How To Adjust The Speed Governor On a Truck?

The speed governor is an important feature for your truck security purposes. According to Article 118, speed governor is mandatory for all sorts of commercial vehicles. If you are a truck owner, then you should use a speed governor for your vehicle.

We need to adjust the speed governor for various reasons. For this, the article will help you know how you can adjust the speed governor on your truck.

What Is A Truck Speed Governor?

Speed Governor is also known as a speed limiter. It measures and regulates your truck’s engine speed. You need to set a maximum speed limit in the speed governor. Generally, most trucks come with a pre-set speed limit.

When a truck exceeds a certain maximum limit, the speed governor sends information to the engine computer and electronics sensors to reduce the speed of the truck. The whole process is done by contributing airflow, fuel intake, and sparks.

How to Adjust the Speed Governor on a Truck?

Here is a step-by-step process of easily adjusting the speed governor on your truck. We are showing the process for Cummins ISX15. You will find the process almost similar for other engines too.

Step 1: First, you need to connect your truck with a controller device. Then, you need to install software to do the further step. The software should vary according to your truck engine. If you own a Volvo engine truck, then you should use the Volvo PTT software. Or, if you own Cummins, you should use the Cummins engines software.

Step 2: After connecting the software with ECM, you should go to “Features and Parameters,” which will be located on the left side of the screen. Then, wait until it reloads.

Step 3: After some options will arrive, you need to scroll down to find out the “Road Speed Governor.” Then, you need to click on it, and 4 options will arrive. The first option, “65 mph,” refers to the maximum speed when hitting the accelerator pedal.

The second option refers to the actual maximum speed of the vehicle. The gas paddles control both. But, the “Maximum Vehicle Speed” also depends on the road surface. If you cross the limit, the engine will stop you automatically. 

Step 4: Now, if you want to adjust the speed, you just need to change the speed limit on the speed field. If you set both fields with similar numbers, for example, 90, you can not cross the speed limit of 90 mph.

Step 5: After you set the parameter, you should go to the above options and find the option “Send to Ecm.” You need to click it, and a popup message will arrive. You need to click on the ok button. 

Then, you need to wait sometimes to complete the process. Then, start the ignition and click ok. You will see the successful message if you do everything correctly. That means you successfully adjust the speed governor.

Note: Before you do any change with the speed governor, you should contact an expert. Otherwise, you might face a massive engine failure.

Watch the visual instruction: 

Is Removing the Speed Governor illegal?

Removing the speed governor means pushing the engine RPM beyond the redline, which is enough for destroying the engine. But, it does not finish here. You also ignore the rules and regulations of the government, which is illegal. 

But, if you remove the speed governor, there is almost zero chance that you will be caught. There is not any state which checks the truck by connecting the computer. So, there is only one way anyone knows that you remove the speed governor by telling them.

How to Remove the Speed Governor From a Truck?

First, before you remove or disable the speed governor, you need to know which year truck model you own. Because, the manufacturers stopped producing speed governors for later 1997-1998 models and shifted into computerizing modules. 

Before starting, I want to remind you that if you do not have any technical knowledge about reprogramming the computer, then you should do this task with a professional. Here is a guide on how you can disable speed governors for your truck:

Step 1: First, you need to purchase a power programmer from a local auto parts store. The power program helps you override your current system and disable the speed limiter. You will get instructions on how you can install the program.

Step 2: Now, remove the old computer program from your truck. You will get instructions from the power program on how you can remove it from your truck.  

Step 3: After removing the old one, install the new power programmer (it will be best if you do the task with the help of a professional). Now, you can remove the governor from your truck by accessing it.

Final Words

The speed governor is an important safety feature of your truck. It limits the speed of your truck to provide you with better safety. 

But, sometimes it is important to adjust the speed governor. For this, I hope the article will help you adjust the truck’s speed governor.

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