How To Start Dodge Ram 1500 Without Key?

You lose your Dodge RAM 1500’s key anyhow and there is no other way to start the vehicle? But one thing is in favour of you that is you are inside the truck?. In that case, how to start your engine?

There are a number of ways to start your engine while you have no key. Most of the time you may need the active or old key fob or nothing but some common tools.

Today we will show you two different ways of starting your dodge RAM 1500 without any key. One of them is very technical and another one is just tricks. So, let’s see how to start dodge ram 1500 without a key.

Can You Start Dodge Ram 1500 Without a Key?

The simple and easy answer to this question is, yes. You will be able to start a dodge ram 1500 without a key. But this is not as simple as you are thinking. Because if this was so simple then the truck stealing would have been easier and no one would take keys with him.

You have to go through some steps and processes to start the engine without a key. In that case, you will need a key fob. This key fob may be active or dead. The key fob works like a miracle in case you have no key on your hand.

How To Start Dodge Ram 1500 Without Key? (Step by Step)

There are a number of methods to start a dodge ram 1500 without a key. Different people suggest different ways to do this. But I will show you only two ways that are thought to be most effective with less effort. 

1st way to start Dodge Ram 1500 Without Key

Step 1: Take the Key Fob

We all know that the key fob can start the vehicle easily. But this trick will help you to start your vehicle without an active key fob. In that case, you have to have that fob on your hand. Take the old key fob and then sit on the seat of your truck.

Step 2: Place the Fob on the Start and Stop Feature

Now you have to place the bottom part of the fob against the start and stop feature of your truck engine. This feature is common on most of the vehicles from RAM. When you put the fob against this part of the truck, this will recognize the fob.

Step 3: Take the Push the break

At the same time, you have to push the break. This is a normal thing that we do while starting a vehicle with a key. Now your vehicle ignition will be on and you will be able to start your engine without a key or an active key fob.

2nd Way to Dodge Ram 1500 Without Key

Another easy way of starting your Dodge Ram 1500 Without Key is using a finger. This method also needs a fob to on the ignition switch. The process of starting the Dodge Ram 1500 Without Key is here.

Step 1: Put the finger on the Keyhole

After sitting on the driving seat, you have to put your little finger into the keyhole. This is not as easy as using the finger like a key. Rather you have to do something different.

Step 2: Turn the ignition on and then off

Another thing you have to do here is turn the ignition on and then off. This will not be able to start the engine. This will give a message on the engine about some problem that happens with your key.

Step 3: Take key fob next to your finger

Now the main thing you have to do. Take the key fob beside your little finger. This will help the engine to recognize the fob. Meanwhile, you have to turn the finger to make the ignition switch on from the off position. I hope you will find the engine is working.

These are the ways to start the Dodge Ram 1500 Without Key. There are some other ways but they are not simple enough to do at home. If you are not an expert and not a mechanic then these are not for you.


Starting the Dodge RAMs without a key is easier than the other brands. This is the part of warning if you are using any of their models. The RAM 1500 is easier than other models. So, you need to be careful about this if you have one. Try to close the door whenever you go far from the truck.

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