your Dodge Ram 1500 VIN is to look at the invoice. The official invoice of the vehicle should have a printed VIN.

You can also look for your VIN on the driver’s door side. Open the door and look at the vehicle body for a printed sticker. You can find your VIN and the axle ratio directly written on it.

Another suitable place you can look for your VIN is under the hood or above the dashboard. These two places have easy access by the driver to place the VIN.

Lastly, open the gloves holder to locate the Vehicle information slip where you can find VIN.

Search For The Axle ratio

Once you have located the VIN, you can also look for the axle ratio information. The axle ratio is usually mentioned directly in the sticker or printed paper where the VIN is found.

If not, then copy the VIN and go to the manufacturer’s official website. Paste the VIN in the respective search bar, and you will see all the major and minor details of your vehicle, such as the axle or gear ratio.

How To Find Axle Ratio Dodge Ram 1500?

A Dodge Ram 1500 owner needs to know about the vehicle’s axle ratio. This will help you understand and decide how much weight you can put on the truck bed or the tow safely.

If for some reason, the VIN does not let you know the axle ratio, you can follow the below-stated methods.

By Using The Wheel Rotation Technique

Firstly, lock the front wheel of the truck. Using a car jack, lift the track at least a few feet above the ground. Shift the gear to neutral. 

Then slide under the rear axle and mark the drive shaft as the starting point. 

Start rotating your wheel in the forward direction, and track how much rotation is required to make a revolution of the driveshaft. This revolution will reveal the gear ratio of your truck.

By Using Manual Technique

This method of searching for gear ratio requires disassembling the rear axle and driveshaft. It is better to seek a professional’s help in such scenarios. 

Most of the time, you can find the gear ratio stamped on the driveshaft covering or on the surface of the ring gear. 

If you don’t find it stamped, check for the last four digits on the ring gear. These numbers show the teeth count of the ring gear and pinion gear.

The ring gear has a higher value of a number, whereas the pinion gear has a lower value. Divide the ring gear teeth number against the pinion gear teeth number to know the gear ratio of the axle.

You can also manually count the teeth of the ring gear and pinion gear and then divide them to know the ratio of the gears.


While purchasing a new Dodge Ram 1500, you must ask for the axle ratio. It is an essential piece of detail you must keep in mind as a truck owner. 

The engine capacity, torque, power, and speed of the vehicle can be determined by the axle ratio. Besides, the higher the axle ratio means, the more weight it can carry or pull while towing.

Therefore, knowing how to find the axle ratio of the Dodge Ram 1500 gives you a lot of hidden but essential information.

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