What Is Code 82 on Chevy Spark and How To Fix?

Nobody enjoys seeing code 82 on their Chevy Spark. In fact, we dislike any form of code on our favorite automobile’s dashboard. Code popping up is rather a common event for Chevy owners. 

Yet, seeing the code for the first time might freak you out. You might be wondering what it all means.

Code 82 on a Chevy Spark is simply a reminder that it’s time to change the oil.

In this guide, we will discuss everything you should know, from the reason behind to the procedure for fixing it. Let’s get started.

What is Code 82 on Chevy Spark?

First and foremost, you should not be concerned about the code appearing unexpectedly on your Chevy dashboard. The code 82 on Chevy spark is an auto maintenance notice informing you that your oil needs to be changed.

When the oil life reaches a particular threshold, a code appears. The code usually displays when the oil life drops to 5%.

Cause of Getting Code 82 on Chevy Spark

The one simple reason the Chevy Spark shows code 82 on the dash is when the quality of the engine oil deteriorates. It is the primary signal that you must change the oil. 

The code, however, does not automatically mean high alert, but it is preferable if the necessary action is taken within a day or two. We will talk about this issue under a few sub category. Lets jump into details.

The primary Role of Oil

The primary role of oil is to lubricate the vital engine parts. If the oil gets sick, it does not lubricate the engine very well, decreasing the engine’s expected life and increasing the wear and tear.

Reasons behind Contaminated Oil and its Impact on Engines Life

The oil gets dirty when it is polluted by engine dirt. Although the dirt in the oil is usually removed by an oil filter, after years of use, the filter also gets clogged. When the filter gets clogged, oil quality reduces very rapidly. 

An engine without quality oil fails to operate at an optimum level. Also, it fails to produce maximum power, resulting in poor performance. 

So regularly replacing the contaminated oil with fresh aftermarket oil is crucial to your Chevy Spark. It is also vital that you change or clean the oil filter regularly.

Finally Poor oil: The Cause of Chevy Code 82

As soon as the quality of the oil reaches this level, Chevy Spark displays code 82 on the dash. This code represents the remaining life of the oil. When you put new oil in the Chevy, the percentage will increase to 100%. 

Although the code is not a high alert, you must change the oil and reset the code before the percentage reaches 0%, substantially reducing Chevy Spark’s performance.

How to Fix Code 82 on Chevy Spark?

We hope you take the necessary steps to remove the dirty fuel filter while replacing contaminated oil with fresh oil. Now it’s time to fix the Code 82 on Chevy Spark. 

Resetting involves only a few steps. You can easily do it on your own. 

  • The first job is to turn the key on. We are going to use the button on the side.
  • Hit the menu button. You may have to keep pressing the button or push it a few times before getting to the present oil life percentage.
  • The display will show the oil life in percentage. 
  • Now go to the set and clear button. Hold down the set and clear the button until it goes to 100%. You might hear a beep sound after it reaches 100%

That’s all. Press the menu button again to go back to the standard screen. It’s simple and easy. 

One thing to mention is that you can reset the oil life indicator without changing the oil, but the question is why you would do that.

Steps that you might take to avoid early symptoms of code 82

As previously stated, impure oil is the primary cause of code 82, affecting the engine’s efficiency. You can, however, delay the appearance of the code by doing the following.

  • Use the best motor oil that can resist the possible contamination
  • Make sure the dust and dirt are not entering through oil-fill caps
  • Clean the engine and its accessories to reduce the chances of possible contamination

What Is Oil Life Percentage Too Low In Chevy Spark?

Usually, in Chevy spark, 5% is considered a low percentage. As soon as oil life remains 5%, the code appears. 

Let’s get a bit further, To begin with, let’s comprehend the term “oil life percentage.” What does it mean if the oil life proportion is 50%, for instance? It signifies that the oil’s life expectancy remains only 50%. 

What about if it shows 100 percent? Well, that means you just have filled the engine with fresh oil. One more important question can be. 

How long should you wait after seeing oil life percentage?

Well, in chevy spark, if the oil life is about 20%, for instance, it means you can take the necessary steps within a month.

On the other hand, if it is 5%, you must check the issue within a few days maybe 1 or 2. If the oil life remains 0%, it is better not to drive the car until you refill the engine with fresh oil.


We have covered almost everything about code 82 on Chevy spark. We are hoping that seeing the code will no longer freak you out. 

As stated earlier, code 82 on Chevy Spark is a minor warning sign that you should replace the contaminated oil with the fresh one.

You are done as soon as you take the necessary step and reset the percentage point to 100%.

Also, it is important to maintain the quality of the oil. It will ensure better engine performance while delaying the early appearances of code 82 on Chevy Spark.

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