Are Dodge Chargers Good and Reliable? (Find Now)

Dodge chargers are a prestigious class of sedans that are favored by a lot of people in the US. Dodge didn’t always have the esteemed brand reputation.

So how did Dodge become so well renowned? They mostly reached the top due to their well-renowned Dodge Chargers and Durangos.

This leaves us with the question, are Dodge Chargers good and reliable?

Speaking of reliability, consumers have enjoyed the years of loyalty and service that Dodge has projected towards them. This enabled the company to climb to the highest peaks on JD Power reliability ratings.

Just like that, the 2022 Dodge charger had a reliability score of 89/100 on JD Power’s website making the sedan a 2nd on their “best large car” list. 

Now you see why the Dodge charger is such an attractive choice. Hence, keep reading through this article for a clearer insight.

Are Dodge Chargers Reliable?

Like the other car companies, Dodge has been through its fair share of ups and downs.  It has been an average in terms of reliability score at the very beginning.

However, as years passed by, the Dodge kept grinding through the ladder of achieving the best large car status. Hence, starting from the 2018 model onwards.

Dodge Chargers had seen an increase in the reliability scores. This shows that the company is trying its best to improve and provide drivers with prestige services.

Furthermore, when you know that a company is trying its best to improve its services, you could hope that it’s likely to be more future-proof. 

Now Dodge is currently ranked 2nd in the “best large car” list on the JD Power website, which shows the amount of growth the company showed through its determination.

How Does The Dodge Chargers Reliability Compare To Its Competition?

You can’t go on expecting an insane amount of reliability from the Dodge Charger. Since it’s not going to be more reliable than a car like the Toyota Camry, which was specifically built keeping reliability in mind.

To further clear the doubts in your head,  let’s take a look at how the Dodge Chargers compare to its competition in terms of reliability.

Dodge Chargers vs Chrysler 300 Reliability

In terms of appearance, the Chrysler 300 mostly makes it to the top with its classy, luxurious looks whereas the Dodge Charger would give a sharper and muscular appearance.

Now when reliability is a concern, they both seem neck and neck in terms of the reliability score; however, there are times when the Chrysler outperforms the Charger. Here’s a table for you!

ModelsReliability Ratings out of 100
2021 Dodge Charger83
2021 Chrysler 30092
2020 Dodge Charger89
2020 Chrysler 300n/a
2019 Dodge Charger81
2019 Chrysler 30083
2018 Dodge Charger81
2018 Chrysler 30081
2017 Dodge Charger74
2017 Chrysler 30083

Dodge Chargers vs Cadillac CTS-V Reliability

The Cadillac CTS-V costs almost twice as much as the Dodge Charger, this is most likely because of the insane amount of horsepower present within the engine of the vehicle.

Cadillac is also far superior to the dodge charger and has a much better luxurious look with its unique interiors and latest features. It also has a much better ride and handling experience than Dodge.

However, both of them come really close in terms of reliability, as customer feedback from each brand driver was increasingly positive.

Unfortunately, there are no real ways of comparing the reliability scores as The Cadillac CTS-V remains unrated on the JD Power website.

Dodge Chargers vs Chevy Camaro Reliability

Dodge chargers aren’t obviously phenomenally more reliable than the Chevy Camaro, but then again, it’s not totally on par with its competitor as well. 

According to JD Power ratings, the Dodge Chargers were eventually slightly more reliable than their Chevy counterparts over the past few years. Let’s look at the comparison table below!

ModelsReliability Ratings out of 100
2021 Dodge Charger89
2021 Chevy Camaro80
2020 Dodge Charger89
2020 Chevy Camaro86
2019 Dodge Charger81
2019 Chevy Camaro78
2018 Dodge Charger81
2018 Chevy Camaro85
2017 Dodge Charger74
2017 Chevy Camaro78

Dodge Chargers vs KIA Stinger Reliability

When the reliability of the Dodge charger is compared with the Kia Stinger, Dodge outright dominates its competitor with a much better reliability score for the price.

Especially during the last two years, which shows a significant growth in the reliability scores of the Dodge Charger. Hence we’ve prepared a table below to highlight the scores.

ModelsReliability Ratings out of 100
2021 Dodge Charger89
2021 Kia Stinger80
2020 Dodge Charger89
2020 Kia Stinger83
2019 Dodge Charger81
2019 Kia Stinger84
2018 Dodge Charger81
2018 Kia Stinger70

Dodge Chargers vs Ford Mustang Reliability

Ford has been a favorite choice of many American drivers as well. Hence, when it comes to reliability, Dodge Chargers are just as reliable if not more than the Ford Mustang.

Even though Dodge did have its fair share of negative feedback, it has managed to come out victorious with its 2020 and 2021 Charger models. Check the table below!

ModelsReliability Ratings out of 100
2021 Dodge Charger89
2021 Ford Mustangn/a
2020 Dodge Charger89
2020 Ford Mustang88
2019 Dodge Charger81
2019 Ford Mustang77
2018 Dodge Charger81
2018 Ford Mustang82
2017 Dodge Charger74
2017 Ford Mustang83

Which Dodge Charger Year Is The Most Reliable?

Dodge showed an incremental increase in reliability from its 2018 Chargers. According to the NHTSA and customer feedback, the 2020 Dodge Charger was considered to be the most reliable.

This is because that year the reliability scores were quite high and negative customer reports were less frequent. Now let’s look at the growth of their reliability each year.

Is The 2020 Dodge Chargers Reliable?

The 2020 dodge charger has been the most reliable of the bunch. This year was like the golden year for the Dodge enthusiast and the company itself.

There had been really few customer complaints among them the prominent ones would be the stealth mode disabling camera display and insufficient windshield bonding.

It also had very high scores such as 89/100 on JD Power websites which class its reliability quality as “great” and placed it 2nd in the “best large car” list.

Is the 2019 Dodge Chargers Reliable?

The 2019 model was reasonably reliable with a JD Power reliability rating of 81/100 which puts it in the “great” class.  It also ranked 4th in the “best large car” 2019 list.

However, it had its fair share of complaints, such as damaged front tires, driver warnings not being shown, and the lack of airbag warning information.

Is the 2018 Dodge Chargers Reliable?

2018 Dodge Chargers showed a decent reliability score among its competitors. It had a reliability score of 81/100 which is still considered above average but not enough to win the competition.

Some common issues reported for this model would be the stealth mode bug with the display, stalling of the car due to a failing voltage regulator, the cruise control feature cannot be canceled, and so on.

Is the 2017 Dodge Chargers Reliable?

The 2017 Dodge charger showed a poor level of reliability which pretty much knocked it out of the competition. It had a reliability score of 76/100 which was considered “average”.

It was ranked 5th in the list of best large cars of 2017, which however was the lowest ranking since the release of the 2010 model.

There were a few safety complaints such as the cruise control bug, front driveshaft issues, and cases of oil leakage.

Is the 2016 Dodge Chargers Reliable?

The 2016 Dodge Chargers were surprisingly more reliable than the future 2017 model but weren’t that impressive. The scores hovered at about 79/100 which is still considered average.

This, however, increased its rank to 4th in the list of best large cars but there were at least 6 safety complaints.

The complaints were mostly related to cruise control, front driveshaft, clogged fire extinguishers, and some others.

Is the 2015 Dodge Chargers Reliable?

The 2015 Dodge charger had a reliability score of 78/100 which was still considered of average reliability lower than most of the competition.

Now this year’s model had a handful of safety complaints such as airbag explosion cases, cruise control issues, front driveshaft separation from the car, radio software security breaches, and many more.

Thus, lowering its ranking further below its competitors.

Is The 2014 Dodge Chargers Reliable?

The reliability of 2014 Dodge chargers was questionable as the company was going through dark periods during that time. Yet, still learning to be better in terms of their services.

That said, the reliability score of the 2017 model was 74/100 which was really low and was still considered somewhat average. 

The number of customer complaints had not been taken into account back then but was classified as around 9 safety recalls.

Is the 2013 Dodge Chargers Reliable?

Most vehicles of 2013 had pretty low-reliability scores. Just like that the Dodge Charger of 2013 had a score of 73/100 which was still considered average.

Since most of the cars had low-reliability scores, it was ranked 4th in the best large cars list, making it an ideal choice for the price. However, it did have about 9 safety recalls. 

Final Thoughts

It’s clear from this write-up that Dodge chargers aren’t the most reliable cars that exist. However, given the price, it actually packs a solid punch over most of its competitors.

Hopefully, you’ve gone through all the given data within this write-up, and you should be able to see for yourself, the current reliability of the Dodge Chargers.

Dodge has shown us what real growth is like, from a 73/100 in 2013  reliability score to a whopping 89/100 in 2021 shows us just how much they care about their customers.

Hence, it’s always great to give Dodge Chargers a try as their reliability is considered great by most American drivers.

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