How To Test A Coil Pack With A Multimeter? [Easy Steps]

Testing the Ignition Coil Pack of our engine is a task of hassle. Some think this is a very simple thing to do but some think this as the hardest thing. But we think, if you can follow proper steps then testing this part of the engine is very simple.

There are a number of ways of testing a Coil Pack with or without a multimeter. Here we are going to tell you how to test a coil pack with a multimeter. This is going to be a detailed discussion. So, please read it completely to understand the whole process.

Why Test a Coil Pack?

The duty of an Ignition Coil Pack is very important in an engine. Every engine has this part to supply power to the individual spark plugs. This creates fire on the plug and creates heat on the cylinder. We can say that, without a Coil pack, an engine is just material.

Sometimes problems happen in the power supply to the plugs. This will lead to a ‘cylinder not working type problem’. If you are also facing this type of problem, then you may have to test this coil pack. Let’s see how to test this part of an engine.

How to Test a Coil Pack with a Multimeter?

To complete the testing process you have to find the coil pack at first. Because there are different models of vehicles whose ignition coil pack is located at different parts. So, you may face problems in finding the ignition coil pack. Follow the following steps to know this.

Finding Coil Pack

  • Step 1: At first you have to find the battery or plug position in your engine.
  • Step 2: Then you will see that the same color wire connects the plugs. You have to follow that wire.
  • Step 3: If you reach the end of these wires, you will find one part where all four wires connect. (The number of wires depends on the number of cylinders of your engine. It may be 6 or 8 also). That part is mainly the ignition coil pack.
  • Step 4: There are different models of an ignition coil pack. So, you may be confused. That’s why this guide will be very helpful for you.
  • Step 5: If you face any problem even after reading this article, you may search on the internet for the manual of your model vehicle. There you will find the exact location of the ignition coil pack on your engine.

Testing Coil Pack

  • Step 1: In this part, you have to remove all the connections from the spark plugs and also remove the coil pack from the engine too.
  • Step 2: The next thing you need to do is take a multimeter. As the resistance of the coils is a key issue, we have to place the multimeter on the 10 ohms section.
  • Step 3: First, you have to place one port of the multimeter on the middle connector of the primary coil of the coil pack. Now the meter should read less than 2 ohms. If it’s true then the primary coil result is ok.
  • Step 4: Now you have to measure the resistance of the secondary coil resistance. To do this, you have to place the ohm meter at the 20k ohms section and place one poet at one coil and another port at another coil. A good ignition coil pack should read between 6,000 ohms to 30,000 ohms.

That was all about the Coil Pack testing process of any vehicle with a multimeter. If the result of your ignition coil pack is negative and it seems damaged then you have to change this and replace this at its previous position. How to reinstall an ignition coil pack? Follow the next section of this article.

Reinstalling Coil Pack

  • Step 1: Relocate the Coil Pack in the engine deck. And tight all three or four bolts with the right size of ratchet or socket. 
  • Step 2: Reconnect all the ports of the ignition coil pack with the plug wire. You have to connect the ports correctly based on the number or name.
  • Step 3: Now connect the battery wire with the main or primary coil port. This is a little different from plug ports.
  • Step 4: Now connect the negative port of the battery. This is the part that you disconnected at the beginning of the process.

Necessary Things to Remember While Test Coil Pack

There are some important things that you need to remember while testing the ignition coil pack. They are very important to follow. You can’t avoid them. Let’s see what they are.

Wire Gloves

When you are trying to test the ignition coil pack, you have to wire rubber hand gloves. Gloves will protect you in many ways. First, they will save your hands from the harmful chemicals of the engine and battery. 

They will also protect your hands from rust from different parts of the engine. Another thing these gloves will do and this is very important. As you are planning to work with the batteries and spark plugs, they may create electric power there and you may get shocked by that power.

Ensure the Engine is Off

If you work keeping the engine on, then there is a chance of getting shocked by the spark plug. These plugs create burnable gas and that burns and even transfers electricity too. So, you need to ensure the engine is off. 

Among some other things, you have to connect all the coil pack ports to the right wire. You may make them by number or give any sign. This is very important. You can’t make mistakes here.


In the end, I want to warn you to take enough safety before you start working. Any exception from this may lead you to an unwanted situation. Follow all these steps to get the best result from the test. Ensure you did not miss any of the steps from the list.

I hope you now know how to test a coil pack with a Multimeter. There are some other solutions to many vehicle and engine-related problems on this site. You may read them. Thanks for reading from us.

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