How to Fix Code P1101 on the Chevy Cruze


Error code P1101 Chevy Cruze appears as a result of a malfunctioning mass airflow sensor on your Chevy Cruze. This manual provides instructions on how to fix the error by addressing P1101.

A malfunction in this part of the engine affects the car’s drivability. This damages the engine’s overall performance, causing power loss and decreased fuel efficiency.

One should not ignore fixing this problem since it might indicate more serious issues with the engine.

If a MAF sensor cleaner isn’t enough to repair P1101 error code, only two other options exist: replacing the MAF sensor or cleaning it with a solution such as electronics cleaner.

What exactly code P1101 Chevy Cruze mean?

When powertrain control module detects an issue with the air-intake system, the P1101 trouble code appears. In addition, it means that MAF sensor is out of “self-test” range.

Powertrain control module understands there’s a problem with the MAF sensor or circuit via this number. Once the Mass Air Flow Sensor senses air, it begins monitoring the amount of airflow in the engine. You need to find a solution for the root cause of the issue as soon as possible.

When the manufacturer’s requirements for air intake performance fall short or exceed, a problem arises. This error indicates a failure in the air intake system.

This includes everything related to the PCV system, including check PCV valve, connectors, wires, the intake manifold and all ambient air elements.

What exactly causes P1101 code on Chevy Cruze 

When mass airflow sensor need maintenance, damaged mass airflow sensor or faulty wiring code P1101 appears. If there’s a leak in the system, the code P1101 will also show up.

P1101 code indicate the malfunction of a vehicle. These include symptoms such as reduced driving ability or trouble operating the vehicle.

The following is a list of some notable symptoms associated with this code:

  • The check engine light is illuminate.
  • Mass air flow sensor failure.
  • Begin slowly.
  • Lower than average engine performance.
  • Mass air flow sensor harness is open or shorted.
  • A high consumption of fuel.
  • Mass air flow sensor diagram bad electrical connection.
  • The engine idles rusty.

Check Engine Light

P1101 trouble code indicates a problem with the engine due to the check engine light coming on. In order for the ECU to connect to the MAF sensor, which is too far away, the light illuminates.

How to Resolve the P1101 Trouble Code on a Chevy Cruze

P1101 trouble code on Chevy Cruze can be caused by some reasons below are some of them:

1. Vacuum leaks

When the engine experiences a vacuum leak, the P1101 trouble code is recorded. This leads to inconsistent idling and an irregular engine speed.

Vacuum leak in an engine’s intake can be caused by loose seals on the manifold. This causes air to bypass the throttle, instead flowing directly to the MAF sensor. You should use a smoke machine connected to the intake manifold when checking for vacuum leak.

If smoke pours out of the PCV valve cover, this indicates a vacuum leak in the vacuum system.

2. Mass Air Flow Sensor Issue

Like any other electrical device in a car, the MAF sensor wears down and corrodes easily. Consequently, it must be regularly checked and maintained.

Effective inspection of the MAF sensor system requires access to an OBD2 scan tool. Before connecting the device, start the car and monitor its performance.

At idle, the MAF sensor should read around 0.50 volts, and normal operating conditions should bring the readout to about 0.70 volts. If this doesn’t happen, replace the sensor with a new one.

3. Replace The Mass Airflow Sensor

If a broken MAF sensor is producing issues, the best solution is to replace the MAF sensor.

The replacement will cost you $300 or less, depending on the make, labor, and other considerations.

4. Clogged Air Filter

If your Chevrolet Cruze indicates a P1101 code relating to an air filter obstruction, it may be dusty and clogged with debris due to a malfunctioning air filter.

If this code appears again after the air filter has been operating for some time, then it is likely that the filter needs replacement.

ECU receives signals from the MAF sensor indicating a lack of air when the air filter becomes plugged. This causes inaccurate engine performance.

When the P1101 trouble code appears, the main issue is obstructed filter mechanisms. To fix this problem, first remove and clean any existing filters. If the filter becomes damaged, it must be replaced.

5. PCV Valve

Defective PCV valve P1101 code is recorded when the valve malfunctions. This regulates pressure in the engine crankcase, and if it doesn’t, components can suffer wear and tear.

A P1101 engine error code might display when a vacuum leak pump fails. This signals that a more significant malfunction needs repair.

A visual inspection of the PCV valve should also be performed by removing it and shaking it. Any defects should be apparent if a replacement is necessary.

Is the p1101 code chevy cruze significant?

When a vehicle displays a P1101 error code, it usually doesn’t cause any issues with vehicle functionality.

However, this can lead to inconsistent engine performance, decreased power and higher fuel usage. A mechanic should be consulted as soon as possible to repair any issues that might occur in the engine.

Asked Questions:

How do I fix error P1101 code?

The Chevy Cruze trouble code P1101 denotes “Atmospheric pressure sensor circuit failure.” The air flow sensor signal has reached its maximum range.

Alternative solutions:

  • To identify the problem, use an OBD2 scanner.
  • Clean the connecting contacts.
  • Change the mass air flow sensor itself.

First, if there is no problem with the engine, you may delete the error and run self diagnostic test if the fault does not show again, it was just a failure if it does, proceed as instructed above.

It is also accompanied by poor traction on a cold automobile and higher gasoline usage.

How do you reset the throttle body on a Chevy Cruze?

The throttle body is located between the accelerator pedal and the engine.

When the throttle body fails, erroneous sensor readings are common. To reset throttle body on a Chevy Cruze first press and hold the car’s accelerator pedal all the way down for at least three seconds before performing this procedure for a Cruze Chevy.

Alternately, this can be accomplished by turning the ignition key on and off three times quickly.

When starting the vehicle, wait at least 15 seconds before turning the key. After that, wait at least three seconds before turning the key again.

Is it safe to drive with a P0299 code Chevy Cruze?

When the turbocharger is operating in boost mode, cause the error code is P0299. This means the supercharger can’t generate enough pressure to function normally.

Driving with the P0299 error code might cause further engine harm. Without immediate care, your car’s engine can suffer further damage.

Submitting a repair request prevents more significant expense on repairs in the future. Keeping your car without maintenance increases the chances of damage.

A mechanic can come to your location and perform repairs without the need for you to drive your car to a garage. However, this mechanic may charge extra.

Where is the MAF sensor located on a 2014 Chevy Cruze?

A mass air flow sensor, is located near the air filter housing on Chevy Cruze models. This is an electronic fuel injection system’s only requirement it monitors the air passing through the engine.


A P1101 trouble code appears when the PCV valve or mass air flow sensor malfunctions.

It’s inadvisable for a beginner to attempt to remedy P1101 code. Incorrect diagnosis and repair can cause numerous vehicle issues. If someone with expertise encounters this code, they should seek help from a certified technician.

In addition to this, there are other reasons why your car might lose drivability. These include problematic air filters, electrical problems and faulty intake seals. There are several noticeable symptoms that can damage your drivability.

The further your car is damaged, the more serious the situation becomes. It’s imperative that you have your car repaired as soon as possible. This will help decrease any additional damage.

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